Emily Ratajkowski's modern living room is 'harmonious and inviting' say design experts

Our experts reveal why Emily Ratajkowski's modern living room works so well. Don't mind us, just off to redecorate

We love Emily Ratajkowski's modern living room. Here is the model wearing a white dress against a cream background with black lettering
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Emily Ratajkowski's modern living room has officially shown us you can have a sleek room that's still filled with personality. The model posted her holiday celebrations on her Instagram page, and while we loved the festive vibes, it was her home style that had us swooning.

We've spoken to design experts to find out why her fab yet functional pieces look so beautiful in her home. We've also found chic buys that match her style — just in case you want to copy it as much as we do. 

When looking for small living room ideas, choosing pieces that have impact but will make enjoying the space easier is always a smart idea. As Emily Ratajkowski proves, you don't need a lot of these to transform the space.

Emily Ratajkowski's modern living room

When choosing furniture for a small living room, picking pieces that fit properly and work hard like those in Emily's space is definitely the way to go. Here's why our experts (and the Real Homes team) are obsessed.

Why we love Emily Ratajkowski's modern living room

Stuck with white walls in your apartment or rental? An easy way to jazz them up is with cheap wall art. “The wall art prints play a pivotal role in transforming the ambiance of the room,” says Riley Annen, interior designer, real estate agent, and founder of Companies That Buy Houses.

Riley Annen, a white woman with brown hair and green eyes smiling
Riley Annen

Riley Annen is an interior designer, real estate agent, and founder of Companies That Buy Houses. She has more than 10 years experience finding houses with great potential and making them look gorgeous.

“In this case, the prints appear to be a bold and intentional statement, adding a layer of personality and character to the space,” she adds. 

Emily has added a bright print quoting herself — hey, we love that confidence. If you or your family have any quotes or sayings that are iconic or give you all a laugh, you could mock up your own print (or find an artist on a site such as Etsy to do it for you), and hang it up for that really personal decor touch.

As well as making a bold statement with artwork, Emily has also added a touch of swish vintage-style decor with her mirror. “The gold finish introduces an element of luxury and warmth, creating a visually appealing contrast against the wall art,” Riley adds.

Riley also explains when mirrors are strategically placed — such as opposite a window — they can enhance natural light and make a small room appear bigger. That’s a win-win in our books.

“The wall art and the mirror command attention, but don't compete with each other — a careful balancing act in a visually diverse space,” Guillaume Drew, interior designer and founder of Or & Zon, says.

Guillaume Drew in a black jumper with a black and white filter
Guillaume Drew

Guillaume Drew is the founder of Or & Zon, a home decor store blending sustainable luxury with global artisanal treasures to enhance everyday living.

He adds that Emily’s choice of a green curved couch complements this playfulness, with its bold color and structure adding vibrancy and fluidity. 

“The green curved couch is a standout piece that adds a touch of modern elegance to the room,” Riley adds. “The color choice is bold yet sophisticated, bringing a refreshing and vibrant energy.”

If you don’t want to buy a whole new couch, you could incorporate greenery with indoor plants.

Not only this, but Riley says the curved design of the couch is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also fosters a sense of intimacy, allowing all guests to join in on conversations — we don’t want anyone feeling left out, right?

Overall, Emily’s living space works thanks to its composition. “I appreciate the careful curation of these elements to create a harmonious and inviting living room,” Riley tells us. 

She continues, “The key to successful interior design lies in the thoughtful combination of furniture, artwork, and decor, and Emily Ratajkowski's modern living room is a testament to this approach.”

Get the look with these modern living room buys

Bring Em Rata's look into your home with these three chic buys.

The prices below were correct at the time of publishing this article. 

When organizing your own small living room — whether you’ve used celeb inspo or not — it’s most important to bring elements of yourself into the space to make it truly yours.

“The charm of any living space lies in its ability to reflect a person's unique style, something Emily's living room achieves beautifully,” Guillaume finishes by saying.

On that note, many of the latest interior trends are all about bringing your particular brand of personality into your space, whatever your style, so don't miss out with our expert guide.

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