We tracked down Candice King's kitchen appliances — they're helping her survive a kitchen renovation

Skip using your oven with Candice King's kitchen appliances

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If your kitchen is in a bit of a state, don't worry — Candice King's kitchen appliances are here to save the day during your renovation works, or the chaos of a DIY project, We found all the gadgets she uses to avoid turning on the oven or sweating over the stove. 

In a recent TikTok video, The Vampire Diaries star shared her genius solutions for cooking meals while her kitchen undergoes a renovation. As her major appliances are out of commission, she is getting by with the help of a couple of smaller appliances instead. 

The small kitchen appliances Candice keeps on hand for a quick and easy way to prep dinner could just save your meal-times too.

Candice King's kitchen appliances

Cooking can get a little tricky when redesigning and carrying out your new kitchen idea. Whether your house is under major construction, or you're just hanging up some new peel-and-stick wallpaper, you may not have access to the tools anc counter space you normally use to cook weeknight dinners or weekend brunches.

Enter your brilliant and underused kitchen appliances. You can cut down on cooking time and prep work by having a handy machine to do the work for you. Once you work out where to store kitchen appliances during the ongoing chaos, the world is your oyster.

Luckily, Candice shared the small kitchen appliances she's using while her kitchen is undergoing a renovation to start us off.


That kitchen reno life….

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Where to buy Candice King's kitchen appliances

We tracked down Candice King's kitchen appliances and they're pretty easy to snag online. In her video, she first shows off her Haden Heritage retro microwave available from Amazon. Just about everyone needs a microwave in their kitchen and this stylish option is a great pick. It has a large capacity and is easy to use with a pull-door handle. 

Candice also has a matching Haden Heritage retro toaster available from Amazon. This two-slice toaster is equally as attractive and even has a self-centering function to keep bread in the perfect toasting position. 

And of course, what would an easy dinner be without the Instant Pot Pro Crisp (also available on Amazon)? It's not a surprise Candice has this beloved appliance in her kitchen considering it has over 2k reviews on Amazon. If you're considering other models, our Instant Pot Duo review breaks down all the pros and cons.

Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

Whether you're investing in one of the best air fryers or snagging one of our favorite toasters, the right appliance can make all the difference in the kitchen. If your oven is out of commission, try a delicious one-pot recipe like stew or curry in a pressure cooker to whip up dinner in a flash. 

Instant Pot is a favorite among celebrities, as we spotted the brand in Hailey Bieber's kitchen appliances, too. And if you're looking for pots and pans once your stove is in order, Liza Koshy's favorite cookware brand has some great picks.

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