Hailey Bieber uses these 7 kitchen appliances in her 'What's in My Kitchen' YouTube series

Heaven is a place too not far away (especially when you've got these gadgets in your kitchen)

Hailey Bieber in kitchen preparing chicken wings
(Image credit: Hailey Rhode Bieber / YouTube)

No guesswork needed: Hailey Bieber has officially revealed the kitchenware she uses in her home by dropping a fresh new series on YouTube. 

In her premiere What's in My Kitchen episode, self-proclaimed "Cheffy ass Biebs" kicks things off with the most important meal of the day: breakfast! The format is cutely candid with the camera nestled in her fruit bowl and a chef cam watermark in the final cut. And, refreshingly, this isn't one of those weird what-I-eat-in-a-day bits of content to rile us up and second-guess our snacking habits. There's lots of "buttery goodness" and plenty of chocolate in these eats.

See which useful kitchen gadgets our beady eyes spotted as she makes some yummy yummy pancakes. We've collated a list below for you to get the look. You can even watch the video below where she makes her "perfection-isn't-real" pancakes failing with the "flippage" on the first go — she's just like us.

In her second episode, Bieber brought on her mom (Kennya Baldwin) and grandma Rute Almeida to demonstrate how to make one of the model and entrepreneur's favorite Brazillian snacks (with a little Portuguese language lesson thrown in for good measure). Since then, we've updated the list with another small kitchen appliance that she uses. Spoiler alert: It's a chic blender.

Watch Hailey Bieber's 'What's in My Kitchen' series

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