We spotted one of our top cookware brands in Liza Koshy's kitchen — here's why we love her picks

The media personality and actor has plenty of chic cookwares in her space

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Liza Koshy's kitchen was recently showcased in her tour with Architectural Digest. The media personality took AD through how she prepared for the holidays — and while we loved all her tips, we couldn't help but be distracted by her Our Place pan, plates, and bowls.

Looking for chic ways to elevate your kitchen game this season? We've spoken to our in-house kitchen expert about why Our Place cookware and dinnerware are a great choice, plus sought out the exact ones Liza uses so you can get the look in your home.

When it comes to looking for small kitchen ideas, you just can't go wrong with timeless pieces like the ones Liza has. This is everything you need to know about why they're a useful buy.

Liza Koshy's Our Place picks

When shopping for kitchen items, non-toxic cookware like the Our Place Always pan are always smart choices. This is why we love this, the plates and pans featured in the Liza Koshy AD tour.

Why we love Liza Koshy's Our Place picks

We’re big fans of the pan that Liza Koshy can be seen frying off food in. “I'm lucky enough to own the Always 2.0 pan in the same Steam color,” says Christina Chrysostomou, acting head of ecommerce at Real Homes. “Though my kitchen is much smaller than hers, this aesthetic piece of cookware replaces up to 10 items in your cook space.” You can even put it in the oven to finish off dishes like stews and shakshuka.

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Christina Chrysostomou

Christina is the acting head of ecommerce at Real Homes. She has tested hundreds of kitchen appliances and cookware during her time with us, including plenty of non-stick pans.

As well as cooking, Liza also plated food in the video. “I also spotted Our Place's hand-glazed Full Plates (in Char) in her kitchen — I'm such an advocate for this dinnerware set,” Christina explains. “They are glossy, scratch-resistant, and have a strong lip which prevents food from sliding off the plate.” She adds they’re an especially perfect pick for Christmas, where gravy and other condiments are concerned.

Not only this, but Liza also used the bowl equivalents. “A little hack for upgrading any pre-made bread rolls? Egg wash. And the American actress and TV personality does this in style by using the Mini Bowls from Our Place,” Christina adds. These have all the aforementioned features of the plates and are stackable when they're not in use, making them perfect for those living in small spaces.

We also spotted a Sand and Paws candle, which specializes in eliminating pet odors. This makes it a useful home fragrance for the kitchen, as you can light it once you’ve finished cooking to eliminate any scents you want to remove. The Amber and Fig candle in the video is on Amazon, and there are other scents available, too.

Get the look with our Liza Koshy Our Place edit

Want to bring Liza Koshy's Our Place picks into your own space? These three buys will help you nail it.

The prices below were correct at the time of publishing this article. 

When shopping for cookware and dinnerware, opting for long-lasting pieces in classic colors like Liza Koshy will work better for you long-term, as they'll be able to go with you wherever you move to. 

The Always pan isn't the only non-toxic pan that celebs love — Hailey Bieber's HexClad pan is also a brilliant option for those looking to sauté in style.

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