6 man cave ideas (that aren't just for men – or indoors)

Man caves (men caves?) aren't just for men... get them right and they can be used by the whole family (although that might not be popular)

Man cave ideas
(Image credit: Ikea)

Mustering up a man cave for the summer? Looking for belated Father's Day ideas that you can gift your dad? Just want your man out the way? Or perhaps you're looking to create a man cave you can all pile into to make this summer's staycation a bit more fun?

Whatever, we've got the six most popular man cave ideas known to... er, man (woman and child). Best news? Lots of them are garden-based so you don't even need to sacrifice a room indoors.

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1. Man cave must: an outdoor cinema

Home cinema

(Image credit: IKEA)

Whether you are projecting your favourite film in your man cave, or hosting mates outside in the sunnier months, using a wall or an inventively-strung up shower curtain as a screen, we are declaring outdoor projectors essential man cave tools (see the world's best – and most affordable – in our guide; more deals below).

Why not set the mood with hanging lights, candles, cushions (and crisps) to create an evening that cannot fail, no matter how cheesy and predictable the film may be? Check out some of IKEA's pointers of how to achieve this man cave masterpiece.

2. Man cave no-brainer: an outdoor bar

Argos garden furniture

(Image credit: Argos)

It's almost impossible not to fantasise about being perched on the stool, sipping a G&T, reading a nice book, or mixing drinks for guests. Pffft who needs actual bars anymore? Okay, let's not go there. 

For just £220 from Argos, this set is yours and you get a spacious bar, two cute stools and storage to store your drinks, ice buckets, cocktail shaker, lemon slices and other bar paraphernalia you have dusted off. Or, you can make your own with our guide to how to make a home bar.

3. Man cave fantasy: a pool table (and pool room)

Room design from Barbara Genda

(Image credit: Barbara Genda)

While not every space will be able to fit one of these bad boys, it is definitely one of the pinnacles of man cave living. No matter how bad you are at playing (or drunk whilst playing) a pool table is both fantasy and fun. 

No room indoors for this fantasy space? This Outdoor Pool table by Argos is brilliant – leave it out year-round (or, of course, stick it in a garden room/shed so you can use it when the weather's bad, too). That said, it's over £1,000. Want something cheaper? This Argos pool table is a snip at £549.99.

4. Man cave seating: the gaming chair

Gaming Chair from XT Racing

(Image credit: XT Racing)

If you are looking for the gaming experience in your man cave and can't fit a pool table, then this chair is truly the dream. Whether for unwinding or winding up during an intense gaming session we know you won't be able to resist this piece.

The ADX Race19 Gaming Chair can be collected today via Currys and is only £150. It sits nicely between function, fashion and comfort... and, of course, price.

5. Man cave wind down? Get a yoga mat

Non-Slip Yoga Mat

(Image credit: Aldi)

For the man who likes the drinking, eating and gaming aspect just as much as the self-care relaxing aspects of having their own space, then why not set up your cave as a part time yoga space (but maybe don't tell 'the boys')? With some calming lighting, relaxing music and a few yoga mats, it is the perfect way to recover after a long night. Find the best yoga mats in our guide... and a few more deals below.

6. Man cave beef up? A garden room/home gym

home gym in a garden room

(Image credit: motive8)

As well as yoga, why not pack out your space with some multi purpose gym equipment, because while the gyms and bars are closed, your man cave may as well become all you need.

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