12 coffee bar ideas to create a buzzing cafe culture at home

Looking for coffee bar ideas? Perk up your space (and self) with a dedicated brew station that's open all hours for wake-up espressos to bedtime infusions.

Coffee bar idea with tiled backsplash
(Image credit: Tile Club)

Searching for some perky coffee bar ideas? Rise and shine to the smell of freshly ground coffee, and start every day with a caffeine jolt (or herbal infusion if a bean buzz isn’t your cuppa chai) at your very own home cafe. It’s the grown-up dream, isn’t it? 

No longer shoved haphazardly into a cupboard, imagine a dedicated coffee bar for beautiful canisters of aromatic blends, fancy measuring spoons, your adored artisan glaze ware coffee mug collection, and not forgetting - the best coffee machine

Regardless of kitchen or room size, where there’s a coffee bean, there’s a way to create a gorgeous, focal point refuel station for all spaces and faces to enjoy… And these at-home coffee bar ideas prove it.

Bring barista-chic home with coffee bar ideas that perk-up you and your space

From a coffee station set-up within a pantry cupboard to a floating shelf idea to display teatime essentials, or even a space-saving portable coffee drinks trolley to be wheeled between spaces, there’s much fun, imagination and improvisation to be had with an easy, affordable, and DIY coffee bar kitchen idea.  

Susan Serra, CKD, comments: ‘A coffee bar is a great spot to indulge in the morning or afternoon coffee ritual. Outfitted with a variety of mugs, cups, and utensils, with storage for bags of coffee kept out of the light, it's a super functional place to linger while being removed from the other busy action in the kitchen. The coffee bar is best designed away from the main kitchen workstations. A coffee bar can be designed for a furniture-type look to have its own special but connected, look to the rest of the kitchen. A built-in coffee appliance that is plumbed for water is the most convenient way to always have water ready for brewing the perfect cup of coffee.’

1. Install floating shelves to display coffee making essentials

At home coffee bar station in corner with gold styled floating shelves

(Image credit: Armac Martin)

Channel the look and ambiance of your favorite independent coffee shop, and recreate the same vibe at home with floating shelves above a counter, styled with unique, personality-packed picks. 

Think gorgeous bottles of flavored syrups, ceramic mugs, and cups in sizes ranging from tiny espresso, to extra large cappuccino, and trailing house plants for a verdant lift. There are no rules to getting your best shelfie self on - be as minimal or maximalist as you fancy.

2. Enjoy wheel wonders with a DIY coffee bar trolley

Glam DIY coffee bar trolley in gold finish, styled with personalized picks, flowers, and complemented by hanging mugs on wall and washi taped prints

(Image credit: Lily & Val)

Turn the simple pleasure of everyday coffee into an extra special ritual with a transportable DIY bar cart on wheels. Not only a fabulous and versatile idea for small spaces, that can be easily moved in a jiffy to create extra floor space as and when required, but a vintage-inspired trolley also adds an element of glam nostalgia and cocktail hour (well caffeine hour in this instance) chic. Espresso martinis anyone? 

We adore the attention to detail on this gorgeous DIY coffee bar trolley, by Lily & Val. The gold finish, personalized storage jars, and floral flourish, not to mention the cute mug hooks and washi taped prints for the prettiest finishing touch, create a captivating vignette full of boutique ‘pop-up’ event excitement.

3. Consider the practical elements

Coffee bar with mirrored backsplash

(Image credit: Think Chic Interiors; Photo: Hulya Kolabas)

To maximize efficiency with your bespoke coffee bar, Randy Jones, owner of Fine Remodeling, has some helpful tips and things to consider:

  1. Install a water line to feed the best bean to cup coffee machine 2022 and avoid having to constantly fill the reservoir.
  2. Put in a backsplash to avoid painted surfaces staining from coffee splashes.
  3. If you’re an avid tea drinker or have the need for more water at the coffee/tea bar location, then plumb in a bar (smaller GPM) faucet and/or kitchen sink.
  4. Put outlets behind where the coffee maker will be placed to avoid a cord going across the countertop. 

4. Introduce perk-up prints to add character

Cute coffee bar set-up, with framed typography print on wall

(Image credit: FabbPrintables at Etsy)

Add some playful personality to your coffee bar with framed prints featuring a barista twist or a coffee bar sign. Froth-up the scene with a single typography print for impact, like this ‘But first, coffee’ print by FabbPrintables at Etsy, or get creative and try a gallery wall idea with a variety of motivational phrases in mix-and-match frames, sizes, and fonts.

5. Create a cozy cafe experience with a chalkboard coffee bar

Cozy coffee bar wet-up with large chalk board feature

(Image credit: Gray House Studio)

Or, if you favor a more homespun, rustic flavor (pun intended) to caffeine-o’-clock, create a chalkboard wall behind your coffee station, and change up the weekly menu with cute chalk doodles and happy-go-lucky greetings. What lovelier way to wake up and start the day smiling?

Feeling inspired by what you see? Pop the stove-top kettle on, and check out how Gray House Studio transformed an unused breakfast nook into a cute and cozy DIY coffee bar

6. Go small-scale with a coffee drawer

Coffee drawer with wooden drawer divider and tea and coffee essentials

(Image credit: Order & Bliss)

In small kitchens that are limited on space full stop, you can still achieve boutique cafe goals with an impressive coffee drawer idea instead. Fuel your morning (and afternoon) with this tea and coffee drawer idea using bliss kits from Order & Bliss. Neatly organize tea bags, blends, brewing tools, and all sorts of coffee gadgetry, and utilize the counter space directly above it for a compact coffee-making appliance.

7. ‘Blend’ your coffee bar into your existing scheme

White kitchen scheme with blended coffee bar in built-in, open shelf recess

(Image credit: Pinterest)

A beautifully curated coffee bar can only elevate your kitchen scheme further, with shapely items in mixed materials that are beautiful, functional, and interesting. But if you don’t want your design to be a contrast feature and default from the overall aesthetic, coordinate coffee bar elements (appliances, utensils, drink-ware, kitchen storage ideas) in the same color palette as the base scheme. 

As shown here in this white kitchen design, the coffee bar has been effortlessly blended into the white cabinets with the considered mix of white mugs and glass jars, domes, and apparatus. Even the clever use of wooden boards ties in with the wooden countertop, resulting in a unified yet striking task zone. 

8. Choose a feature backsplash

Chic coffee bar with tiled backsplash feature, and blue cabinets

(Image credit: Tile Mountain)

Whether your coffee bar is in a standalone space or integrated into the main kitchen layout, zone the area with a decorative yet functional backsplash idea. And voila, you’ll have a wow-factor styled focal point that’s easy to wipe clean. Both nostrils and eyes will be drawn… 

Interior designer, Maria DeCotiis, comments: ‘Aim for Longevity - as, with other areas in your home, you want your coffee bar to be both stylish and durable. If you aren't using a DIY bar cart, a kitchen nook is the perfect, versatile alternative. Opt for high-quality custom cabinetry, durable quartz countertops, and a marble backsplash that is easy to keep clean and pristine.’

‘Incorporate accents - add some color to the bar area to make it warm and inviting. Some of the best opportunities for styling accents are in the backsplash or cabinet hardware.’

9. Enjoy a cup of joe in bed

DIY coffee bar beside bed, featuring cozy copper accents

(Image credit: The DIY Mommy)

A coffee bar doesn’t have to be in a kitchen. And where do we most enjoy that first cup of the day, or wind-down tea at night - in bed of course. But by the time you’ve fought over who’s turn it is to bare the dawn yawn chill, traipse downstairs, and go through the whole fanfare of waiting for the water to boil, the novelty of returning to the bed cocoon has somewhat been spoilt… 

Thankfully, Christina Dennis, DIY and home decor expert at The DIY Mommy has dreamt up and delivered the coziest solution, with her Copper autumn coffee station, to create a little coffee station right where you need it most - by the bed. Lingering weekend lie-ins sorted, arguments eliminated. And what a lovely guest bedroom idea too.  

10. Install a built-in system for a luxe update that saves on counter space

Sophisticated kitchen design with integrated, built-in coffee machine

(Image credit: Wolf)

Whether you consider it a luxury or a necessity, there’s nothing quite like the convenience of creating your favorite café-quality drinks from the comfort of your home. Debuting this month, the new Wolf Built-In Coffee System offers a refined experience for brewing your favorite drinks without sacrificing counter space, convenience, or style. 

With an elegant, modern design and the ability to install nearly anywhere – no special water lines needed – you can integrate this coffee system seamlessly within your home, wherever you need it most. Choose from a range of styles to align with your desired aesthetic and add a cup-warming drawer for added indulgence and delicately heated dishware at your disposal.

11. Incorporate a coffee station into a pantry or larder cupboard

Breakfast pantry with coffee bar set-up inside

(Image credit: Brayer Design)

If you’re not a fan of clutter and prefer a more minimalist kitchen aesthetic, then consider setting up a dedicated tea and coffee-making workstation within your breakfast pantry or larder cabinet. Utilize the different storage solutions within the design to maximize efficiency. 

Anchor the best pod coffee machine 2022 and kettle on the marble workspace, organize coffee pods and tea bags in a narrow drawer, and nestle canisters of sugar and ground blends into cubby hole shelves. Everything you need within a finger’s reach - perfection.

Mary Jones, Editor at Cooky Mom, recommends putting your coffee bar into a cabinet: ‘Looking for a coffee bar idea that will completely blend with the rest of your kitchen? If so, then you can never go wrong with this one as it is tucked away out of sight. Also, aside from your coffee essentials, you can also store your breakfast ingredients here, freeing-up space and functionality in your main kitchen space.’

12. Utilize an extra area with a dedicated coffee station

Coffee bar station within kitchen cabinet

(Image credit: Brandt Kitchens)

Julia Steadman, Commercial Director, Brandt Design, comments: ‘Did you know #coffee contributes £17.7 billion to the economy and this is growing steadily. Next-generation kitchens are now seeing lots of coffee-related design elements, with dedicated drinks stations and built-in appliances that brew café-quality coffee most popular.'

'A dedicated coffee station equipped with open shelving and perhaps even a compact one bowl sink and single lever kitchen tap will create an extra area for you to utilize, which does not impact the main cook zone or chef working behind the island. Small appliances like a coffee machine, toaster, and stone worktop will all add to the multi-use area and ensure an easy-clean surface in case of any spillages.’

What should a coffee bar have?

If you’re wondering what exactly the coffee bar essentials are, Norbert Koput, espresso enthusiast at Espresso Bear, says: ‘Must-haves include an espresso machine, bean grinder, bottomless portafilter with a basket, some awesome mugs, a compact scale, and of course, some beans. With these items, I think anyone can make a fantastic coffee station.’

‘This area could fill an empty spot in or near the kitchen to add ‘barista pop’ at home. This designated espresso machine area can come in all shapes and sizes, but what is significant is how beautiful the entire setup can look at home.’

Does a coffee bar have to be in the kitchen?

A kitchen bar can be created in any space, depending on your preference and needs.

Mary Jones, editor at Cooky Mom, says: 'Are you the kind of person who is always craving coffee any time of the day? Worry no more because you can always set up a coffee bar in your living area. Consider installing a little rolling island that is very easy to accomplish.'

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