Best wine cooler: 5 top wine fridges for perfectly stored drinks

The best wine cooler will make sure your favourite bottle is always stored at the right temperature. See our selection of top rated wine fridges for every space and budget

best wine cooler
LG LSR200W Wine Cellar
(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

If you like treating yourself to your favourite bottle of wine every now and then, the best wine cooler is sure to improve your wine storage set up. Whether you prefer red, white or the finest sparkling, a wine fridge allows you to have better control over the temperature your drinks are stored at. This means a perfectly chilled drink, whenever you want.

With a wide range of wine coolers at different price points and sizes, this luxury buy is becoming more accessible. There are even small under-counter models that will squeeze into a fairly modestly sized kitchen. But, if you are very serious about your vino, we have some large wine fridges holding up to 65 bottles in our list too – you just need to find the space for installation.

Aside from size and budget, there are a few other things to consider when choosing a cooler for your wine. Some come with more than one temperature zone – great for storing your reds and whites at different settings – and we have even found some with handy smart app assistance. You will be an expert sommelier in no time (at home at least). So, to help you find the right one for you, we have reviewed the best wine fridges.

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The best wine coolers

Hoover HWC 150 UKWN wine cooler

(Image credit: Hoover)

1. Hoover HWC 150 UKW/N Freestanding Wine Cooler

Best winer cooler for wine buffs: a stylish, affordable fridge designed for real wine connoisseurs

Best for: Medium to large households
Temperature zones: One (but with up to 5ºC / 41ºF difference between the top and bottom of the fridge)
Temperature range: 7–18°C
Storage: 41 bottles
Dimensions: H84.5 x W49 x D53.5cm
Reasons to buy
+Elegant design+High-end features+High capacity +Quiet once at desired temperature+Links to app for remote control+Clear LED display
Reasons to avoid
-Door is not reversible; only available with hinges on the right-G-rated for energy efficiency

If you’re looking for a stylish, affordable wine fridge with enough room inside to keep the drinks flowing at those summer garden parties, then the Hoover HWC 150 UKW/N is it. There’s space inside for 41 bottles of wine, and a 5ºC/41ºF difference in temperature between the top and bottom of the fridge means you can easily store both white wine and Champagne, or white wine and rose, at the correct temperatures, despite there only technically being one temperature zone.

The fridge comes with preset temperature options for storing red, white, rose or sparkling wines, but you can also customise the temperatures to suit your preferences.

Elegant design
The Hoover HWC 150 UKW/N is a great-looking wine cooler, with a sleek, black design and large, brushed-chrome handle. It’s freestanding, so can be positioned under a kitchen or utility countertop, or in the corner of a dining or living room for easy access.

We love the bamboo shelves, which look great but also keep the bottles in the correct position and minimise vibrations, which can impact the flavour of your wine. The interior LED light can be turned on or off manually or via the Hoover Wizard app to give you the best view of your vintages (or Aldi bargains, we’re not judging).

High-end features
True oenophiles know that to get maximum enjoyment from your wines, you need to treat them with a little TLC. Too much temperature variation, UV light or vibration can have a negative impact on the flavour of wine, and the HWC 150 UKW/N wine cooler is designed to minimize all three.

Anti-UV glass reflects damaging UV radiation and prevents any deterioration of the wine, while the bamboo shelves and quiet compressor help minimise vibrations. There’s even a charcoal filter for maximum air quality – basically, this fridge is heaven for your vino collection.

Smart control
Simply download the Hoover Wizard app, scan the barcode on the back of your wine fridge and follow the instructions on screen to link the fridge to your phone or tablet.

The app then allows you to choose your preferred temperature for the fridge, from 7ºC/44ºF to 18ºC/64ºF, depending on the type of wine you want to store. It also allows you to turn the internal LED light on and off remotely, and check what’s in your cooler from the store using the handy ‘inventory’ function. Oh, and it’ll even give you tips and tricks for storing your wine correctly, as well as recipe pairings – clever stuff.

2. Husky HN6 Slim Line Wine Cooler

Best slimline wine cooler: you'll be able to easily make space for this one

Best for: Small kitchens
Temperature zones: 1
Temperature range: 8–18°C
Storage: 12 bottles
Dimensions: H64 x W25 x D51cms
Reasons to buy
+Sleek and compact+Great value
Reasons to avoid
-Capacity is quite small 

This slim wine cooler is our runner-up and a compact choice for fitting into a small kitchen design, but stylish enough to be a talking point, should you wish. 

Compact capacity
Suitable for holding up to 12 bottles of wine (or bubbly) across five shelves, this wine cooler will make a big impact when up on the counter top.

It has an interior light and elegantly curved glass door, so that you can keep an eye on your collection (and show it off to your guests) and simple touch controls to easily adjust the temperature. 

A very good buy for kitchens on the small side, and for a reasonable price, too. 


(Image credit: AO)

3. LG SIGNATURE LSR200W Wine Cooler

Best energy efficient wine cooler: it has a big capacity, too

Best for: Large households
Temperature zones: 3
Temperature range: 5–18°C
Storage: 65 bottles
Dimensions: H179.3 x W70 x D73.5cm
Reasons to buy
+Large capacity+InstaView (just knock the door and it lights up)+Well made
Reasons to avoid
-Big money

With it's impressive energy rating, this wine cellar from LG gets our vote for the best wine cooler for energy efficiency. It's also got some other impressive and very cool features which would be great for your household, if you have the budget.

A good fit
You'll be able to fit up to 65 bottles of your finest pinot or merlot in this one, across five shelves. It's also got a couple of drawers underneath which could be used to store more than just alcoholic beverages.

The temperature inside is accommodating, too. It has three zones which can be independently controlled with temperatures ranging between 5 - 18°C.

Clever door
With InstaView you can just knock the door twice for the cellar to light up. This means that you'll be able to look inside without opening the door. 

Place it anywhere
Behind the black mirrored glass are UV control shields. It keeps heat and ultraviolet rays at bay so it can be placed in direct sunlight or in a dull corner, without causing any harm to your face tipple.


(Image credit: Currys PC World)

4. ESSENTIALS CWC15B20 Wine Cooler

Best wine cooler on a budget: it can be kept anywhere in the home

Best for: Small kitchens
Temperature zones: 1
Temperature range: 5–18°C
Storage: 15 bottles
Dimensions: H49.2 x W48 x D44cm
Reasons to buy
+Quiet+Looks good+Great value
Reasons to avoid
-No light inside

This wine cooler gets our vote for the best budget buy. Why? Because it's less than £80. At this price it's a steal which will keep your wine, and other drinks, suitably chilled throughout any special occasion.

Useful capacity
It has a capacity of 15 bottles so you can stay stocked up with your fave tipple. And you can adjust the temperature between 5 and 18°C using a handy dial. 

One thing to note is that there is just the one temperature zone so you won't be able to have certain areas of the cooler more chilly than others, but at this price we feel that it is so worth it.

Flexible positioning
You can even position the wine fridge anywhere in the home thanks to a reversible door. 

Russell Hobbs RHGWC1B-C Wine Cooler

(Image credit: AO)

5. Russell Hobbs RHGWC1B-C Wine Cooler

Best wine cooler for small households: and it's available in two finishes to suit

Best for: Small kitchens
Temperature zones: 1
Temperature range: 8–18°C
Storage: 12 bottles
Dimensions: H49.2 x W48 x D44cm
Reasons to buy
+Looks good+Reversible door+Available in black or stainless steel
Reasons to avoid
-None we can think off

Ideal for sitting on the counter top, this wine cooler will hold enough wine for small gatherings and/or for your very own mini bar at home. It's also got a very reasonable price tag on it, too.

Space and flexibility
You'll be able to get 12 bottles of your favourite wines in the wine cooler. It's also a good option if you need to free up space in the main fridge for stocking up on nibbles for special occasions. The temperature inside ranges from 8 to 18 degrees which means that can easily adjust the climate to suit your white wines or champagnes.

The reversible door means that it can be placed on the left or right side, so you can place it anywhere you like.

Available in a black or stainless steel finish, this wine cooler will look great on the kitchen counter top or within arms reach of where the entertainment is unfolding. It also has a handy LED display which lets you keep an eye on how cool it is for your beverages are served suitably chilled.

How to choose the best wine cooler

When choosing a wine cooler fridge there's a lot of things to consider – let alone the type of wine you want to drink – before parting with your cash.

They're not for laying down wine
It’s worth noting that wine fridges aren’t intended for long-term storage – a specialist wine cabinet or cellar is far more suitable if you’re particularly serious about collecting – but rather for keeping a select few bottles chilled and to hand.

How much space do you have?
After budget, the next big thing to consider is your kitchen’s layout. If you have a large kitchen with space to spare, a freestanding full-height wine fridge looks very striking and has a larger capacity than an under-the-counter model, ideal for serious wine-drinkers who like to keep a variety of bottles to hand. Under-counter fridges, meanwhile, often come in slimline designs specifically made to meet space concerns, making them suited to small modern flats and crowded kitchens.

Think temperature zones
Finally, for maximum versatility, you may want to look for a wine fridge with more than one temperature zone, which means you can meet the needs of two or more different types of wine at once using targeted climate control. As with many things, the more zones a fridge features, the higher price it can command, so we’ve included a mix of one- and two-zoned fridges in our buying guide to suit a range of budgets.

How to get the most from your wine cooler

So you bought the best wine cooler, but did you know where you put it can have an effect on its performance? To get the best from your wine fridge and ensure the internal temperature is as constant as possible, it should be installed in a room where the temperature is 22–25ºC/71–77ºF. Above and below these temperatures will make it harder for the fridge to regulate itself, meaning it uses more energy in the process.

What temperature should you store wine at?

We all know red wine should be served warmer than white wine, but did you know there are recommended temperature ranges for each variety? For optimum enjoyment, here are the storage temperatures you should be aiming for:

  • Red wine: 15.5–18.5ºC / 60–65ºF
  • White wine: 10–15ºC / 50–59ºF
  • Sparkling wine and Champagne: 7.2–8.5ºC / 45–47ºF
  • Rose wine: 9.5–10.5ºC / 49–51ºF

What is the best wine cooler?

To recap, the best wine cooler is the Hoover HWC 150 which has ample capacity for a medium to large household – so great if you like to entertain, too. It has everything we are looking for (apart from the wine included...) which looks great and isn't too pricey, either.

It comes with handy smart features to help you look after your wine remotely, and offers plenty of tips and advice on wine pairing, via the app.

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