7 warm kitchen color ideas that design experts love using — from earthy tones to creamy neutrals

Choosing warm kitchen color ideas will make your space feel so inviting

Warm kitchen color ideas are so chic. Here are three of these - a brick red cabinet with plates in it and a white wooden chair with throws on, cream kitchen cabinets with woven storage baskets and a silver oven, and green kitchen cabinets with a black kitchen island and wooden flooring
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Choosing warm kitchen color ideas will help you create a cozy, serene atmosphere that will envelop you and your guests.

If this sounds dreamy to you, we've got you covered with a whole host of shades from design pros. Charming copper, sunlit yellow, and earthy greens are just a few of their top shades.

When bringing in kitchen color ideas, it's always useful to keep in mind shades that will make your space feel comfortable to be in, as this will enhance your mood when hosting and cooking.

Cozy and warm kitchen color ideas

From creamy white kitchen ideas to natural ones filled with nature-inspired shades, you can create a warm kitchen color scheme with these shades.

Our experts have recommended paint colors and decor to match, which we have shopped throughout.

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1. Earthy tones

A kitchen with sage green cabinets with white dinnerware, gray ceilings, a black kitchen island with a wooden shelf, and warm wooden flooring

(Image credit: Naked Kitchens)

Take your kitchen space across the globe and to the Mediterranean by incorporating earthy tones with plenty of depth.

“Earth-inspired colors such as terracotta, caramel, and olive green can infuse your kitchen with a natural warmth,” explains Nina Lichtenstein, principal designer and founder of Nina’s Home Design.

Complement these hues with wooden cabinetry and rustic elements like exposed beams or woven baskets to enhance the earthy vibe.

I think the Better Homes & Gardens Woven Basket from Walmart is ideal for storing tablecloths and recipe books. It's also made from sustainably-sourced natural water hyacinth fibers.

2. Copper

A kitchen with a copper splashback and countertop, a copper saucepan, a plate of bread, and white cabinets with copper handles

(Image credit: Smile Kitchens)

Bringing in copper decor and fixtures will not only add extra style to your cooking space, but will also give it a glow-up with warmth.

“Introduce warmth and sophistication with copper accents throughout your kitchen design,” suggests Nina.

She continues, “Choose lighting, sinks, range hoods, or kitchen accessories to create a cohesive and luxurious look.”

I have my eye on the Mauviel M'Passion Copper Beating Bowl from Amazon, which is made in France (ooh la la) and helps stabilize egg whites when baking.

To add even more depth, pair the copper accents with warm-toned cabinetry and textured surfaces like brick or stone.

3. Creamy neutrals

A kitchen with cream colored cabinets, a black countertop, three woven storage baskets, and a silver oven

(Image credit: Yester Home)

You can’t go wrong with a classic color, and while we do love crisp white, warm kitchen colors involve softer shades.

“Warm tones like creamy whites and beiges can instantly infuse a sense of coziness into the kitchen,” suggests Tommy Mello, design expert and founder of A1 Garage Door Service.

“These hues not only create a welcoming atmosphere but also can make the space feel more expansive and light-filled,” he adds.

For those looking to brighten up small kitchens, I recommend going over all your walls in a shade such as Farrow & Ball’s Shaded White which is a rich shade that responds especially well to light.

4. Reds and oranges

A kitchen with beige walls, a muted red cabinet with bowls on the shelves, a pale wooden chair with a striped red throw and books on it, and red and pink patterned carpet

(Image credit: Naked Kitchens)

You don’t need to play it safe when bringing in warm kitchen colors. For example, red kitchen ideas can add drama with their flame-like shades.

Nina explains, “Infuse your kitchen with a bit of drama and richness by incorporating deep reds or burnt oranges.”

“Consider painting an accent wall in a bold red hue or using orange-toned tiles for a vibrant backsplash,” she suggests.

If full-on red sounds a little intimidating to you, Benjamin Moore's Brick Red is a muted alternative with brown and orange undertones.

Match these up colors with dark wood cabinetry and metallic accents to create a luxurious finish or go for light-colored countertops and flooring for visual balance.

5. Bright yellow

A kitchen with white and yellow grid wall tiles, a wooden shelf above these with plants and wall decor on top, and a yellow cabinet with four drawers and doors

(Image credit: Hyperion Tiles)

We're big fans of dopamine decor here at Real Homes, and sunlit yellow kitchen ideas are one of the best ways to create a cheerful and inviting kitchen space. 

Nina suggests, “Choose pale yellow walls or cabinets to evoke a sense of sunlight streaming into the space.”

You can also incorporate natural light — ensure you learn how to clean windows properly to ensure this shines through as brightly as possible.

6. Gorgeous green

A kitchen with green kitchen cabinets and shelves, green and white leafy wallpaper, and white shelves and countertops

(Image credit: Divine Savages)

As well as matching green kitchen ideas with earthy and warm kitchen colors, you can also use it as a standalone shade.

“Add botanical prints, ceramic planters, or herb gardens to embrace the natural beauty of green tones,” suggests Nina.

I like to decorate my windowsills with indoor plants, as it makes it easy to remember to water them. My favorite is my pothos plant — the Costa Farms Devil’s Ivy from Walmart is similar and comes in a self-watering container.

7. Natural materials

A light wood kitchen island with open shelves with white plates and bowls, a silver hob on it, and wooden cabinets behind it with a silver faucet and books on it

(Image credit: Naked Kitchens)

Marrying together color and texture with materials such as wood kitchen ideas will help create a warm kitchen color scheme.

Tommy explains, “Wood cabinetry, butcher block countertops, and stone backsplashes can add warmth and texture to the kitchen while also grounding the space in a sense of earthiness.”

“These elements not only look beautiful but also contribute to a tactile experience that makes the kitchen feel like a natural gathering spot,” he adds.

If you have the budget, invest in a quality chopping board (the Blomus Zen Oak Cutting Board from Saks has clever grooves for catching crumbs) will elevate your kitchen counter decor.

Reaching for warm kitchen colors will help create a palette that’s soothing, snug, and plenty stylish.

“Experiment with different color combinations, textures, and accents to achieve a kitchen that you really resonate with,” Nina finishes by saying.

If you’re searching for soothing shades with a touch more playfulness, pastel kitchen ideas are beautiful and bright alternatives.

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