Teenage desk ideas – 11 study tables to tackle homework, art and crafts

It's time to explore these teenage desk ideas if your older kid is still doing their assignments on the dining table

a neat wood and steel ladder desk design with velvet green chair in a living room by Wayfair
(Image credit: Wayfair)

If your teen is still trying to do their coursework on the kitchen island or on the family dining table, it's time to consider some teenage desk ideas. 

As schools, colleges and universities explore virtual learning, a proper table and chair, suited to their age and height is an essential bit of apparatus for their learning.

From 'smart' teenage desk ideas to ladder desks that make use of vertical space, give your teen the room they deserve to do homework or mindful doodling!

It's time to pass the test of providing a study solution to give your son or daughter. A stylish and functional desk in one of these teenage bedroom ideas will give them the best chances of buckling down. But, don't just recycle an off-the-shelf idea you've seen in your adult workplace.

Teenage desk ideas for successful studying

1. Limit the risk of 0% battery with a smart desk

Smart desk with integrated chargers and USB sockets by Cuckooland

(Image credit: Cuckooland)

If you've ever seen your teen scramble for a laptop charger, you'll know the sheer panic in their eyes. Hours of reading, research and creativity, only to be lost by a lack of power going to their electronic device.

So instead of calculating how long they've got left to save down their work, why not invest in a smart desk? Just like Amazon Alexa and Google Nest devices, smart home technology aims to make our lives easier. And this desk is no exception.

Today's features include premium Bluetooth speakers, wireless charging technology and a USB charging point. Toughened glass work surfaces are perfect for taking notes with a whiteboard pen. Simply let your teen wipe off their revision notes (or doodles) after use.

Luck ends there however, as it can't do their homework for them. What a shame.

2. Integrate plants into a teenage desk design

Wooden desk with black desk lamp and houseplants by Pooky

(Image credit: Pooky)

So you've got your ideal teenage desk idea - but now what? When it comes to accessorizing the space on and around the study table, you'll want to be creative and sympathetic to the environment.

Sure a pen pot and some sticky notes are practical, but have you thought about adding a few great indoor plants? 

Asides from jumping on the biophilic trend, our green buddies can help reduce exam stress, increase productivity and clean the air. We're sure you might agree that this'll especially beneficial in a boys room idea.

3. Add a storage idea next to the desk for easy access

White puzzle desk with white wooden chair and pink cabinet by Melb Design Co.

(Image credit: Melb Design Co)

Looking for a sweet girls bedroom idea that's full of space for stationery and sewing materials for a budding fashion or interior designer?

Asides for the actual teenage desk idea, you'll want to think of other ways to amplify her storage opportunities. A cute bedroom cabinet can de-clutter and organize her space effectively. Placed next to her desk, it will mean that the table isn't littered with lots of little bits and bobs.

Tidy desk, tidy mind as the old adage goes, so maintain her concentration by keeping a sparse but stylish space.

4. Incorporate texture into your teenage desk design

Cream boucle chair with black and rattan desk with pampas grass in khaki vase by Cult Furniture

(Image credit: Cult Furniture)

By incorporating texture into your teenager's bedroom, you can create a comfortable interior scheme for them to socialize, relax or study in.

This cream swivel boucle chair with its super-comfy material will look perfect in a cozy bedroom idea. Coupled with a soft rug or flooring design, your teen won't want to venture out of their room. Bonus.

To style, add shades found in nature. We love this olive vase filled with on-trend Pampas grass to complement the rattan feature on the desk drawer. And, while Bieber may have got his peaches back in Georgia, you won't have to travel far for orchard-inspired hues.

This pastel orange bedroom paint color adds sunset vibes to this space. Shop Monticello Peach from Benjamin Moore for a similar shade.

5. Design a teenage desk idea underneath the stairs

Under the stairs teenage desk study area by Sharps

(Image credit: Sharps)

If your teenager has inherited a small kids bedroom, it's unlikely that they'll want to be trapped inside this box room to complete their after-school activities.

But, if your under-the-stairs space is not being used as a powder room or extra storage space, then use it in a way that'll enrich your teen's education experience.

If you're building from the wall out, you may wish to consider a built-in design. If not, modular desks and shelving ideas will allow you to be flexible once your teen has flown the nest. Better still, keep this solution for yourself. 

It'll come in handy as a remote working spot or just a purposeful place to file your tax returns.

6. Use an awkward wall or alcove for a study corner

Greige desk in living room alcove with black fireplace and David Hockney wall art by Original BTC

(Image credit: Original BTC)

Alcoves and awkward walls can be a real pain in the butt when it comes to living room ideas. But, styled correctly, you can transform this wall recess into tidy teenage desk design.

Opt for a slimline desk design to ensure that you use the snug space to your advantage. Lighting can be an issue in this area, so invest in slender task lighting solutions to reduce eye strain.

Sara Dawson, founder of The House Office, says: 'A corner desk allows home workers to make the most of the tightest of nooks, without taking up precious floor space and dominating the rest of the room – something which is hugely important if you’re working from your living space or bedroom.'

Explore overhead storage solutions to keep the floor space neat. For example, knowing how to hang a shelf with brackets is a life skill we wish we'd learned much sooner!

7. Add a footstool for a comfy teenage desk design

Wooden desk in study area with houseplants and footstool by Dunelm

(Image credit: Dunelm)

When Canadian musician Drake penned the lyrics: 'I only love my bed and my mom, I'm sorry', we could definitely relate. While not a smart solution for studying, most teenagers will lay on their bed to read over their lecture notes.

Aside from looking a little lazy, studying in bed is not ergonomically ideal. Bad for posture; pillows and cushions provide a poor solution for your teen's back. What's more, multiple papers spread over your son or daughter's duvet will lead to decreased productivity. 

Rather than forcing him or her to take up a teenage bedroom desk idea, a footstool can provide a comfy compromise. Adopting a semi-reclining position can keep both parties happy and gives them outdoor stimulus if the desk is positioned near a bedroom window design.

8. Add interest to a plain desk with a statement rug

Black glass desk with waste bin, cow print rug and Apple Mac monitor by Danetti

(Image credit: Danetti)

Sometimes less is more when it comes to a teenage bedroom desk idea. This is especially the case in a minimalist or modern bedroom design. 

But, if you want to add some fun to your teen's bedroom decor, then a statement rug is a simple and budget bedroom idea to invigorate a bland space.

This cow-print rug will add expensive vibes to a boring black and white bedroom idea. But whatever design you decide on, add a rug gripper underneath. This will ensure the rug doesn't get damaged, the chair doesn't scrape or mark wooden flooring, and your child doesn't trip up.

9. Elevate the space with a desk ladder idea

Ladder desk idea with velvet green seat by Wayfair

(Image credit: Wayfair)

The Cofield desk from Wayfair is a cleverly designed desk that brings out the best in a Scandinavian bedroom design. Made from powder coated steel and mango wood, it blends a somewhat industrial idea with classic charm.

A sturdy yet compact ladder desk provides a functional drawer and some serious shelving and most importantly, space to move around their room.

We'd style this teenage desk idea with faux climbing plants or maybe even some fairy lights for evening study sessions.

Nadia McCowan-Hill, resident style advisor for Wayfair says: 'Ladder desks are a trendy option that are great for adding much needed storage into a small room, making it as easy as possible for your teenager to keep a mindful, clutter-free space.' 

10. Create a comprehensive office with an armoire

Blue study cupboard by The Dormy House

(Image credit: The Dormy House)

Got a teen whose a bit of a Francophile? Then say Bonjour to this French bedroom idea.  An all-encompassing teenage desk design, an armoire can also fit seamlessly into a rustic bedroom design.

Commonly known as a desk or computer cupboard, treat it as you would a wardrobe storage idea. Generously proportioned, it is a space-efficient design that takes care of tucking away your teen's laptop and monitor with pull-out shelving.

In line with a clean aesthetic, this design by The Dormy House has holes at the back to hide unsightly wires and plugs. Double-hinged cupboard doors ensure that your teenager can hang notes and noticeboards for space-savvy study nook. 

Once your child has no need for this cabinet, store crockery and dining essentials for a country kitchen idea that has a farmhouse feel. If placed in a communal area of the house these doors can be closed for when you're entertaining guests.

11. Add positive thoughts with a slogan wall design

'Think positive thoughts' slogan wall mural by Wallsauce.com

(Image credit: Wallsauce.com)

2020 was a tough year for teenage kids and adults alike. Social restrictions, not being able to see our family and a fair share of TV reruns. Not seeing our loved ones in real life may have contributed to a decline in mental health.

And so it was and still is important to be surrounded by positive messages and affirmations. This wall art idea by Wallsauce is supplied as a printed wallpaper design. 

What makes it special is that the made-to-measure mural is bespoke to your older kids room idea, so is just as individual as they are.

McCowan Hill confirms this by saying: 'Don’t neglect the area around your teens desk. Thought-provoking artwork is wonderful for drumming up ideas.'

'Go for typographic designs with motivating slogans, perfect for focusing the mind or bold abstract prints are another great option for boosting creativity.'

How can I make a desk look good?

'Exams are an inevitable part of every teenager's life so a dedicated study area will always come in useful. Space saving options such as floating desks are ideal as handy shelving day to day, which can then convert into a space for homework or creative pursuits,' says McCowan-Hill.

'Be sure to choose a desk in keeping with your teens youthful space. Opt for fun, colorful products in  mood-boosting shades such as yellow, perfect for adding a feel-good fix to a tired space.'

'A neutral color palette of navy blue and grey will never date, adding grown up style throughout their teenage years. Style up a desk area with bold geometrics and faux greenery, to suit even the most novice of houseplant owners!'

Under the stairs teenage desk idea by Neville Johnson

(Image credit: Neville Johnson)

'The area under your staircase is a great opportunity for fitted storage, and there are many design options for this space,' says Simon Tcherniak, senior furniture designer at Neville Johnson.

'From a compact home office with desk space to compartments for storing books, as well as open and closed shelving, fitted furniture is a great way of creating a multi-functional space.'

What is the best posture for sitting at a desk?

According to one expert, it's not just the colors and interior scheme you need to focus on. Chair design and movement can also be critical elements of a healthy study space.

Lucinda Newbound, partner at ergonomics company, Back in Action says:

'We’ve seen workers sitting in unsuitable dining chairs at the kitchen table, propped up on a stool at a kitchen island or breakfast bar and even working from bed and bath.'

'Any of these could lead to back pain, bad posture, sore neck and shoulders and more.'

'We wouldn’t wear clothes that stop us from being able to move, so why do we spend eight hours a day sitting on furniture that does just that?'

'If you’ve never sat on a chair that moves with you, rather than stopping your natural movement, it’s probably not something you’ve ever thought about… but it feels like freedom.'

'We live in the body of a hunter-gatherer, yet spend most of each day sitting still. Not surprisingly, we experience reduced circulation. In particular our blood and lymph systems work more slowly.'

'This is why movement is so vitally important.'

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