Bathroom cabinet ideas – 10 stunning cupboard and cabinetry designs

The best bathroom cabinet ideas keep everything from toiletries to toilet paper in check. And there's a look to suit every space, budget and decorating scheme

Bathroom cabinet ideas: Bathroom with wooden ladder, black bathroom cabinet and grey bathtub
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Looking for bathroom cabinet ideas that open up a world of creativity and functionality? As well as being a practical place to hide away toothpaste, bathing essentials and medicines, bathroom cabinetry is a great way to inject personality into your home. 

When brainstorming bathroom remodel ideas, storage should be as critical as your choice of fixtures, tiles or lighting. Because clutter will destroy any spa-like vibes you want to create.

But not all bathroom cupboard designs are created equal. So if you're a city dweller, or live in cozy settings, you may need to invest in a bathroom unit that makes the most of your small bathroom design. Whereas bigger spaces can benefit from more units, each dedicated to a different role. Whether that's stashing towels or mouthwash.

Bathroom cabinet ideas

From contemporary bathroom ideas for a classic look, to rattan furniture for a rustic bathroom feel, our favorite bathroom cabinet designs are inspired by the latest interior trends. 

Catering to different households, what were once considered 'fancy features' in bathroom storage ideas are now the norm. For instance, soft-close bathroom cabinets that are a child-friendly touch to negate trapped fingers, and handleless designs that will suit a scant space.

But for confident creatives, secondhand buys can be upcycled for a personalized piece that's one-of-a-kind.

1. Go back to high school with a locker-style bathroom cabinet

Bright yellow bathroom cabinet in white tiled bathroom with wall mirror and woven chair

(Image credit: Mustard Made)

Whether you opt for a pop of pastel, or perhaps an earthy shade of terracotta, bathroom color ideas are everywhere on Instagram grids and Pinterest boards.

Simply speaking, a colorful bathroom cabinet could be all it takes to make your scheme go from bleak to chic! While glossy finishes add a contemporary and wipe-clean finish to this furniture, a coat of chalk paint can add tone and texture to recycled storage unit that needs reviving. 

Many hardware stores are carrying the hottest hues including mustard yellow and forest green. For an ultra-feminine feel, look to powder blue bathroom cabinet ideas and lush lilac cupboard designs. This particular locker from Mustardmade is a lockable design - great for keeping medicines out of reach of children.

2. Create a sustainable space with natural materials

Round rattan cabinet with green paneled wall and indoor houseplant in gold brass vase

(Image credit: Audenza)

Tied to the wider sustainability and eco-chic trend, we’re seeing materials like retro rattan, bamboo and wicker weave make a resurgence. Oozing seventies style, this bathroom cabinet by Audenza will house your cosmetics while you undergo that last-minute outfit and makeup check before heading out.

Rohan Blacker, founder of Pooky says: 'Whether bohemian, Scandi, retro or even a minimalist scheme, the rattan trend has tiptoed its way in. It can bring an element of calm and balance into a space by helping to create a serene 'back to nature' aesthetic.'

3. Keep it light for a stunning Scandi scheme

Beige bathroom with fluted glass wall cabinets

(Image credit: Nest)

Scandinavian chic is a trend that we've seen plastered all over our social media feeds. Known for its clean minimalist lines and neutral palettes, choosing a white and grey bathroom decor can really help to open up your self-care sanctuary and give the illusion of a larger washroom space. This is particularly important if you're on the hunt for small bathroom design ideas.

With a fluted glass design, and in an unusual taupe color, this bathroom cabinet by Ferm Living will allow you to curate a pretty collection of bathroom products. Do take note however that fluting will somewhat distort your display. Style with similarly-shaded bathroom storage for a clean and cohesive look.

4. Impress with a dark and distressed bathroom cabinet design

Tall Black Industrial Wired Glass Cabinet

(Image credit: Vincent and Barn Ltd)

Tall, dark and mysterious. Three words we'd use to describe the industrial chic trend. If you're looking for black bathroom ideas, forget clean polished wood or high gloss finishes. Instead, reach for the iron and perforated metal. 

Scratches, burrs and knocks add to this grunge chic bathroom cabinet design which would suit a city apartment or a modern condo.

This vertical metal bathroom cupboard design from Vincent and Barn makes good use of narrow wall space and you can fix it to the wall for added safety.

5. See what you have with a glass paneled cabinet

Contemporary wall mounted bathroom cabinet with glass panel

(Image credit: Nest)

If you've ever woken up a little worse for wear, you'll know all too well that knocking an item off a bathroom shelf or struggling to quickly find an essential amenity can make for a bad start to your morning.

Add enhanced visibility and fetch items with ease with a glass paneled bathroom cabinet design. By doing so you'll be able to clearly see where you've placed that pesky item and can organize your bathroom better.

From frosted finishes to satin see-through panes, you can choose how well you want to see through the looking glass.

6. Short on floor space? Reach for a wall-mounted bathroom cabinet design

Wall mounted navy kitchen and bathroom cabinet

(Image credit: Cox and Cox)

If a boxy bathroom cabinet design leaves you with little room to breathe, why not consider a wall-mounted storage solution? Not only is it a contemporary and modern bathroom idea, but ergonomically-speaking, it will allow you to have all your essentials conveniently placed in plain sight and at arm's reach.

What's more, they're easy to clean underneath. But be wary of mounting height, particularly if you have very small children as they could knock their knees or bump their head.

7. Add romantic charm with a vintage vanity

Dani Ellis home: old wooden cabinet used as vanity unit in bathroom with large circular mirror

(Image credit: Darren Chung © Future)

Say Bonjour and turn to France for elegant bathroom cabinet ideas. The best vanity units will instantly add va-va-voom to this room. Choose an off-the-shelf bathroom cabinet design or add a touch of personal flair by upcycling furniture for a vintage look instead.

8. Substitute bathroom cabinets for a trolley

Gold bathroom trolley

(Image credit: Idyll Home)

Versatile enough for any interior space, everyone should consider this bathroom cabinet design as the ultimate small bathroom storage hack.

Strictly speaking, it doesn't fall under conventional bathroom cabinet ideas, however it's a perfect storage idea to spruce up your rented home and means that you can take your furniture with you. 

It also ensures you alleviate the risk of any drill marks, screws and tell-tell damages that may come out of your deposit. Just one of many ways you can take care of the property and learn how to be a good tenant if you're fleeing the nest for the first time.  

9. Add film star glamour with a mirrored bathroom cabinet design

Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet on teal tiled wall

(Image credit: Bathroom Mountain)

'Mirror mirror on the wall, who has the best interior design taste of them all?'

As well as looking at chic bathroom lighting ideas, give your space a Hollywood glow with a mirrored bathroom cabinet design. Whether you're getting ready for a night out, or just need more light during the winter months, this reflective design will quite brighten up your bathroom space and make you the star of the show.

It's also worth knowing how to clean a mirror properly for a streak-free sparkle in your space and this finish can be achieved using pantry staples.

10. Move kitchen cabinetry to the bathroom

Sage green kitchen dresser cabinet

(Image credit: Oak Furniture)

No, we haven't gone crazy. For the ultimate country farmhouse feel, transfer your large scale kitchen cabinetry into your bathroom.

Take this opportunity to move luxury bathroom décor in full view to create a cupboard that looks 'guest-ready'. Additionally by decanting budget skincare buys into colored glass bottles, you can create an expensive boutique display.

If you've run out of space for cleaning products, usually stowed under the kitchen sink, pop this out of sight towards the back of this furniture.

How can I organize my bathroom without drawers?  

'Introducing brass vanity suites with integrated laundry racks into your bathroom space is the perfect way to add an element of order and organization.' says Gordon Riddoch, Managing Director of Rutland London.

'Not only do they look charming in the bathroom, but they also offer an ideal storage solution for towels and other bathroom linen items.'

How do I add storage to a small bathroom?

If you are limited on space, finding space saving and smart items that clear clutter whilst still making it easy to access the products you need, is key.

Consider compact caddies, easy to stack storage units and chic yet practical baskets/ Each makes a bathroom more spacious and keeps bathing and beauty products out of sight.

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