Exclusive: designer Nate Berkus on how to bring personal style into your space

Nate Berkus' personal style tips will help you curate your own favorite pieces with confidence and fill your homes with things you love

Nate Berkus has shared many tips for personalizing your space. He is pictured wearing a button-down black shirt leaning on a bar with a white surface, with white and brushed gold shelves and green tiles in the background
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Nate Berkus’ home styling tips are perfect for bringing character into your place, whilst still curating a sleek and timeless collection to move with you to your next abode.

Real Homes chatted with the man himself to find out how to bring your unique brand of style to life using thoughtful decor including everything from investment pieces to vintage trinkets.

While being guided by interior design trends can be a useful steer sometimes, taking an anti-trend approach like Nate Berkus can help you end up with a home aesthetic truly representative of you and your family.

Nate Berkus' home style tips will help you transform your space

Whether you're dressing a larger home or looking for small space decorating ideas, we've got the lowdown from Nate on what to do to showcase your unique taste in your home. 

Our expert shoppers have also put together an edit of our favorite picks from Nate's range, just in case you’re scouting for some useful, timeless pieces.

Nate Berkus on finding pieces to showcase your personality

When it comes to using personal style in a meaningful way throughout the home, Nate Berkus is a true master.

He hosts the brilliant show The Nate and Jeremiah Home Project with his husband Jeremiah Brent, which shows families how to work in personal mementos along with timeless finishes.

This is opposed to jumping on costly fads, which can become outdated home decor as time goes by.

“I have always believed trends are designed to make us feel bad about what we don’t have,” Nate says.

A picture of Nate Berkus, a white man with light brown short hair wearing a navy blue jumper next to a tall dark brown wooden cabinet with folded white and beige linens on the three shelves

From smaller throws to larger cabinets, Nate is a fan of finding a range of pieces at vintage stores

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He explains, “I think it’s more important to reach for things that you love — whether that’s a color, pattern, or texture — and let those pieces evolve with you over time.  

This is an approach he not only takes into other people’s homes, but also brings into his aesthetic.

“I love bringing things home from my travels, objects, and textiles that remind me of the places I’ve been and the memories created,” says Nate.

Photographs, artwork, and one-of-a-kind vintage pieces that tell a story are just a few of his suggestions to make your space feel uniquely yours. 

The corner of white checked bed with a cream throw on top of it, with a light brown curved woven storage basket in the distance

Textures reminiscent of travels are just one way Nate brings his personality into his space

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If you’re shopping in secondhand furniture stores to scout out special pieces, having longevity in the back of your mind when shopping will help you stay on the right track.

Nate also advises penciling in a good amount of time to do your shopping (hey, we aren’t complaining about that!).

He says, “Take a weekend to shop your local antique mall or vintage stores for special and one-of-a-kind things, even if it’s a group of pottery in the same tones for your fireplace or bookshelf.

“I always choose antique things with real patina, and that can evolve with you as your life, and space evolves.”

A cream bench with a brown square throw pillow and a rectangular white and gray striped throw pillow on it, with a vintage dark brown sideboard to the left of it

Throw pillows and blankets are two quick decor pieces Nate likes to use to refresh a space

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For those looking to complement more contemporary styles with vintage home decor, he recommends using these as eye-catching touches.

“When you have new pieces, add a pair of vintage scones, a gilded mirror, or a reclaimed fireplace mantel to add personality to your space and make it feel timeless,” he suggests.

You might be looking around your home and thinking it does need new additions. Don't stress — Nate just advises to invest in decorations you’ll still love in 20 years.

“It is worth it to splurge on something you love and will use and that you can bring with you if you move,” Nate tells Real Homes. “New throw blankets and pillows are a great way to instantly refresh your space, and make a room feel more layered. My Nate Home Cotton Texture Throw Blanket from mDesign is one of my favorites.”

A picture of Nate Berkus, a man wearing a brown suede blazer, white t-shirt and jeans, making a beige bed with black and white checked trim, with a window with long beige curtains behind him

Intentionally style individual spaces with pieces you will use for years to come

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The most important thing of all is picking pieces that resonate with how you want your home to feel, for both you and your guests.

“If it’s true to your aesthetic, it will fit in no matter where you live or how you change your home decor over the years,” Nate finishes by saying.

By keeping Nate's tips in mind whenever you're zhuzhing up your space, your home is sure to feel like a cut-out of you, instead of being cookie-cutter. 

Shop our Nate Berkus edit

For those looking for style staples to layer with characterful pieces, Nate Berkus’ home decor range on mDesign is filled with these. We’ve shopped our favorite pieces from his collection.

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Nate Berkus has plenty of expertise in classic styling, so we’re taking all his advice on board and applying it to our homes as soon as possible.

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