10 luxe small bedroom ideas that are bougie and beautiful

Make your room feel like a hotel with these luxe small bedroom ideas from our interior designers

Luxe small bedroom ideas like this blue bedroom are so beautiful. This has blue wallpaper, a wooden nightstand, and a cream bed with ornate touches and detailing all around
(Image credit: James Yarosh / Patricia Burke)

If you want to give your space the five-star treatment, luxe small bedroom ideas may be for you. Just a few of these will elevate your space, and they don't need to cost a lot, either.

Our interior designers have a few tricks up their sleeves to add refinement on a budget. Sumptuous textures and strong attention to detail are just a couple of their 10 terrific go-tos.

We all want small bedroom ideas we can show off, and going for luxe is one of our favorite ways to add sparkle power.

Luxe small bedroom ideas worth loving

We love finding out how to make small spaces look luxe, and giving your bedroom this treatment will transform it from blah to bougie.

We've also found gorgeous shoppable picks within the ideas to help you get started.

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1. Use a climbing wall covering

A bedroom with climbing wallpaper and a blue bed with white bedding and blue pillows

(Image credit: Jennifer Muirhead Interiors / Raquel Langworthy)

Wallpaper is a wonderful way to add depth to your bedroom, and you can even use it to create the appearance of more space.

“I love using a ‘climbing’ patterned wallcovering in smaller bedrooms,” says Jennifer Muirhead, interior designer and founder of Jennifer Muirhead Design.

A picture of Jennifer Muirhead, a woman wearing a black dress sitting on a rattan chair in a conservatory
Jennifer Muirhead

Jennifer Muirhead is an interior designer and founder of Jennifer Muirhead Design. She loves forming rooms that are functional yet serene, as well as ones rich in luxe finishes.

“It gives the illusion of greater ceiling height and the visual interest distracts from the limited square footage,” she adds.

You can do these natural prints, such as this Rifle Paper Co Willowberry Wallpaper on Wayfair, which is one of the best peel-and-stick wallpapers suitable for renters.

2. Pay attention to space behind the bed

A bedroom with a gray bed with white bedding, a chandelier, and a window with brown and white curtains

(Image credit: Laura Stein Interiors / David Bagosy)

The bed is the place the eye is drawn to the most in a bedroom, so it’s a good idea to give it as much impact as possible.

“It’s okay to put the bed in front of a window if this is the best option for the room layout,” says Laura Stein, interior designer and founder of Laura Stein Interiors.

A picture of Laura Stein, a woman wearing a navy blazer and scarf with brown hair
Laura Stein

Interior designer Laura Stein specializes in luxury homes for clients seeking the warmth and personality of their very own bespoke sanctuary. She loves using luxe styling to achieve this.

She also suggests creating a beautiful backdrop behind the headboard with gorgeous drapery.

Laura recommends adding blackout lining to this (these Deconovo Blackout Curtains on Amazon would be perfect), so you can sleep soundly without being disrupted by light.

3. Make sure lamps are proportional

A white bedroom with a rattan floor plant pot, a circular sage green nightstand with a tall petal lamp, and a white bed with layered cream texturing

(Image credit: Ruma)

It can be tempting to go bigger with furniture and decor, but playing into your smaller room’s proportions will make the finish look more polished and intentional. 

Laura says, “You’ll likely have to keep the night tables small, so make sure the lamps on top of them are proportional and don’t overwhelm the surface.”

Be sure to look at the height of any lamps before purchasing — for example, this pretty Simple Designs Lamp from Walmart is just 9.45 inches tall.

4. Choose a custom-built bed

A blue bedroom with blue climbing floral and columnal wallpaper, a vintage wooden nightstand with gold art deco lamp, and a cream bed with silky patterned sheets

(Image credit: James Yarosh Associates / Patricia Burke)

Nothing says luxe more than having a bed actually made for you. Not even hotels can provide this.

“In this room I designed, the bed was custom-made to match the color of the walls and accented by appropriately scaled antiques,” says James Yarosh, interior designer, artist, and founder of James Yarosh Associates.

A picture of James Yarosh, a man wearing a gray blazer and white shirt
James Yarosh

James Yarosh is the founder of James Yarosh Associates, which is a fine art gallery and interior design service for art collectors. He has an eye for refined, luxe designs thanks to catering for his high-end clientele.

For those on a budget, you could even have a go at DIY-ing your own bed, measuring up the materials, and building it yourself. Just make sure to choose sturdy materials so you don’t end up with any accidents.

5. Find narrow yet deep nightstands

A black nightstand with a black and white lamp and flowers on next to a bed with teal oval blue and silver and teal silk bedsheets

(Image credit: KOKET)

Save yourself from going bump in the night by choosing an easy to assemble nightstand appropriately sized for your compact space.

“In smaller bedrooms, I like to use narrow yet deep nightstands in order to maximize mattress and bedframe size,” says Jennifer.

She adds, “Also, nightstands with two or more drawers are the best way to go, as you'll need as much storage space as possible.”

Every inch of space counts, so we love this smart tip for making your nightstand work properly as a small bedroom storage solution.

6. Add comfort beyond the bed

A green bedroom with a black armchair and square ottoman

(Image credit: Gaia G Interiors / Michael Hunter Photography)

Of course, diving onto the bed and wrapping yourself in the best bedding is a dreamy part of the bedroom. For extra comfort, you need to get creative beyond this zone, though.

“In this luxurious bedroom, we carved out a corner to give our bookworm client her desired reading spot,” says Gaia Guidi Filippi, principal designer and owner of Gaia G Interiors.

A picture of Gaia Guidi Filippi, a woman wearing an orange top in front of a background with trees
Gaia Guidi Filippi

Gaia Guidi Filippi is the principal designer of Dallas-based Gaia G Interiors. She loves to unearth innovative luxe products and discover unique treasures and textiles to distinguish her clients’ homes.

She continues, “We did this with a buttery soft performance velvet upholstered chair and ottoman and then embellished the cozy perch with an elegant tape trim at the bottom.”

We’re in love with this room and have our eyes firmly set on this Mercer41 Berton Velvet Armchair on Wayfair to help us copy the look.

7. Opt for lighter curtains

A white bedroom with white floor to ceiling voile curtains and a sleek bed with a padded cream ottoman at the foot

(Image credit: Covet House)

Letting as much light into your luxe space as possible will help you brighten your small bedroom, which will in turn make your small bedroom appear bigger.

“In one room we decorated, we added a soft panel on the window to give an airy feel to the room, while we added drapery to another window for privacy,” explains James.

This doesn’t need to be an expensive addition, either — these Wayfair Basic curtains start at just $7.48 and have over 6,900 five-star reviews.

8. Decorate with sumptuous textures

A bedroom with a brown bed with tall winged buttoned headboard, white bedding with fuschia pink piping detail and a brown two-tiered nightstand with a white lamp and pink books and trinkets for accent

(Image credit: Emily LaMarque Design Studio / Douglas Hill Photography)

Just because a bedroom is small in size doesn't mean it has to feel boring or unimportant. 

“Bring in a variety of sumptuous textures to your small space like shimmery grasscloth wallcovering, soft velvet fabrics, a plush rug, and elegant small bedroom lighting to create a bedroom that feels luxe and special,” says Emily LaMarque, interior designer and founder of Emily LaMarque Design Studio.

A picture of Emily LaMarque, a woman wearing a blue blazer, white top, and blue jeans
Emily LaMarque

Whether the project is a blank canvas or a complete restoration, Emily brings to the table over 15 years of experience and a meticulous eye for detail to deliver spaces rich with style, luxe finishes, and individuality.

Heading to a store and feeling fabrics before buying them is one of our favorite ways to find ones with fabulous textures.

9. Pick metallic accents

A gold lamp with a gold mirror and a coral chair next to it

(Image credit: Audenza)

For a quick touch of luxe, metallic decor pieces and finishes will always add extra sparkle.

Gaia explains, “Different metal accents, deep colors, and decadent textures are going to bring your luxe design to life. Think about getting lamps with brass bases, or installing brass fixtures around the room.”

You could always learn how to upcycle furniture with a vintage look and replace handles with chic, metallic ones like these Goldenwarm brushed cabinet pulls on Amazon.

10. Find dramatic drapes

A bedroom with tall, thick, taupe drapes, a black ornate fireplace with blue and yellow floral decals, a potted Kentia palm and rattan accent chair

(Image credit: Prestigious Textiles)

As well as going for lighter curtains, you can also go for dramatic drapes in bright shades, if you’re looking for chic colorful small bedroom ideas.

Gaia says, “In one bedroom we enveloped the room with stunning wool-blend draperies.”

“The trick is to invest in fuller drapes with more folds for maximum luxe effect — and embellish these with laser-cut trim for yet another layer of refinement.”

Go for a rich jewel tone for even more impact, as this is one of the best small space color trends to add depth to a space. These Pony Dance Velvet Curtains on Amazon would zhuzh up any room beautifully.

Whether you go big or small on the levels of luxe, giving your bedroom the chic treatment is always a stylish move.

Now you’ve made your bedroom bougie, you might also want to find out how to make a small bathroom look more luxe, to complete the hotel-style experience.

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