How to introduce more colour into your home

Looking for inspiration for a new decorating scheme or want to paint your living spaces with the latest on-trend shade? Dulux’s senior colour, design and content manager offers her advice on successfully adding colour

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Dulux’s senior colour, design and content manager, Rebecca Williamson offers her top tips on successfully adding colour to your living spaces.

What’s your best advice to people wishing to introduce more colour into their homes?

I always advise that when you move into a new place, start by painting the space white or off white to begin with and then introduce colour gradually as you start to get a feel for how you use the different spaces, how the light changes and which rooms you spend the most time in. Take time to see how the light at different times of the day affects the look of a room, and take note of which rooms you tend to spend most time in at particular points in the day.

What’s the best way to choose a colour to suit your home?

I think a good starting point is to consider the colours you tend to wear as chances are you are already very comfortable surrounding yourself in these hues on a daily basis. Also consider how you want the room to feel and what is the primary function. For example, if you’re redecorating a bathroom, you’ll want a shade that helps wake you up in the morning, be suitable for when you apply your makeup or have a shave, so a colour that creates a light and airy feel is important. You can then test your favourite shade using augmented reality apps or a sample tester pot to see how colours look on your walls.


How do you begin putting together a new decorating scheme?

Firstly, identify a starting point. There’s always something you love or need to keep to work around so try picking a colour as close to this shade as a possible to act as your starting shade. You can then look at how this colour has been used in different schemes on online galleries, or take your reference to a colour mixing station at your local DIY store. If you’ve got a blank canvas to work with, start by looking for inspiration around you and create a moodboard of colours and items that you like.


What’s are your biggest decorating ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’?

Do use a tester, it’s so important in helping you decide on the right colour for your space as colour is impacted so heavily by light and the substrate you’re applying it to. Don’t paint without prepping your walls properly first, I know it’s often the bit we don’t enjoy, but trust me, putting a bit of effort in upfront is the secret to a beautiful finish that will last longer.


What’s the best decorating advice you’ve been given?

When you find your perfect colour and you plan on using it across a large surface area always go for a tone lighter as it will look like the original hue you liked once its reflected around the room.