Girl nursery ideas – 8 adorable rooms that aren't all about pink

Get inspired by these stylish girl nursery ideas for your little one. Think creative color schemes, painting tips, decor ideas and much more to create their perfect space

Girl nursery ideas
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Are you on the hunt for girl nursery ideas for your little one? Is there anything more joyous than decorating a nursery? Deciding on a color scheme, picking our furniture, putting the prettiest books and toys on display are just a few of the things that make this project feel so special. After all, a nursery is a space where you can get truly creative with your bedroom decor ideas to design the most imaginative room in your home.

We have put together our top five looks for a girl's nursery (although they are all very gender neutral so can obviously be used for boys' rooms too!). So just keep on scrolling for the most adorable spaces to inspire yours.

1. Decorate a baby girl's nursery with calming pastel colors

nursery with pastel colours, a yellow chair, blue stool, mint cot and pink blind

(Image credit: Colin Poole )

Pastels are just a classic for decorating nurseries, they create such a soft and calming space that works as the perfect backdrop for adding your own touches. We love how in this girl's nursery, there's a mix of pastels to stop the room looking too saccharine, plus that touch of the deeper blue in the stool works so well with the more delicate colors.  

2. Add pattern with a stylish wallpaper 

First-time buyers Amanda and Jess Cotton added a loft conversion and swapped the kitchen and diner around to maximise the potential of a dilapidated two-bedroom terraced house

(Image credit: Fiona Walker-Arnott)

Well, this nursery is cooler than all our bedrooms! Love the color scheme, it's a nice change from the classic pink baby girl nursery ideas you see everywhere, and it's a style that's much more likely to last as they grow up. If your nursery is on the small side and you are worried that a busy wallpaper will overwhelm the room, just wallpaper the top or bottom portion of your walls to create a chair rail effect.

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3. Go for a clean all white scheme 

Classic cot bed, £399, Classic baby changing top, £99, Classic chest of drawers, £499, Sheepskin single rug, £95, Tibetan sheepskin stool, £295, Seagrass small oval company, £45, The White Company.

(Image credit: The White Company)

Want at least the illusion of peace and tranquility in your baby girl's nursery? Nothing beats a classic all-white scheme to create a chic, Scandi bedroom ambiance that's so easy to update as they grow older. Pick a floor in a different color to add some contrast to the room, and for practicality too, and soften up the space with rugs and poufs. 

If you want any advice on how to wallpaper, check out our guide. 

4. Pick a neutral color scheme that will grow with them 

Children's bedroom by cuckooland

(Image credit: Cuckooland)

To avoid constantly having to repaint the walls every year as they grow up, opt for a bedroom color scheme with staying power. Obviously listen to their suggestions, but always keep one eye on the future by picking a neutral colour that will serve as a blank canvas to more decorative accessories, and the ever changing preferences of the room's occupant. The other plus side? Light neutrals make small kids' rooms look larger, too.

If you're working with a small kids' bedroom our feature can help.

5. Add a play corner to a girl's nursery 

Nurseries aren't just a place to sleep, they are a place to play too! If you have the space, why not dedicate a corner of your room to playtime, and make it a feature? You can hang dress-up clothes, fill up baskets with toys and keep books in an accessible place, changing out what's in the play corner as your child grows. 

6. Add lots of personal touches

Make sure you don't get carried away creating the most stylish, Instagrammable and impossibly tidy nursery. You want it to feel like a space your child actually lives in so find ways to keep lots of their favorite things on display – shelves for books, baskets for toys, put prints on the walls and hang mobiles from the ceiling. This is a fun creative space so embrace that and so find stylish ways to display all your kid's stuff, rather than contain it.

Oh, and can we pay some attention to that lovely yellow paint please? Again, a great alternative to pink if you want to create a more neutral room.

7. DIY a wall mural in a girl's nursery

Danielle and Andy Lisle transformed her old teenage home in Gateshead so it was perfect for modern family life

(Image credit: Katie Lee)

Loving the soft colour scheme in this girl's nursery! And that wall mural is perfect for adding in even more of those rosy hues. You can DIY this look so easily too, all you need is some masking tape and some paint. Just create your mountain shapes with masking tape and paint in between the lines – easy peasy and you can go with what ever colours you and your child like. To add some stars, just pick up a really cheap stencil if you don't trust your freehand skills. 

For gorgeous wall mural ideas you can count on us.

8. Incorporate a workspace into your kid's room 

Children's bedroom idea by Norsu Home

(Image credit: Norsu Home)

Looking for girls' bedroom and nursery ideas for once they start school? As kids get older they are going to need a space to get homework done, or at least pretend to get homework done. Finding space to squeeze in a desk can be tricky in a smaller bedroom so look for neglected spaces that could be put to good use – alcoves are perfect for this – then install a small desk or even a shelf and you've got a work space. 

No alcove? No problem. A wall mounted drop down desk with a few wall shelves will create a mini workstation and won’t take up too much precious square footage.

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