Best Christmas tree toppers: 10 stylish ways to finish off your fir

Choose from this season's prettiest Christmas tree toppers for an impeccably finished festive look

Best Christmas tree toppers
(Image credit: Lights4Fun)

No Christmas tree is complete without a Christmas tree topper right? And we think maybe this year is the year to upgrade from the paper fairy one of your kids made in reception (surely now they are in their 20s they won't be hurt) and pick out a stylish new dec to sit a top your tree. 

What will it be this year? The classic star? A cute fairy? Or maybe something a bit more rogue (Priscilla the Poodle anyone?) We have covered all the best Christmas tree toppers right here so you don't have to trawl the internet to find one to suit your style. 

Oh and make sure you check out our Christmas tree decorating ideas too if your new topper deserves a whole new scheme...

1. Go for a minimalist take on the classic star

Best Christmas tree toppers

(Image credit: Garden Trading)

Let start with a classic shall we? If you are a traditionalist a star with always top your Christmas tree. There are so many out there to choose from but our favorite this year is from Garden Trading – it's simple, it's chic and it's a great price too. There is also an inky blue version if you want something a little more statement. 

Maddox Star Tree Topper | £10 on Garden Trading
This cotton paper star is lightweight and also comes in inky black too.

2. Or go for a literal take on a star tree topper

Star! Christmas Tree Topper by The Letter Loft

(Image credit: Not On The High Street)

How cute is this? A quirky take on a star topper, this is the perfect dec if you like to keep things fun with your Christmas tree decor. The Star! Christmas Tree Topper by The Letter Loft is available at Not On The High Street and you can actually personalise it to say whatever you like 'Merry' 'Bright' 'Wish' "2020sucks'?

Star! Word Christmas Tree Topper | £30 on Not on the High Street
Fun and minimalist, this tree topper comes in copper, gold, silver, black and white. You can also have it personalised with your choice of words.

3. Pick something quirky this year 

Best Christmas tree toppers

(Image credit: Anthroplogie)

Yes, this is the most extra Christmas tree topper we have ever seen and she's definitely an investment but who can resist Priscilla the poodle from Anthropologie? Kitschmas is back again this year and we think she would fit in perfectly if you like the quirky, retro look. Oh and Anthropologie even makes little matching Priscilla decorations!

Priscilla the Poodle Tree Topper | £42 on Anthropologie
Sure to become a favourite character in your home at Christmas, this wooly topper may not be conventional, but will certainly add personality to your tree.

4. Tie a bow on top of your tree

Best Christmas tree toppers

(Image credit: Wilko)

Simple, but so effective, tying a bow to the top of your tree adds an instant vintage charm. You can of course fashion one yourself but if you want it to look absolutely perfect, pick up one online. Amazon have loads of styles and they are all super affordable too. 

Shop bows from £0.94 on Amazon
Pick a colour and texture to suit your tree, or buy festive ribbon and make your own.

5. Adorn your tree with a crown 

Best Christmas tree toppers

(Image credit: Lights4fun)

Add a regal touch to your Christmas tree with this Light up Crown toppe from Lights4Fun. It's battery powered, so you don't have work out how you are going to trail a wire up there and it's all got a timer too so no reaching up at the risk of bringing the whole tree down to turn it on every night. We can so imagine this is a silver colour scheme and a snow dusty tree for an extra magical feel. 

Crown Light Up Tree Topper | £24.99 on Lights4Fun
This battery powered light up crown will add some royal glam to your decorating scheme.

6. Add drama with an oversized light up star 

Best Christmas tree toppers

(Image credit: Lights4fun)

This Christmas tree topper is sure to make a statement! This is the Osby star light from Lights4fun and rather than sitting precariously balanced on top of your tree, you actually hang it on the wall behind. These lights also look fab in your tree too mixed in with your decorations and fairy lights.

Osby Star Trio | £49.99 Lights4Fun
Not actually a topper, but you get a pack of three light up stars to use around the home.

7. Keep it Scandi with a straw tree topper

Amazon tree topper

(Image credit: Amazon)

Love Scandi Christmas decor? This simple straw star Christmas tree topper from Amazon would be right up your street. It's definitely more traditional Scandi that uber-chic Scandi but it would work with so many schemes and colours, check out the cute decs to match too if you want to go all out with the old fashioned Scandi vibe.

Heitmann Straw Tree Topper | £15.22 on Amazon
This is a great choice for a traditional scheme or modern country style. As it is affordable too, you could buy it to use as a base to add your own flourishes such as foraged items or glitter.

8. Upgrade your Christmas fairy 

John Lewis Christmas trend

(Image credit: John Lewis)

If you are big on traditional Christmas decor, a vintage style fairy will complete your look perfectly. Maybe you already have one that has regally topped your tree for decades but it's time for her to abdicate and give way to a new fairy who has all her limbs and doesn't sit lopsided on the tree. This Renaissance Fairy Tree Topper from John Lewis is sure to do your family proud and be a worthy replacement.

Renaissance Fairy Tree Topper | £20 on John Lewis
A classic fairy on the tree is a magical sight and this beautiful fairy offers a nice mix of trad appeal and modern style.

9. Mark your tree as yours with a personalised flag 

Best Christmas tree toppers

(Image credit: Not on the High Street )

Naww, how sweet! We can see this Personalised Pennant Flag Christmas Tree Topper from Not on the High Street becoming a tradition that brings joy year after year. The topper is handmade in the Cotswolds by Emma Giacalon from 100% cotton linen embroidered with red cotton thread and natural wool felt, you tie it to the tree with a gold cord – we will let you handle the arguments that will come with who gets to put this on top of the tree, maybe suggest you take it in turns?

Personalised Pennant Flag Christmas Tree Topper | £48 on Not on the High Street
This handmade topper adds the personal touch and would look fab with a woodland themed tree to channel some camping vibes.

10. Be a bit extra with a pink dried flower Christmas tree topper

Best Christmas tree toppers

(Image credit: Not on the High Street )

OMG! We know this won't be for everyone, but we think on the right tree, in the right home this Dried Flower Tree Topper from Not on the High Street could be amazing. Ooooh we can see in now, a deep blue living room, a kitschy decorated tree with all the coloured baubles and tastefully strung tinsel – dreamy, dreamy stuff.

Dried Flower Tree Topper | £35 on Not on the High Street
Handcrafted from dried micanthus grasses, this fab floral topper is perfect for Christmas but could be used around the home all year.

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