10 cabin decor ideas you can bring into your home even if you don't live in a cabin

Let these cabin decor ideas inspire a fall makeover, even if your home couldn't be further than a tiny house in the woods

Log cabin decor ideas
(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies)

Oh it's just the perfect time of year to be writing about cabin decor ideas, isn't it? Don't get us wrong we love a rustic cabin interior all year round, but fall and winter is where they come into their own. Open fires, sheepskin rugs, piles of logs – dreamy, dreamy stuff. And hey, even if your home isn't technically a cabin you can still get inspired to bring some of those cozy vibes into your home...

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1. No log burner? Fake a wood burner, instead

A cosy living space with fake log backdrop, sheepskin-covered footstool and second-hand furniture

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies)

A log burner and cabin vibes go hand in hand, but what if you aren't blessed with a glorious crackling fire in your home? Well if you've got a TV you've got a fire – Netflix even has a load of options to bring a 'fireplace' into your home. We like how in this new build log cabin they have taken it even further and surrounded their  'fire' with log effect fabric.

2. Keep your color scheme warm and inviting 

Traditional cabin-style decor is all about keeping things as warm and cozy as possible – low, glowing lights, lots of wooden textures and a warm color palette. Pick soft furnishings in deep oranges, mustards and work browns in there too. Greens can work really well also and add a pop of color amongst all those neutrals. 

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3. Or go for alternative cabin decor with lighter colors 

Cabin decor ideas by H&M

(Image credit: H&M)

And then there's the other side of cabin decor, the more minimalist, more light and airy look that's increased in popularity recently. This is a much easier trend to work into your home as it's a bit more liveable than the whole wood-clad walls and antlers hanging above the mantle (not that we don't love that look too). 

Copy this look by keeping your colors to a minimum – white and cream with touches of wood and greenery. Soften it up with plenty of pillows and rugs and add a wall of paneling, too. 

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3. Go freestanding in your kitchen for a cabin feel

A run down cabin in Ireland has been transformed into a stylish holiday home

(Image credit: Philip Lauterbach)

We love cabin kitchens – sure they are usually small but they have such a relaxed feel and are so practical too, making the most of all the space. The key to the look is the freestanding units, and this is a look to can create or add to your kitchen too. Have a look on eBay for vintage dressers, kitchen islands and butcher's blocks you can incorporate into your current space. Obviously, when it comes to kitchen decor just layer up the wooden chopping board, get your cutest crockery on display and you are pretty much there.

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4. Create reading nooks for cozy afternoons

Cabin decor ideas

(Image credit: Ikea)

Because there's always a cozy reading nook in a cabin, somewhere you can put up your feet, pick up a good book and usually look out over a gorgeous forest or a glistening lake. Maybe you won't have the country views but of course you can create a space in your home to curl up with a book – pick the comfiest chair and add plenty of cushions and throws. Make sure the lighting is soft too, enough to read by but nothing too glaring. 

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5. Layer up the textiles in your bedroom 

Cabin bedroom

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies)

Even if you don't have wood-paneled walls, you can bring rustic vibes into your bedroom. Bedding, comforters, pillows, the more layers the better to make your space as cozy as possible. Stick to a neutral color scheme too if you want it to be on the Scandi side of cabin decor rather than the more traditional look. 

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6. Switch up your bedroom lighting for a softer feel

And once you have your bedding sorted, look to your lighting. The lighting in cabins is also low, glowy and warm and you can easily recreate that in your home, something as simple as switching your light bulbs to something warmer or change a shade so it spreads light more softly, and if in doubt just string up the fairy lights. 

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7. Mix patterns and textures for a boho look

Cabin decor ideas

(Image credit: Ikea)

The boho trend seems to have taken over every element of interior design, and cabin decor is no exception. The cozy eclectic feel of boho works so well mixed with the rustic side of classic cabin interiors and it a really simple look to recreate too. As with most cabin decorating, it's all about the layering. Layer up different textures and patterns and pick out pieces that have a 'worn' look to give the space that very lived-in feel.

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8. Add plenty of faux fur

A  super easy cabin decorating idea that you can bring into your home right now is to throw down some fur. Where ever you put faux fur – over the sofa, at the end of a bed, on the floor – it will instantly add warmth and texture to the space. 

9. Switch your dining chairs for benches 

We've spent many a vacation evening perched on a bench, fire blazing, competitive game of Pictionary going – they are just synonymous with cozy, farmhouse style interiors. So switching out your dining chairs for a bench, or taking it even further and have a bench built into your space is such to bring in some of those cabin vibes. Plus you can add cushions that you change throughout the year to refresh the space. 

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10. Invest in new pieces of 'cabin' furniture

A rocking chair there, a leather sofa here, if you are fully invested in the cabin decor trend, pick out key pieces of furniture that create that cozy feel. Just make sure they have longevity too and will work if your tastes change. A classic rocking chair like the one in this gorgeous cabin is never going to go out of style and you can make it work with loads of different looks. 

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