Wood clad extension

Adding a full width single storey rear extension to this terraced house has created space for a light, airy, family-friendly kitchen-diner. The project cost £100,000.

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The design

A full-width single-storey rear extension to a terraced house

The budget


The brief

To create a light and airy, plus family-friendly, kitchen-diner

The rear of the house before and after the wood-clad extension was added

Jude Tugman of Architect Your Home explains how the brief was achieved:

‘The unattractive existing extension completely separated the house from the garden. The owner had small children and wanted a simple, open space that would be robust and practical with plenty of storage for their many toys.

‘Direct access to the garden was also a priority, so large folding-sliding doors were integrated into the rear walls, meaning that the outdoor space could become an extended playroom. The extension was clad with wood, which will fade to a lighter shade over time, to sympathetically define the new from the old when looking at the house from the garden.’