15 two storey extension design ideas

Use our selection of real two-storey extensions to inspire your own design project

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Adding a two storey extension to your house could be the perfect solution to adding some much needed space to your home. If you are considering moving to a new home, it is worth thinking about the transformative effect that an extension could have on your home. Adding two storeys is also more cost effective than adding one, so if you are planning an single storey addition, upgrading to two might be a great idea.

Take a look at this list of beautiful two storey extensions, from traditional oak framed farmhouse designs, to contemporary glass boxes.


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Arborita extension


Two storey glazed extension

Glazed extension by IQ Glass

Treehouse style two storey extension

Treehouse style extension by Atelier M


Inside-outside space

Inside outside extension by Riach Architects


Statement exterior

AR Design Studio

Brickwork contrast

Brickwork contrast extension by Lipton Plant architects


Glass box two storey design

Glass box extension by IQ Glass


Minimalist two storey extension


The design brief: Architect Your Home was chosen to design an extension in keeping with the streetscene for this house in Surrey. The owners wanted a modern style with white rendered walls and sliding doors. Built in place of the garage, the extension creates a home office, utility and large kitchen that opens out onto the dining room and garden. Upstairs, two new bedrooms were created.

Minimalist extension by Architect your Home

The cost: In total, this project cost around £156,000.


Eco-friendly scheme

Eco friendly extension by Samuel Kendall Associates


Two storey Atrium extension


The design brief: To connect the two distinct areas of their Swansea home, the owners commissioned an extension in the form of a glass atrium from Apropos. The stunning double-height design mirrors the roof pitch of the main building sections, to bridge the two wings of the house. The light-filled space is used as an entrance hall and quiet living area that allows the garden to be enjoyed all year.

Atrium extension from Apropos

The cost: A similar structure would cost around £150,000 for design, planning permission, materials, manufacturing and installation.


Classic garden room


The design brief: A desire for more living space led the owners of this Bristol property to contact Vale Garden Houses, which created an extension that adds a garden room off the existing downstairs living space and an enlarged kitchen-diner above; a roof lantern ensures the room is filled with natural light. Local stone was sourced to match the main building, with traditional timber used for the frame, incorporating decorative mouldings and classical columns. Sliding sash windows ensure continuity with the existing house.

Garden room extension by Vale Garden Houses


Metallic finish

Metallic finish extension by Des Ewing Residential Architects


Slimline two storey extension

Slimline extension by Waind Gohil


Complete two storey makeover

Sculptural timber

Sculptural timber extension by Paul Archer Design