Boutique hotel inspired en suite

Keen to re-create the feel of a boutique hotel, Pavita and Steven Cooper included lighting effects in their new relaxing bathroom space

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‘We had been looking to move for some time, but large family homes with character are hard to come by in this part of London,’ says Pavita. ‘This house was just what we were looking for, so when we spotted it on the market, we put in an offer straight away. That was back in 2011, and we have been refurbishing it floor by floor since then.’

Pavita and her husband Steven are gradually working their way through the sprawling five-storey house, which has two separate staircases, combining original features with up-to-date styling to create a modern family home with a nod to its Victorian roots. The basement kitchen was the first major room in the house to be renovated, with rustic-style cabinetry swapped for a streamlined bespoke design. ‘Everything in the house had been done to a very high standard by the previous owners, but nothing was to our taste,’ Pavita explains. ‘Both Steven and I have demanding jobs, and with two small boys as well, even making the decisions for the project took up a lot of our time. In a way that was a positive thing, though, as nothing has been rushed.’

As the house renovation project progressed, the family bathroom on the second floor, near the boys’ bedrooms, was refurbished with a fun pirate theme. So, when it came to renovating the master en suite, Pavita and Steven felt that they could really go to town with a sophisticated, grown-up scheme.

Fact file

  • The owners: Pavita Cooper, a business leadership and talent consultant, and her husband Steven, who works in retail banking, lives here with their children Josh, seven, and Eshaan, three
  • The property: A seven-bedroom Victorian semi-detached house
  • The location: Chiswick, west London
  • What they spent: The couple’s en suite bathroom project cost around £32,000

The master en suite

Work on the third-floor en suite took place during the reconfiguration and redecoration of the whole floor. Across the hallway, a bathroom was ripped out and the space combined with an adjacent small bedroom to make one large dressing room. The original master en suite was reached through a small dressing area and, while it had been decorated to a high standard, the look was dated and over-fussy, with a small, cramped shower cubicle.

No longer needing the old dressing area, the couple decided to open up the space to create a larger, luxurious en suite. They asked Ian Richards from Ukrenovations, who was recommended by their kitchen designer, to work with them on the project. ‘Ian had already done some building work in the house, so he knew us and how we live,’ Pavita explains. ‘We talked through our ideas with him and he was able to help us with the practical side of things, such as the layout and requirements for the shower and steam room.’

 MG 2944

A plinth elevates the statement bath and helps to make the focal point of the new space

Fixtures and fittings

Sharing similar tastes, Pavita and Steven wanted a calming, high-end scheme that flowed naturally from their bedroom. Both in professional positions, they travel a lot for work, so their home life is especially important to them and they felt they could justify splashing out on a top-of-the-range bathroom with luxurious fixtures and fittings. They considered investing in a steam cabin, but felt that it would look bulky in the space. Ian designed the large, bespoke walk-in chromatherapy shower and steam facility instead. ‘Steven loves it; he has an app on his phone to set the shower running to the right temperature as he gets out of bed in the morning,’ says Pavita. ‘He gets up extremely early to go to work in the city and, for him, it’s the perfect way to start the day.’

At the top of Pavita’s wishlist was a stunning freestanding bath, and she spent time choosing the perfect design for the space. ‘It looks amazing, but it took six men two hours to bring it up the curved staircase,’ Ian recalls. ‘Its fluid, curvy shape meant there was nothing to hold on to.’

 MG 3058

LED lighting has been built into the plinth by Ukrenovations and highlights the Ovale bath by Stonekast. Fibre-optic lights built into the ceiling above provide a soothing night-time glow

Lighting the bathroom

Pavita also asked Ian to install fibre-optic lights in the ceiling above, inspired by a feature she had seen in a luxury hotel. ‘It was a decadent choice as they took an electrician a week to fit, but they are stunning at night; when you lie in the bath it looks as if you are gazing at the stars,’ she says. ‘We spent quite a bit of our budget on getting the lighting just right. Ian also installed LEDs in the floor so we can turn off the main lights and enjoy a relaxed, harmonious atmosphere.’

The layout of the whole floor is designed to look like a hotel suite, and the en suite décor echoes the style of the bedroom with its sophisticated grey palette, stylish mirrored furniture and glass lighting and accessories. Shimmering mosaics around the shower contrast with the large-format tiles. For the door, Pavita wanted a contemporary style, and Ian sourced a sandblasted glass design. ‘We didn’t want blinds, but as the bathroom is overlooked, he replaced the bottom window panes with opaque glass for privacy. The door is perfect with them.’

Little touches create a luxurious boutique feel, with tilted lighting strips on the mirror cabinets, and a waterproof TV. ‘The space is designed as a child-free zone,’ says Pavita. ‘The boys can use the shower as a treat, but at other times it’s our piece of heaven away from the hustle and bustle of life.’

The costs

Shower/steam componants£11,000
Fixtures and fittings£9,648
Bath and floorstanding tap£5,663