12 Walmart organization products that'll help you finally declutter your small space

A pick-me-up for you and your teeny home

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As a *proud* renter of a shared apartment with an arguably tiny bedroom, I know how easy it can be for a small space to look messy, even when it doesn't have too many things in it. With only one storage closet between three (yup) roommates, keeping our clutter to a minimum is a must. But, as I'm sure Marie Kondo would agree, we can't get rid of items that spark joy just because there's no room to store them.

Enter: 12 Walmart organization products that actually work for small spaces. If you're in a studio with nowhere to hang your growing coat collection, a collapsable clothes rack is essential, and if your bathroom is a bit of a hot mess, stackable storage containers will help you achieve your clean girl aesthetic goals — literally. 

The best part? You can pick up all of these small-space storage finds for cheap. For as little as $5 you can keep your tiny apartment organized, so you can de-mess and de-stress. You're welcome. 


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Walmart organization products for bathroom

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Whether you share a bathroom, live in a one-bed, or have an en suite, bathrooms can be pretty small. But if you're like me (and probably most girls and guys in their 20s) you've got an abundance of toiletries, makeup, and smellies you just can't live without. And that's not even including the bazillion face masks and skincare samples you've been stockpiling. Before you get overwhelmed, you can rely on these practical but pretty bathroom organizers to get your countertop clutter in order. 


My roommates and I have one shelf each in the refrigerator and share only a few pantry cupboards. While the kitchen itself is quite spacious, we all have our own pots, pans, plates, and other gadgets. So making sure we organize these cleverly is key. Small kitchen storage solutions like cabinet dividers and stackable containers have allowed us to maximize space without spending a lot. Plus, it looks sooo satisfying. 


Walmart organization products for bedroom

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"Tidy room, tidy mind" is my mantra. And if there's one hack I'd suggest for a chill room that leads to a good night's sleep, it's making sure you don't go to bed in a messy room. But I also know if you live with others or have a studio, then your bedroom is probably home to pretty much all your belongings. That's why bedroom storage is an absolute essential. The stackable drawers below from Walmart are a must-have in my eyes. You can hide all of your (organized) clutter and add or remove them as you go. 

Small space storage for cleaning supplies 

Cleaning supplies are a household essential but they get out of hand so easily. There are bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen sprays, laundry detergents, air fresheners, anti-bacterial wipes, scrubbers, and squeegees. The list goes on. So where are you expected to keep them all? There's only so much you can stuff under the kitchen sink, right? Wrong. Walmart has an amazing under-the-sink storage unit that will totally change the way you organize your cleaning collection.

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