Shoppers can't get enough of these Walmart closet organizers, especially for small spaces

Marie Kondo, eat ya heart out

2 x Walmart closet organizers, one a vertical hanging organizer for shoes, caps, purses and more, the other a hanging cube organizer with four shelves and a rod at the bottom
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People often ask me, "Do you really need to keep that crop top from 10th grade that you haven't worn in 10 years?" Ok, so my mom's the only person that's ever asked me that question, but my answer still stands. Yes, yes I do need it. And I will need it FOREVER. No matter how tiny my closet is (and how many other clothes I own). What I do need, though, is a closet organizer.

Of course, my clothes-collecting tendencies do pose a bit of a problem when it comes to my closet. It’s NEVER organized and is constantly messy. That's something I'd like to change, so I'm virtually making my way over to shop Walmart's organizers, which are some of the best out there for organizing your closet (and other spaces).

All of the Walmart closet organizers I've featured below have been rated four stars or above by cool people just like you and me. And it doesn’t matter if you have a tiny closet or an annoying landlord that won’t let you make changes to your rental — these best-selling closet organizers will work anywhere.

The best Walmart closet organizers, rated by shoppers

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Before I start recommending products, I spoke with space-saving expert Jonathan Clark who is Creative Director at Shelved. I asked him exactly how we should be organizing our closets. “Shelving is great for displaying your most-loved items," he says. "Popular in walk-in wardrobes, shelves allow you to store handbags and shoes in a neat and tidy way — great for those who need a bit of inspiration in the morning and like to grab items they can easily see.” Before you ask, you can totally get renter-friendly closet shelves if you can't (or don't want to) drill holes.

Clark also notes the importance of making the most of your closet space. "Look to add specific organizers which are often tailored to a certain product," he says. "These helpful solutions work with what you already have to increase its storage potential." So, if you're obsessed with buying purses, find yourself a dedicated purse organizer. The same goes for shoes, hats, sweaters... you name it.

Let's get to it. These nine Walmart closet organizers are the best that you can buy.

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