These are 9 of the best shower caddies you srsly need in your bathroom

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My dream has always been to have a giant bathroom with a humungous walk-in shower and nifty li’l shower seat. You know, so I can sit down in the water and pretend I’m in an emotional Britney Spears music video circa 2005. ATM I’m dealing with the tiniest bathroom in existence. And while it’s small, it’s one huge mess. There are shampoo bottles all over my countertop, towels on the floor, razors are thrown around the shower cubicle (I know that’s dangerous, don’t @ me) and things EVERYWHERE. 

There’s just not enough space in my tiny little bathroom to keep everything organized, and my life has been this way ever since college. I filled my dorm room desk with my soaps and scrubs and left zero space for my schoolbooks. Little did I know back then that a shower caddy could have solved all of my problems? But what’s even worse is that I’ve only *just* realized how much I needed a shower caddy in my life. And I’m supposed to be an adult…

Never fear, tho! As I’m such a nice person I’m willing to share my shower caddy secrets with you, as I don’t want you to feel the way I’ve felt for the past five years. You can keep your dorm room organized and sort out your bathroom with one of the nine shower caddies in this list — and I bet you $5 you’ll fall in love with yours within 24 hours of using it. And you don’t have to worry about your landlord keeping your security deposit either. Every single one of the shower caddies on this list is renter friendly! 

9 of the best shower caddies to keep things tidy in your bathroom

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To get a little more info on shower caddies, I decided to reach out to cleaning and organization expert Laura Mountford - AKA @lauracleanaholic. She told me “A good shower caddy needs to be able to hold your essential body wash products and be able to be cleaned as easily as possible.” 

In terms of the best material for a shower caddy, Laura explained that they can be “plastic or metal, but the most important thing is that they attach to the wall securely so that they don’t fall down especially when it is damp and steamy.” And while it’s not always possible for renters to screw a shower caddy into the wall, there are so many shower caddies out there that have suckers or offer a secure over-the-shower system. And in Laura’s eyes, these options are perfect as “they need to be easily removable for cleaning as they do tend to get dirty with soap scum and limescale.” So, there you have it! Let's get to it.

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Corner shower caddies

I’m the no.1 member of the corner shelf club, and I don’t care who knows it! That’s because corners are often dead space… but they can be super handy if you just know how to make use of that dead space. Designed to take up as little space as possible while also offering a huge amount of storage space, corner shower caddies offer the best of both worlds. Plus, by shoving your shower products in the corner, you can keep them all in one handy place. 

Hanging shower caddies

Most people assume that they need a cabinet or a permanent shower shelf in their small bathroom, but that’s not the case at all. Shower caddies are a pretty neat alternative, but it’s important to focus on the keyword here… yep, shower! If you’re seriously low on shower space, a hanging shower caddy could seriously save the day. These things hang over the shower system (or even the shower screen) you have in place, meaning you don’t have to take up any precious wall space or nail anything to a wall. They can just hang there, no drama.

Portable shower caddies

Whether you’re someone who travels for work or whether you live in a dorm and have to head to the communal showers every day, you NEED a portable shower caddy. These caddies are designed to be picked up and transported wherever you need them, whilst keeping all of your goodies safe. You don’t have to worry about sticking anything to a wall or hanging it in a shower. You just have to pick it up, plonk it down, and voila. It really is as easy as that. 

How we chose these shower caddies

A lot of the products in this guide will be featured elsewhere on our site, and that’s because we only recommend products that we really love. We base all of our decisions on the affordability of the product, and the online reviews from customers like you. So, every shower caddy on this list has high customer ratings — we never feature anything under four stars — for your peace of mind. We also split this guide into three sections, all of which are the most popular types of shower caddies searched for by people just like you.

Where to buy a shower caddy?

Find the perfect shower caddy to organize your small bathroom by visiting some of our favorite retailers, as listed below.

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