Henry vacuum: the 5 best models to buy

Find the best Henry vacuum cleaner to suit your home and its inhabitants with our guide

Henry vacuum HVB160 cordless: in use in living room
(Image credit: Numatic)

The Henry vacuum can claim worldwide recognition – and we’re not sure there’s another vacuum cleaner out there that can compete with it. Its reputation is well-deserved: Numatic vacuum cleaners aren't just well-priced, they're incredibly durable and reliable, plus they're powerful, too. 

There isn’t just a single cute Henry; there’s actually a small crowd to select from. Don’t get stuck over your choice, though. With our expert advice you can find the best Henry vacuum for your home and, of course, the best deal on them right now.

Get in the know about all the best upright, cylinder and cordless vacuums on the market with our guide to the best vacuum cleaners.

What is the best Henry vacuum?

Henry HVR200-11 vacuum cleaner

(Image credit: Numatic)

1. Henry HVR200-11 vacuum cleaner

The best Henry vacuum

Container capacity: 9 ltr
Weight: 8kg
Dimensions: H370 x W340 x D360mm
Reasons to buy
+Very long cable+Large capacity+Easy to store+High suction power – great with pet hair+Robust+Not too loud

The Henry HVR200-11 vacuum cleaner is one of our favourite vacs ever (editor in chief of RealHomes.com is a dedicated fan. 'I'm on my third,' she says. 'We've used and abused it through three house renovations and my other half even uses it to vacuum the patio (don't ask). It refuses to die – or dip in performance.'

Best features?
Cordless vac fans, you might be persuaded to try a cleaner with a cable when you see this machine has 10m to take you everywhere you want to vacuum. A 9 ltr container capacity could also be influential. The vac comes with a full set of accessories to tackle skirting boards, high up dusting, upholstery and stairs.

The verdicts
This machine made our cut of the best vacuum cleaners. We were won over by its reliability and power on both carpet and hard floors. Easy storage, and simple set up also made it one of the machines we recommend. We also found it easy to fit the bags.

On Amazon, this Henry vac achieves a creditable 4.6 out of five stars. Shoppers rate ease of use, durability and suction power highly. Reviewers have become devotees, saying they won’t go back to another brand. They also note the machine’s low noise and ability to pick up pet hair.

At Cleanstore, shoppers also rate the vac’s efficiency in cleaning up fur, as well as dust and dirt. They also note the usefulness of the attachments and the robustness of the machine. Its quietness is also remarked on.

Henry Allergy HVA160 vacuum cleaner

(Image credit: Numatic)

2. Henry Allergy HVA160 vacuum cleaner

The best Henry vacuum for pet hair

Capacity: 6ltr
Weight: 7.7kg
Dimensions: H350 x W320 x D340mm
Reasons to buy
+HEPA filter+British Allergy Foundation approved+Special hard floor tool+On-board tool storage+Easy to clean and store+Long 10m cable

The Henry Allergy HVA160 vacuum cleaner is our pick of the best Henry vacuums if you have a moulting pet. Find our more below.

Best features?
This Henry vac has a HEPA filter to trap common allergens such as pollen, pet dander and dust mites. The three-stage filtration system stops them escaping from the machine, and it’s approved by the British Allergy Foundation. The HepaFlo bags also have a self-seal tab, keeping dust in when the machine’s emptied. The cleaner comes with a combi floor head – put brushes down for hard floors, and lift them for carpet – but there’s also a special hard floor tool.

The verdicts
If you – or someone you share your home with – has dust-related allergies (and apparently that’s a whopping one in three of us) we recommend considering this vac. The 6 litre capacity of the machine also gets high marks from us, as does on-board tool storage.

Although there aren’t many reviewers on the Numatic site, those that bought this vacuum cleaner there are delighted with their purchase and award the full five stars. The light weight and ease of changing dust bags are mentioned, as is the cleaner’s power.

Those who bought this vac on Amazon gave an average score of 4.6 out of five stars. Both value for money and suction power achieved five-star ratings when the verdicts were tallied by feature. Users gave the thumbs-up to the machine’s dust collection capacity, the long cable that helps with stair cleaning and manoeuvrability, and the effective pick up.

Henry HVB160 cordless vacuum cleaner

(Image credit: Numatic)

3. Henry HVB160 cordless vacuum cleaner

Best Henry cordless vacuum

Container capacity: 6 ltr
Weight: 6.4kg
Dimensions: H320 x W320 x D340mm
Charge time: 3.5 hrs
Running time: Up to 30 mins (one battery); up to 60 mins (two batteries)
Bagged or bagless?: Bagged
Reasons to buy
+Cordless+On-board tool kit+Powerful
Reasons to avoid
-Can only run for up to 30 minutes before needing to be recharged

Love a Henry but want to go cordless? The Henry HVB160 cordless vacuum cleaner is well worth a look.

Best features?
Henry fans who want to go cordless, this has your name on it. You don’t have to turn your back on that smiling face, but you can bid farewell to plugging in. The battery charges in a station, so you won’t be tripping over the machine as it powers up. Dust capacity is still generous at 6 ltr, however, so frequent emptying will not be your fate. There’s an on-board tool kit with all the attachments your home requires, too.

The verdicts
We’re impressed by this cordless number. Choose one or two battery packs to suit the length of your cleaning stints. As with his plug-in mates, this Henry will clean up carpets and hard flooring, sort out the stairs, clean the car (but, unlike the other Henry models, wire-free), and be unfazed by vacuuming up after DIY. 

Amazon buyers gave the cordless Henry vacuum cleaner an overall 4.1 out of five stars. Reviewers scored the machine’s ease of assembly, versatility and durability highly. Users were pleased with its suction power, and the dirt capacity compared to cordless competitors. The two battery option was appreciated by some, so that a battery is always ready.

Those who bought this cordless vac from Argos awarded an average of 4.6 out of five stars with quality, ease of use and design all getting high scores. Positives included that it had a good length of hose and choice of tools, the light weight, and that swapping batteries was easy.

 Henry HVR160 vacuum cleaner

(Image credit: Numatic)

4. Henry HVR160 vacuum cleaner

Best compact Henry vacuum

Container capacity: 6 ltr
Weight: 7.5kg
Dimensions: H345 x W320 x D340mm
Reasons to buy
+Compact+Long cable+Tools on-board+Bagged for easier emptying

If you live in a small home or lack storage space, the compact Henry HVR160 vacuum cleaner is a good buy.

Best features?
This is a compact take on the Henry 200 with the same features in a smaller machine. It’ll still allow you far from the wall socket with 10m of cable, and filling the vacuum bags should take a while with a 6 ltr capacity. There’s also a full set of tools on board. The combi floor tool gives great results whether you’re cleaning carpets or hard floors.

The verdicts
If you live in a small house or flat – or a bigger place but storage is in short supply – we think this is the Henry for you. It’ll pick up dust and debris efficiently, and you can vacuum your home and your car. Disposing of sealed bags in the bin means no puff of dust, and it’s easy to move around and carry, too. 

Customers on Numatic’s own site gave this model a five-star rating. Users found the compact machine easier to carry round than a previous model and liked the suction power. 

The verdict of Amazon shoppers on this neat number? An overall 4.7 out of five stars. Suction power, stair cleaning, and picking up hair all got great scores. The vac’s users found the pick-up power was incredible, and appreciated the fact that it had easy to empty bags rather than fiddly filters. It was also acclaimed as awesome on both carpet and hard floors.

Henry HVR240 vacuum cleaner

(Image credit: Numatic)

5. Henry HVR240 vacuum cleaner

Best Henry vacuum for family-sized mess

Container capacity: : 9 ltr
Weight: 9kg
Dimensions: H415 x W360 x D370mm
Reasons to buy
+Large capacity+Long cable+Tools on-board+Great value+Powerful
Reasons to avoid
-Heaviest on our list

The Henry HVR240 vacuum cleaner is a powerful, highly rated model that gives our number one choice a run for its money. The downside? It's a little heavier.

Best features?
A 9 ltr capacity ensures your time will be spent cleaning rather than emptying this machine. Like other corded Henry models, this has a generous 10m cable that lets you keep going rather than switching sockets. Tools are on board, too, so there’s no need to go back to the cupboard to get what you need for every job.

The verdicts
Big home, messy occupants, want to save time? This is the Henry model to go for in our opinion. Its design features will keep you cleaning without pause, and it’ll cope admirably with all the dust, debris and fur you need to remove from your home or car.

At Cleanstore, this vacuum cleaner’s users awarded five stars, admiring its ease of use, reliability and value for money. Buyers were happy with its powerful suction, the set of tools that come with it,  and liked the results it gets on both hard floors and carpet. 

This model was also a hit on Machine Mart with a five star rating. It was celebrated as a fantastic cleaner with great power.

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