Shoppers have crowned these Amazon closet organizers with so many five-star ratings, and I'm a li'l bit obsessed

Re-organizing in spring? Groundbreaking.

2 types of Amazon closet organizers, one a hanger for purses and caps, the other foldable baskets for clothes
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I’m a simple gal. I don’t need designer clothes or fancy diamonds to make me happy. Although, if you are willing to buy those things for me, my number is… just kidding. That being said, I do love clothes. I have a lot of them in my closet, but not a lot of floor space (or rail space) to work with ATM. Which is why I am on the hunt for a closet organizer. And what better place to shop than Amazon?

I'll be honest: until recently, my thrifted pieces and bargain buys were all shoved into my tiny closet of doom, and upon opening, I was greeted with a tsunami of polyester every time. This is when I realized I had to look into some kind of closet organization that would allow me to fold, hang, and store all of my goodies without causing any permanent damage or holes in my rental. And thanks to my totally normal-and-not-worrying TikTok obsession, I found myself checking out the organizational products on Amazon.

These closet organizers on Amazon are hands-down some of the best I’ve seen, and it’s no wonder they're the highest-rated on the site. Yes, the nine closet organizers below are the best-rated all across Amazon — shoppers love them and we do, too.

The best Amazon closet organizers, rated by shoppers

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Before we get into it, I wanted to make sure that the closet organizers I recommend are not only highly rated by shoppers, but that they'll actually help you save space (and time). So, I asked Mimi Bogelund (the brains behind The Organised Home & Life and The Spark Joy Collective) who explained "each closet is different, so aim for a layout that makes sense to you."

When it comes to organizing she says to "be prepared to adjust and make a few changes, it’s hard to get it right the first time." So, before you start buying, look inside your closet and see what items you have the most of — maybe it's purses or you have so many pairs of pants? 

She also notes that you should "take inspiration from dreamy Instagram closets and just steal techniques and ideas" but the most important thing she says is to enjoy it. 

So, here are nine Amazon closet organizers you need in your space.

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