12 small closet ideas that'll help you finally organize your wardrobe

No more clothes on the floor

bright designer shoes in row on closet shelf
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Do you have all the right outfits but no chance of having a closet the size of Carrie Bradshaw's? That's fine. Here at RH, we're all about making the most of small spaces, and with the right organizational advice and storage solutions, you can make the most of what you're working with.

Feeling a tad skeptical? In order to help you find the closet organization ideas that work best for your space, we spoke to a handful of organization and decluttering professionals to get their best tips and ideas on staying organized in even the tiniest spaces.

1. Utilize the door back

Closet with shoes on shelves and bag rack on door back

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Your door can do so much more! As demonstrated here in this chic DIY closet idea by Diya at @diya.diys, install a rack on the inside of your closet door and proudly display your designer purses for grab-and-go ease. And just to add, we absolutely LOVE the graphic paint idea. It creates the ultimate backdrop for strappy shoes and transforms a snug functional space into an unexpected destination.

"The @closetmaid door organizer literally changed the game," notes Diya. "It made organizing my bags so easy!"

2. Color coordinate your wardrobe (and walls)

Color coordinated wardrobe detail with cheerful floral wallpaper

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"No matter the size of your closet, keeping it color-coordinated saves you time and energy," says Tanya Benzaquen, wardrobe organizer and style coach, Restyle Redhead.

And what does every fashionista do for the ultimate finishing flourish? "Wallpapering your closet with a bright fun print is always a great way to update your space. I love using peel-and-stick removable wallpaper — it's inexpensive and you don't have to commit to just one print."

3. Dazzle with a shoe wall

Closet with rails and central shelving unit with chic shoe display

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Bring the retail therapy vibes home and transform your closet into an experiential situation that gets you excited to pick out your #OOTD. Think clean, organized, and pretty. Utilize open shelving to curate an "exhibition" of shoes and bags. 

Talking of the above, professional organizer Alia of The Styled Storiessays, "We went for a cool, edgy princess vibe. and it’s exactly what my client is!"

4. Create a closet nook

Angled roof closet nook with handbags on freestanding rail, shoes neatly arranged in shelving unit, and stacked storage boxes.

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Do you have a loft apartment? Are random angles proving to be more dilemma than a design dream? Don't sweat it. Just like this amazing boutique-style closet by professional organizer Jeanette of @neatlyembellished, you too can create your very own couture cubby — it's all about nailing the right storage combos to nestle into every spare inch. 

A transportable and height-adjusting clothes rail is ideal for hanging anything, including garments, bags, jewelry, and accessories. The tiered, open-shelving unit utilizes vertical space, providing an optimum nesting spot for neatly arranged shoes, and stacked, clear boxes in varying sizes are a versatile game-changer for under the angled ceiling.

"Pairing new and existing products helped us save money and create the space of my client's dreams," says Jeanette. "She now has access to everything at all times. No more digging or throwing things in and quickly shutting the door. She now has her very own luxury hideaway!"

Feminine closet idea with pink accents and gallery wall of small, gold framed couture prints

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Let your small closet inspire creativity. Visualize next season's capsule wardrobe with a gallery wall of themed prints, colors, and patterns. Simply switch up your "concept board" as mood or trends dictate. 

6. Embrace your style and fully declutter

Organized closet with folded jumpers in stacked, clear boxes, and hairbands on hanger

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Have an honest closet overhaul and get only hold on to items that you adore and can't live without. "Keeping what makes you feel good is SO important," says Marie Jackson, professional home organizer of @organizedmarie. "We’ve all experienced wearing something that didn’t make us feel good or we’ve held onto for years trying to fit into it, neither one of those experiences helps our confidence and putting our best self out there."

We love Marie's idea of stacking clear acrylic boxes for compartmentalizing items while keeping them viewable. And those headband stands are a perfect finishing touch.

7. Switch your wardrobe over each season

Summer wardrobe featuring colorful brights and patterns on hanging rail in closet

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If you're working with a small closet in an apartment bedroom, every inch counts. Ramming every piece of item you own into such a small space might be possible, but do you really want to be having a war with your closet every morning? It's so easy to forget what you have already if it's not within reach.  

With this in mind, action a seasonal swap and stash any irrelevant items in vacuum-packed bags under your sofa or bed. Come every new season, it'll be like discovering a whole new wardrobe all over again, saving the expense of investing in too many new pieces. 

If you're feeling inspired to get your entire small bedroom in order, check out how the pros approach small space organization for unbelievable results.

8. Utilize a spare nook as a closet

Living in an apartment with a quirky layout? Despite how a space is listed, you might be surprised to find what you end up with. (I'm apparently in a two-bedroom backyard apartment, but I've reconfigured it to a space-maximized one-bedroom with a now-spacious lounge). Perhaps that guest bedroom that's more like a box would serve better as a small walk-in closet.

Cyn of @hotpinkpineapplestransformed her second kitchen into a gorgeously cozy closet, utilizing the built-in cupboard and shelves for her eye candy collection of shoes, bags, and other accessories.

9. Organize clothes by category

Margaret of @goshasblog advises that less is more when it comes to your wardrobe. "I arrange my clothes thematically: shirts to shirts, dresses to dresses, etc — life is so much easier and more efficient when you can make a speedy decision every day instead of rifling through a rack of disorderly garments."

Modular closet systems are a versatile bedroom storage idea for renters that need flexible solutions to cater to evolving needs and spaces. 

10. Consider multi-use hangers

Macrame boho hat hanger

(Image credit: LilCreationsHandmade at Etsy)

It's all about the accessories to nail the ultimate outfit. We love a good purse, scarf, or hat, but how do you keep everything organize? According to Williams, there are multi-tiered hangers for everything, which massively increases the hanging area in a small closet. 

“There are dividers which clip onto closet shelves, giving you just a little more control for items like shawls,” says Williams. “Hanging pockets for shoes can also be used for anything from gloves and scarves to bags and belts.”

Take a peek at our edit of six products renters swear by for an organized space and get your apartment storage-savvy in minutes.

11. Let your clothes do the talking

Colorful clothes hanging in open closet

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"Use velvet hangers to save space and fit more clothes on the rail," advises Molly Turner Knox, interior decorator, @mollyknox.  "Use baskets or straw bags on the shelves for extra storage and add something decorative to it as well for a fashion show feature that wows!"

12. Focus on what you wear most

Colorful shoe brights neatly lined-up on shelves below hanging garments

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Invest in the best closet organizers for your most prominent articles of clothing. For example, if you have lots of shoes, buy a shoe rack. If you wear a ton of pants and skirts, get a pants hanger rack. If you like to plan your outfits in advance, you could even consider picking up a separate garment rack for displaying your week’s worth of outfits. As @julielyck_proves, having everything neat and organized in one space makes it easy to see all your lovely clothes and choose your outfit.

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