We’re finalising our interior schemes

In recent weeks, the living room at my parents’ house – where we’re staying during our house renovation – is starting to resemble ?a decorating shop rather than a living space. As all the fabric, wallpaper and paint samples I keep ordering arrive on an almost daily basis, my husband Lee is becoming increasingly exasperated with each new delivery. Just as he thinks we’ve chosen the colour scheme? for one room, I’m won over by a different wallpaper sample and start thinking about changing the whole look. I guess it’s one of the consequences of working for a homes magazine – you’re constantly reading about new collections, so making a decision about what to have in your home can be difficult, ?to say the least. Throw into the mix the fact that I’m the world’s least decisive person, and I can understand my husband’s frustration.

If we ever want to move into our house, however, decisions have to be made. With that in mind, I promised Lee that I’d be more decisive, and between us we’ve managed to finalise the wallpapers for most of the rooms (see below). We both love the great outdoors, so most of the designs we’ve chosen have ?a leaf or nature-inspired motif. Now, we ?can get on with choosing the paint colours to match. We’d only recently decorated our last home when we moved, so I’m keen to use some of the same colours in our new home, as I was really happy with the finished look there. Plus, knowing how many tester pots ?I normally get through, by opting for some of the same shades I’m hoping it will save ?us both time and money!












Above (from left): Dandelion clocks wallpaper in gold/mauve, £39 per roll, Sanderson. Pebble Leaf wallpaper in Tusk, £59.95 per roll, Missprint

Before we can hang any of the wallpaper, there’s plenty of painting to be getting on with. After a few days of decorating, we’ve fallen into a system that seems to work for us. Lee paints all the ceilings (he’s definitely got the raw end of the deal there!), I do all the walls and he then does the cutting-in. My ever-reliable family has also been on hand to help again, with my parents and two brothers lending a hand with painting, sanding down woodwork and doors and general odd jobs. The list of favours we’ve got to repay once this project is finished is getting longer by the day.












Above (from left): What a Hoot wallpaper, £30 per roll, Harlequin. Athyrium wallpaper in 110212, £32 per roll, Scion

We’re also close to finalising our flooring choices, and the kitchen and bathroom will soon be fitted, too. Although exhausted, the excitement of seeing our house gradually come together is all the motivation we need to keep going.