The end of our project is in sight

There comes a time in your life when you have to face the facts that there are some things you’ll never be good at, no matter how hard you try. While I already know that any sort of singing, completing crosswords and long-distance running are on my ‘can’t do’ list, the last few weeks finishing the house renovation have given me one more to add to the collection: building flatplack furniture.

Faced with a 20-page booklet filled with what appear to me to be indecipherable diagrams, my brain goes into panic mode. With bookcases, chests of drawers and wardrobes to build, however, I’ve had to take a deep breath and get on with it ?– or more to the point, sit there while my husband works it out and then help when required. Building the sliding door system for our wardrobes, however, was enough to test even his patience.

Above: Trying to get to grips with building a chair for our daughter’s bedroom

In addition to many late nights spent building furniture, we’ve also been racing to finish painting the woodwork so the last of the flooring can be fitted. As well as skirting boards and door frames, we’ve had the staircase and spindles to complete, plus internal doors, all of which had been sanded and primed for their final coats. Although the end of our renovation project is now fast approaching, tensions have been running high. Exhausted by evenings and weekends spent working on the house, both mine and Lee’s enthusiasm for the project has been flagging. Normal discussions about our project quickly escalate into massive arguments – for example a minor disagreement about ?the placement of the tap in the downstairs cloakroom turned into a full-on shouting match! Ridiculous now we look back on it, but deadly serious to us both at the time.

With the painting finished, the wood flooring was delivered so that it could acclimatise to the moisture levels in our house before being fitted a few days later. Visiting the house the day all the flooring had been laid, the space felt transformed. No longer an empty, echoey space, it suddenly felt warm and inviting. It was therefore with great excitement that we collected the majority of our furniture and belongings from the storage facility (I’d forgotten we had so much stuff!), so that we can start unpacking everything. With our moving-in date now imminent, I can’t wait to finally sit back, relax and enjoy our new family home.

Above: Collecting all our belongings from the storage facility