Stockpiling the scaffolding and downsizing belongings

Zoë discusses storing your possessions during your project

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Meet the owner: Zoë Sheridan-Wasey

Zoë is a former marketing manager for a popular stove and fireplace manufacturer, a career she enjoyed for ten years while simultaneously undertaking five renovation projects. She has always loved home renovating and interior design, but this is by far her largest project to date: renovating, rebuilding and extending a large family home on her dream acre plot in Devon. This time, two small sons are competing with the build for her attention, while her completion date is looming…

Follow her blog over the coming months as she charts the highs and lows of the build.

Believe it or not, there’s a house somewhere behind all that scaffolding! With our builders off on a couple of weeks’ well-deserved holiday, it’s been eerily quiet at the house recently – well, as quiet as it gets with two small boys running around.

The builders’ holidays have been timed so that the roof joists on both of the new sides of the house are ready and in place, awaiting the original cottage roof to be taken off and the new lower-line roof installed. All of which involves us moving out for a short time, and as we condensed our already-downsized belongings once more, it became clear that something had to give and we started looking for storage.

After perusing a few prospective storage candidates, we realised just how much facilities varied and how much costs vary. Lots of storage places wanted to charge each time we accessed our container: not really a viable option in our situation where paperwork and clothing are involved. Luckily, we came across a great, relatively new storage lock-up called CreateStorage, where they were very flexible on timescales and we could access our belongings whenever needed. I am fast coming around to the idea of very minimalistic living.

view inside building work

As luck would have it, just before we moved out, the scaffolders finally arrived (scaffolding currently appears to be in short supply in Devon) to complete the wall of temporary metalwork that surrounds the house. It’s not the prettiest, and it’s something of an obstacle course when trying to move out of a property, but it’s still progress. As ever, we’re hoping for good weather when the roof is installed, and I cannot wait to see the final new roof line – a very low, angled roof to have minimal impact upon the Conservation Area, a highly-insulated sealed loft space to help keep heating costs to a minimum, and, as I have just realised, absolutely no room for ‘stuff’!