Amelia Smith

Amelia Smith

Content Editor

After graduating with a degree in English and French, Amelia began working as content producer at Real Homes in 2016. Amelia worked across the magazine, website, social media channels and video, and the more she learnt about interior design, decorating and styling, the more she loved it. 

In 2018 she became deputy style editor on the magazine, where she primarily looked after the kitchen and bathroom design content. She also styled moodboards in a local photo studio on everything from bathroom tiles to geometric wallpapers. Amelia’s favourite part of her job was going to the real houses that we feature in the magazine, meeting the homeowners, and working with the photographers to style up each shot and create the most beautiful images possible.

When she became acting style editor in 2021, Amelia planned, commissioned and edited the style and decorating pages. She loved having her finger on the pulse of the latest trends, and discovering new brands and creative design ideas. She also discovered a new fascination with colour psychology, and has been researching and writing on the topic ever since. 

Amelia is now content editor across and Real Homes magazine. She shares all the latest homeware buys, trends and decorating ideas and believes everyone can create a happy haven at home, no matter how small their space or budget. 

Amelia’s home style 

Amelia’s recently moved to a Victorian terrace in London. When she first saw the tall bay windows, original hallway tiles and rather elaborate cornflower blue living room ceiling, it was love at first sight. Since she’s moved in, Facebook Marketplace has become her new favorite hobby. So far she’s found a pink armchair, some Venetian blinds, a mirror, a desk, and some wellies, and she’s loving the thrill of revamping her space in both an affordable and sustainable way. She’d describe her style as eclectic – a mish mash of pretty traditional furniture, rattan accents, too many houseplants and a touch of pink in every room. She shares the house with three friends, and while asking the household to vote on their favorite table cloth or coffee table isn’t quite by the book according to her own design rules, it means that everyone feels happy at home, and to her, that’s the most important thing.