This outdoor projector screen is under £60 – and can be delivered fast

Buy an outdoor projector screen for the full experience. We've spotted one on Amazon that can be delivered to your house tomorrow...

outdoor projector screen: Dad and daughter in garden watching movie
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Looking for an outdoor projector screen? If you've recently invested in the best outdoor projector around and don't fancy watching your favourite movie projected onto a wall or bedsheet, look no further.

We've spotted an incredible outdoor projector screen sold at Amazon for just £59.99, with next day delivery. This outdoor projector screen – the Duronic Projector Screen – is portable, it sits on a tripod to adjust to any level you require and its screen is super white and also matt for the ultimate experience. Not just that but it rolls away after use and can be easily transported whether it's to a friend's house, a park, wherever... See this outdoor projector screen below – and more outdoor projector deals, too.

Duronic Projector Screen | £59.99 at Amazon
Measuring 50 inches, this screen is pear white matte and providers an exceptional quality experience. Use it with HD or 3D projectors – or a normal one – and make the most out of the image quality. When not in use, it rolls up inside a metal case which comes provided, and you can carry it around.

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Crosstour Projector | Was £89.99, now £68.99 at Amazon
This mini outdoor projector boasts an excellent image quality and it can be used with your smartphone, a laptop, streaming stick or game console. It has built-in speakers for better sound and it's very easy to use. Just make sure you have an outside plug – or a long extension cable – and either a white wall or plain sheet to project the movie onto. Then you're all set...View Deal

ELEPHAS Projector | Was £89.99, now £74.99 at Amazon
Buy this projector now and it can be delivered in a few days, and it makes an incredible gift that will be used time and time again. Not only that but this outdoor projector (well, it works inside and outside) works with a range of streaming devices – Fire Stick, Google Chromecast, Roku – as well as game consoles, flash drives and more. The best part? It has two built-in speakers and is so easy to use. Movie nights in the garden are calling your name. It's the only way to jazz up Friday and Saturday nights while in lockdown, and, you'll be sure to use it after, too.

If you want to connect this projector to your smartphone, you'll need to buy a HDMI adapter.View Deal

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