IKEA's new retro-inspired smart lamp is a must-have for your dining space

This IKEA light brings together both style and function IKEA's new retro-inspired smart lamp is a must-have for your dining space

the IKEA smart pendant light in white sitting above a dining table
(Image credit: IKEA)

Here at Real Homes, we're all for home accessories that make day-to-day living that little bit easier – and, more fun.

So when we heard about IKEA's newly released smart pendant light, we were all ears! Especially given that the brand sells some of the best smart home tech around.

The stylish NYMANE smart LED pendant lamp is the latest addition to the Swedish company's smart light range, and we reckon it's the perfect way to finish off almost any space in your home. 

IKEA's NYMANE smart lamp

IKEA's newest smart lamp is round in design, and perfectly rides the line between stylish and functional – arguably, the very thing that IKEA do best.

The pendant lamp has been inspired by the KLANG light, a product IKEA sold in the 1960s. We're yet to find any pictures of the lamp, but we quite like that this new accessory has come from deep in the archives of the classic and affordable home brand.

The NYMANE light has been fitted with a built-in LED, which allows you to dim, and turn the light on and off, wirelessly – e.g. from your phone, or an app.

IKEA pendant NYMANE lamp in black

(Image credit: IKEA)

Handily, there are three different color light settings to choose from, including a warm glow, for creating nighttime ambiance, a warm white, for day-time, and a cool white, if you need to be able to see something (such as your meals) super clearly.

The pendant lamp measures at 38cm in diameter, and comes in both a white colorway and a black option.

a man dimming the NYMANE Ikea pendant lamp using a remote control, whilst sitting at the dining table

(Image credit: IKEA)

IKEA advise hanging the light over your dining table or kitchen table for an on-trend industrial style kitchen look – or, placing it closer to your ceiling as your main light source in a room. We agree that this kind of pendant lighting generally looks best in kitchen and dining areas –  it would also be a perfect addition hung over a kitchen island.

In order to use the NYMANE lamp, you'll need to get your hands on the TRÅDFRI gateway, which allows you to connect all of IKEA's smart home products.

From there, you'll need to download the IKEA Home app onto your phone or other device in order to control and dim the light. Or, you can purchase a smart remote from IKEA with which to control the lamp.

Will you be adding one of these smart lamps to your next IKEA haul?