3 reasons you should consider an indoor EZVIZ C6 security camera for your home

An EZVIZ C6 Smart AI Camera can help you achieve peace of mind when it comes to your pets and your home security

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With an EZVIZ C6 Smart AI Camera, getting back to life in an office or attending social events will be so much easier, allowing you to check on your pets or your home remotely. Helping to eradicate those worries that can cloud your day when you're not at home, this camera puts technology to good use, to help you feel more connected at all times.

If you adopted a puppy or a cat during lockdown, you might be struggling to adapt to daytimes without them, which is where the EZVIZ C6 can step in to help. With this advanced smart camera, you'll be able to make use of plenty of helpful features and feel more reassured. Here are just a few reasons that we think the EZVIZ C6 is a worthwhile investment for keeping that feeling of connection at all times.

3 ways the EZVIZ C6 Camera helps you stay connected

1. You can parent your pets from afar 

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Separation anxiety is a real problem for both pets and owners – especially post-WFH. With the EZVIZ C6 you can soothe yourself and your dog (or cat!) from afar. The brilliant AI technology embedded within this camera means this device can recognize the shape of a human, cat or dog and deliver images of your loved one to you in 2K+ video quality. That means the picture you'll see will be sharp and clear, allowing you to check your pet is doing okay.

Aside from delivering you live video of your pet at home, you can also enable notifications to alert you every time your pet walks by, so you don't miss a moment. Plus, if you have a puppy still growing out of their teenager phase who is being looked after by a relative, then they can stand and wave in front of the camera in order to initiate a call with you, and stop them from testing their teeth on your new sofa...

2. You can stay in touch with any family members at home

If you're getting used to spending lots of time outside the home again, the technology embedded within the EZVIZ C6 can also help you stay afloat of what's going on within your home, which can be especially useful for new parents or those caring for relatives. With one wave, your family members can start up a video call and check in with you throughout the day. 

Once you're on a call or if you're just checking up on the situation, you'll also have everything you need covered with the impressive camera. With razor sharp 2K+ definition and an automatic zoom to follow moving objects, you'll feel like you're right there in the room with your family.


(Image credit: EZVIZ)

3. You'll have peace of mind – at all times

If your mind can run away with you sometimes, especially when it comes to home security, then an indoor camera can do a lot to wipe out excess anxiety. For example, the feature which allows you to be notified upon noise levels changing will also give you a heads up if a siren sounds, so that you can assess the situation. The same applies to when work or servicemen might be inside your house when you're not there – to give you total control over the situation. 

As far as peace of mind is concerned, your own privacy is also super important. That's why the privacy protection mode on this camera is so wide-ranging. Unlike other indoor cameras which allow you to dim the view, you can turn off the lens, with the camera being physically covered whenever you need it, and put the camera into sleep mode too, for extensive privacy in your space. 

The EZVIZ C6 Smart AI Camera is available to buy at Amazon for $129.99 and at other selected retailers.

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