This Bissell vacuum is under $20 right now at Walmart (Perfect for college!)

Snag this Bissell vacuum deal for about as much as your last UberEats delivery

Bissell Vacuum Cleaner
(Image credit: Bissell)

While it can be tempting to splurge on a top-of-the-line vacuum cleaner, if you’re living in a modest sized condo or a college dorm room, you probably don't need (or want) to shell out half a month’s rent for the added bells and whistles. In fact, some of the best vacuums on the market ring in at little more than what you’d spend on an UberEats delivery—and do just as good of a job as those premium-priced alternatives.

Case in point: the Bissell 3-in-1 lightweight corded stick vacuum, currently on sale at Walmart for less than $20 (seriously). Available in a variety of cool colorways to suit your personal design style (we’re taking blues, greens, and even pinks and violets), this modern vacuum is surprisingly powerful and stores vertically—making it a seamless addition to even the most compact spaces.

Scroll down for the details on this deal, plus a few reasons this vacuum offers plenty of bang for your twenty bucks.

BISSELL 3 IN 1 Stick Vacuum | Was $28.86, now $19.86

This 3-in-1 stick vacuum is currently more than 30% off at Walmart. It's perfect for small spaces and runs on both carpet and hardwood flooring seamlessly.

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For $20 it's hard to go wrong, but here are a few of the reasons we like it: 

  • Carpet, hardwood, stairs, and upholstery-friendly
  • Easily converts from a full-length vacuum to a hand vacuum
  • Very compact and easy to store to small spaces
  • Boasts a generous 15” power cord
  • Weighs less than four pounds in total
  • Available in a wide variety of cheeky and unique colorways

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