Roborock H6: the latest cordless vacuum on the scene is available on Amazon

The award-winning Roborock H6 cordless vacuum cleaner has, at last, landed in the US and it's set to disrupt the market with some revolutionary tech. It can be yours for an introductory price of just $399.99, too...

Roborock H6 cordless vacuum
(Image credit: Roborock)

Revolutionary brand Roborock has finally released its latest model: the Roborock H6 vacuum cleaner – and it's making waves. Good, new cordless vacuum cleaners don't come round all that often, especially when they are poised to be one of the best vacuum cleaners in the US (and across the globe), so we are very excited to finally share this news with you...

Introducing the Roborock H6: the first handheld vacuum solution by developers of ultra-intelligent home robotics. It’s the latest addition to the Roborock product line up which combines the brand's experience in building powerful, effective robot vacuums with handheld appliances. And, just last month, the H6 was awarded a 2020 Red Dot Award: Product Design, so it must be pretty good. 

Thankfully, the Roborock H6 is now available to buy at Amazon US (apologies UK readers), and, with an introductory saving of $50! Keep reading to find out more about this exceptional cordless vacuum cleaner...

Roborock h6 handheld vacuum

(Image credit: Roborock)

It’s the first cordless stick vacuum in the world to use lithium polymer battery, which will enable a run-time of 90-minutes in Eco-mode, or 10-minutes on full blast. The handle-mounted OLED screen will display just how much run time you have remaining, alongside other helpful notifications. And, its lightweight body (which weighs a mere 3lbs) means that this handheld vac will get in to all those hard-to-reach spots such as the ceilings, shelves and car even car interiors.

The H6 boasts plenty of power, too. A 420W multi-layer impeller will easily lift direct and fine particles from carpets, beds, car seats, and soft furnishings. Combined with the five-layer filtration system are twin washable HEPA filters which captures 99.97% of particles, including pollen and dander, this handheld vac would make a great choice if you're a pet owners, or suffer from allergies.

“I've been using the H6 for a few months, and think it's ace! Compared to any corded vacuum I've ever had, it's a world of convenience; the suction is better than any corded vacuum I've had, including Dysons, there’s a serious amount of attachments that cover all usual requirements and the OLED display, which shows the remaining time on the battery, is great.”

Jason Orme, Real Homes Content Director

You can buy the Roborock H6 now at Amazon US (apologies UK readers) at an introductory price of $399.99 (usually $449.99) when you apply the coupon. Hurry, though, this offer ends Friday 22 May

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