25 awesome ideas for man caves

Be inspired to create an awe-inspiring, masculine retreat in your home with these great ideas for man caves

Balboa three seater leather sofa from DFS
(Image credit: DFS Furniture)

Man cave, manspace, mantuary – whatever you want to call it, it's undeniable that these retreats are becoming increasingly sought after in the home. 

Whether you're looking to create a room for temporary respite from family life, a space for the man of the house to call their own where hobbies can be enjoyed, or simply love masculine style and decor, then you'll love these man cave ideas.

From dark and moody decor ideas, to ridiculously comfortable seating choices and drinks storage that will make you the envy of all your friends, there is an idea to suit any man cave and budget.

Where should you locate your man cave?

Man caves can come in all shapes and forms (the least probable option being in an actual cave). If you want to include a space like this in your home, then you need to think carefully about location. 

You'll either need to sacrifice an existing room (like a underused spare bedroom), convert existing space (like a loft room or garage conversion) or add space on (through extension or adding a garden room).

1. Utilise outdoor space

Homeowner Rhys Mann turned a dilapidated outbuilding into an uber-cool American-style man cave. The signs, wood-effect walls and a colour palette of earthy tones are great ways to create a masculine-style space.

(Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

Man cave decor

The right decor can make or break the man cave look. Think deep, earthy tones of blue, grey, green and brown and tactile materials like wood, metal and leather (real or faux) and you won't go far wrong.

The size of the space and the level of natural light available will all play a part in your decor choices (as will your personal taste) but take inspiration from the options below.

2. Masculine, yet stylish wallpaper

This Mini Moderns Pluto Wallpaper from John Lewis in the Lido and Copper colourway has a striking geometric print that would be perfect as a feature wall when paired with deep blue walls. 

The copper accents in the paper are enough to add a touch of brightness without distracting from a cosy, cave-like feel and would look great when paired with copper toned industrial-style accessories.

Mini Moderns Pluto Wallpaper in Lido and Copper, from John Lewis. £55

(Image credit: John Lewis)

3. Embrace exposed brick

If you're not lucky enough to have an exposed brick wall in your man cave, then create the illusion with brick-effect wallpaper. 

This Arthouse wallpaper from Wilko (from £8 per roll) is in Country Brick, but other brick-effect options are available in the range, depending on the tones and style of brick you prefer.

Give the illusion of exposed brick in your man cave with a brick effect wallpaper

(Image credit: Wilkinson)

4. Go tonal

Choose various tones of the same deep shade of green, brown, blue or grey to really nail that man cave look. Choose a multitude of textures to create a sense of depth, and keep the space looking stylish.

This wall has been painted in a rich blue shade from Lakeland Paints, whose paints are organic, VOC-free, non toxic and odourless.

Darker shades of blues, green, browns and greys are perfect to create the man cave aesthetic in your home

(Image credit: Lakeland Paints)

Man cave furniture

As with any new room, you need to think about furniture, and storage in particular, from the outset. Think about what you want to store. 

Memorabilia, books and collectibles look great in open storage systems, and will add to the character of your man cave, but anything that could distract from the man cave aesthetic would be better housed in a closed storage option. 

Open storage systems are definitely stylish, but remember you will need to be able to keep things neat and tidy.

5. Open storage system

This String storage system from Skandium in walnut and black is perfect for any man cave. 

It touches on the industrial and Scandi trends, but is also minimalist enough to not feel too imposing in smaller spaces.

Shelving unit from Skandium.com, prices from £42

(Image credit: Skandium)

6. Fine storage for a fine wine

If you want your man cave to have wine cellar feel, then you'll need a sophisticated wine storage system. 

This Dutchbone vintage French-style wine cabinet in solid fir wood from Cuckooland is perfect for those who want their man cave to feel a little more grown up.

Dutchbone vintage French-style wine cabinet from Cuckooland. £589

(Image credit: Cuckooland)

7. Stay chilled

Would any man cave really be complete without a mini-fridge? This Husky Guinness Drinks Cooler from Argos can store up to 12 wine bottles and up to 40 330ml or 440ml cans. It's mains-operated, relatively quiet (40dB) and has an A+ energy rating.

Husky Guinness Drinks Cooler from Argos

(Image credit: Argos)

8. Are you being served?

Not all man caves have space for their own built-in bar, but a compact drinks trolley is a great alternative and a staple of a sophisticated man cave. 

This monochrome option, the Cappellini Steel Pipe Drink Trolley from Nest is a luxury purchase, but look for simple, industrial styles in black or metallic to recreate the look for less.

Capellini Steel Pipe Drinks Trolley from Nest

(Image credit: Nest.co.uk)

9. Hang your hat

If your man cave is going to be used for entertaining friends – think games night, poker evenings or whisky tasting – then a coat rack is definitely worth the investment. 

If floor space is at a premium, make sure you go for a wall-mountable option like this Gubi Mategot coat rack from Nest.

Gubi Mategot Coat Rack from Nest

(Image credit: Nest.co.uk)

Man cave lighting

When it comes to the lighting in your man cave, you'll need to consider how you'll be using the space. If you're going to be working on a creative hobby, then task lighting is essential so make sure you include a desk lamp into your scheme. 

If you're using the space to unwind, watch movies or listen to music, them ambient lighting, such as dimmable wall lights are worth considering. 

If you wanted to add a bit of personality to the space, then the man cave is the perfect place for a neon light.

10. Nice neon

There are some trends from the 1980s that are better best forgotten (like shell suits and oversize shoulder pads), but neon lights are back and make a great style statement.

This Hell Yeah LED Neon Light from Rockett St George looks great against an exposed brick (or brick-effect) wall and feels quirky, fun and stylish.

Neon Hell Yeah light from Rockett St George

(Image credit: Rockett St George)

11. Embrace industrial style

There is something inherently masculine about the industrial trend, which makes it perfect for a man cave. 

This edgy Hurricane Metal Floor Lamp from Cuckooland would complement any colour scheme and is super-stylish without being fussy.

Hurricane Metal Floor Lamp from Cuckooland

(Image credit: Cuckooland)

Space for hobbies

A man cave is the perfect place to embrace any hobbies you have that may impact on family-centric spaces. This is the opportunity to completely embrace your hobby and set up your space accordingly, without having to compromise or think about creating a space with a dual purpose.

12. Let me entertain you

If you want to use your man cave as a home cinema, then it’s worth considering a home cinema system for a truly immersive cinema experience. 

This Samsung home entertainment system from CurrysPCWorld offers surround sound, built-in catch up and streaming services as well as HD upscaling, meaning you can watch your old DVDs in near HD quality.

Samsung Home Entertainment System from Currys

(Image credit: Currys)

13. On the radio

A man cave is a great solution for those looking to find a little peace and quiet in the hustle and bustle of family life. Relax, unwind and close your eyes and enjoy your favourite radio stations with this wireless radio and bluetooth speaker from Prezzybox. tRadio has DAB+, FM, AUX and Bluetooth functions, with a built-in lithium battery that offers up to 10 hours of playback.

Radio from Prezzybox

(Image credit: Prezzybox)

14. Anyone for pool?

The man cave in this Victorian terraced home in London is located in the basement and demonstrates an alternative to the traditional man cave colour palette.

As well has featuring a home cinema system in a purpose-built storage system from Barbara Genda Bespoke Furniture(prices start at £1,200 per linear metre), this large space also features a dream man cave addition – a pool table. 

Not every space will be able to pull this off, but if you can, expect to host for your mates regularly.

Room design from Barbara Genda

(Image credit: Barbara Genda)

15. Lean on me

If your man cave needs to double as a home office (or your hobby requires desk space) then a leaning option is great for more compact spaces. 

This Anton Leaning Bookcase from the Home by John Lewis range, combines shelving and desk space in a single unit with a slim profile.

Anton Leaning Bookcase from John Lewis

(Image credit: John Lewis)

16. Game time

Grown-up gaming is likely to be a popular hobby in any man cave. Whatever your console of choice, make sure the room is set up for optimal gaming.

One of the best-selling consoles has to be the Sony PS4, so make sure your man cave has an appropriate screen, seating and internet connection set up to allow for some serious gaming.

PS4 from Argos

(Image credit: Argos)

Seating ideas for man caves

The key to making a man cave both functional and stylish is the right seating choice. Seating configurations will depend on the size of your man cave, but comfort is king.

If you're not sure where to begin, leather (both real and faux) options are a great starting point.

17. Immersive gaming

If you’re planning to use your man cave for some serious gaming, then a gaming chair is a must. The XT Racing Prime Series Premium Gaming Chair reclines, features a removable head rest pillow and back cushion and is height adjustable. Offering comfort and support for the whole body, this chair will help to achieve a completely immersive gaming experience. 

Gaming Chair from XT Racing

(Image credit: XT Racing)

18. Sofa so good

If you are turning a larger space into your own man cave, then it’s worth considering a sofa. It will make a larger space feel homely and inviting, while offering extreme comfort. 

Choosing muted, earthy tones will help to achieve a masculine look, and going for a leather option will help to add texture to the space. This three-seater Balboa sofa is from DFS and is the perfect man cave sofa.

Balboa three-seater leather sofa from DFS

(Image credit: DFS Furniture)

19. Grown-up bean bags

No longer just a design trope of teenagers’ bedrooms, beanbags are perfectly stylish additions to a grown up scheme. Go for a leather look in tan, black or grey, to really play up the stylish masculinity of a man cave. These Extreme Lounging Mighty B Faux Leather Bean Bags from Cuckooland are comfy, versatile and cool and are available in varying shades and materials.

Faux leather bean bags from Cuckooland

(Image credit: Cuckooland)

20. The egg option

Create a real designer feel in your man cave with a statement armchair. This Coquille Leather Egg Chair from Maisons du Monde is comfortable, quirky, and is gently distressed for a worn-in, vintage look.

Egg chair from Maisons du Monde

(Image credit: Maisons du Monde)


The best man caves feature the right accessories to help ensure that the space hits the mark in terms of both function and style.

21. Aroma-therapy

Including provisions for refreshments in your man cave is a smart move. This Electric Italian Coffee Maker from House of Bath uses steam pressure to make the perfect cup of coffee.

Coffee Maker from House of Bath

(Image credit: House of Bath)

22. Sign of the times

Wall signs can be a great way to inject a bit of humour into your home as well as highlighting a change in usage between family and man cave spaces. This Welcome to the Man Cave wall sign from Dotcomgiftshop has a cool retro vibe.

Man Cave Wall Sign from dotcomgiftshop

(Image credit: dotcomgiftshop)

23. Time to unwind

This slate square wall clock is simple and would complement a masculine space. Available from Not on the High Street, this clock features engraved wording and offers a silent clock mechanism. 

Beer o'Clock Wall Clock from Not on the High Street

(Image credit: Not on the High Street)

24. Pin it

Mix wall art with functional pin boards like these from Oliver Bonas. Available in rectangular, circular and semi-circular configurations, these boards will add visual interest to bare walls, and provide a useful way to organise reminders, notes and photos.

These boards also provide great colour palette inspiration – every room scheme has to start somewhere!

Pin Boards from Oliver Bonas

(Image credit: Oliver Bonas)

25. Charge ahead

Nowadays, it's likely that we have more than one portable device and it's important that we can stay connected. Adding a charging station to your man cave provides a tidy way to charge your items without tripping over cables or knocking them off the arm of the sofa.

The charging station below is from House of Bath, but there is a diverse range of alternatives available on Amazon.

Charging Station from House of Bath

(Image credit: House of Bath)