Black bathrooms: 17 ideas to add drama to your space

Be inspired by these gorgeous black bathrooms and get planning your dramatic makeover...

Black bathrooms: 18 ideas to add drama to your space
(Image credit: Chris Snook)

Black bathrooms are everywhere right now. Stylish, sophisticated and so easy to match with other shades, black is the trending colour we are seeing the most in the dreamy bathrooms of Instagram. And if the Instagrammers are loving it, we want in. So here are some fabulous black bathroom ideas to inspire you to follow suit.

Designing your space from scratch? Check out our bathroom ideas page for plenty of inspiration and to start putting your dream plans into action. And if you are feeling brave check out our colourful bathroom ideas too. 

1. Pick out a black roll top bath

Black bathroom with painted black ceiling and black roll top bath

Roll top baths are a big investment, so choosing a versatile, neutral colour that will go with anything if tastes change is a great idea. But rather than traditional white, why not opt for black for a design that’s equally flexible and amenable to being combined with other colourful bathroom schemes? 

The Essex cast iron freestanding bath from Heritage Bathrooms can be paired with its co-ordinating Granley vanity unit in Graphite and Caversham mirror in Graphite to complete the monochrome scheme. 

Find more traditional rolltop bath inspiration in our design gallery plus loads of statement freestanding baths over in our buying guide, so go and check that out if you are thinking about investing in one for your new black bathroom. 

2. Choose a statement sink for a black bathroom 

Black bathroom with black tiles and black sink

(Image credit: The Pure Bathroom Collection from Smiths Briten)

If you’ve ever wondered why on earth most bathroom sinks are white – showing every speck of dirt – then a black sink may well be for you. There are loads of different designs available from the more traditional to the super modern. We love the simple square design of this black sink from Pure Bathroom Collection. Oh, and we think we might steal the idea of hanging monochrome prints in a black bathroom, too. 

3. Go for a bang on trend black shower 

Black shower by Meir

(Image credit: Meir )

You must have seen them all over Instagram. Just like black bathrooms, black showers are in. This gorgeous set up is from Meir (black tap and shower specialists) and the whole site is just so swoonworthy you must go and check it out. A bit out of your price bracket? Victoria Plumbing makes a very similar product. 

4. Choose smart black bathroom wall tiles 

Black bathroom by Garden Trading

(Image credit: Garden Trading)

Black wall tiles are a great choice for black bathrooms of all sizes, although they will look their glamorous best in a large family bathroom. With a variety of textures and finishes on offer, you can create either an inconspicuous background, or a feature tiled wall.

If you need any more tips on choosing bathroom tiles, go to our guide. 

5. Add plenty of stone surfaces to a black bathroom 

Black bathroom with teal blue cabinet and copper mirror

Stone tiles are a great choice for black bathroom floors and walls. Durable and water resistant (if properly maintained), black stone can also add plenty of character to your bathroom. Polished finishes will be less porous, and therefore more long-lasting, but watch out – if laid as bathroom flooring, they can be slippery, so a mat or rug is appropriate.

The new Fusion tile range from Mandarin Stone is ideal for a wet room. Offering the beautiful veining and grain of real stone together with the practical benefits of porcelain, these tiles look elegant and are easy to clean and maintain, as well as being affordable.

6. Or you could go for some fantastic monochrome bathroom flooring

Black bathroom with geometric flooring and rolltop bath by Carpetright

(Image credit: Carpetright)

Keeping the darker elements of the room to the lower half, with white or neutral furnishings and decor in the upper part, will help the space feel lighter and brighter all round. Geometric flooring rather than a solid black, which will show up every mark and speck of dust, is a smart choice. We love this Sagres luxury vinyl tile-lookalike by Carpetright.

7. Get a black bathroom quick with paint

Black bathroom with light grey bath

(Image credit: Garden Trading )

If you’re worried about committing a black bathroom and investing in fixtures and fittings, a coat of black paint is a great alternative. An easy weekend refresh, it may take a few coats to cover over again, but at least you can reverse the decision when a new look is called for. Get plenty more bathroom paint ideas in our feature. 

8. Or just paint your bathroom floor black

Bathroom with marble wall and light by Davey Lighting

(Image credit: Davey Lighting )

Painted floorboards are on trend, so if you’re lucky enough to have floorboards in your bathroom, why not create a really dramatic effect by painting them a dark colour? It’s a DIY job: just follow our guide to how to paint floorboards, and remember it’s easy to update them in the future. 

9. Or just paint your bathroom door black

Black bathroom ensuite with a large mirror

(Image credit: Kasia Fiszer)

Seeing a theme here? But if you aren’t feeling brave enough to paint large areas of your bathroom black, painting the woodwork instead can be a safe and easy way to introduce a darker colour. You can DIY, just check out our guide to how to paint a door – you’ll probably want to pick the best bathroom paint for the job, too.  

10. Create a black bathroom instantly with wallpaper

Black bathroom with rolltop bath by Little Greene

(Image credit: Little Greene)

It’s unusual to hang wallpaper in a bathroom, but if your room’s well ventilated and the wallpaper itself is water resistant, or won’t be splashed, consider the strategy. Use a wallpaper paste that’s suitable for damp rooms, too. Here, the wallpaper by Little Greene repeats the charcoal colours in the bath and Roman blind creating a really cohesive black bathroom. 

11. Fit chic shutters in a black bathroom 

Black bathroom with marble floor and black shutters

Whether you want to keep the walls light coloured or ramp up the black-on-black effect of dark walls and dark window treatments, water-resistant black shutters are a practical and good looking option for a bathroom.

Perfect for controlling light and privacy, these plantation shutters from Shutterly Fabulous are available in black to help build a moody monochrome scheme.

12. Explore different textures in a black bathroom

Original Style - Mosaics

(Image credit: Original Style)

A great advantage of a monochrome bathroom scheme is the opportunity to play with a variety of textures. From smooth tiles to matt stone and shimmering, multi-toned mosaics, you can  express your individual style by juxtaposing different types of wall tiles. This bathroom mixes the textured effects of the Mosaics range by Original Style.

13. Create contrast with a black and white bathroom

Black bathroom with grey wallpaper

(Image credit: Delightfull )

If an all-black bathroom doesn’t float your boat, you can also create plenty of impact with a contrasting black-and-white scheme. The two colours can be mixed and matched as you please. Our tip is to go roughly half and half (think black wall and white floors or vice versa) for a striking effect. 

14. Want a black bathroom on a budget? Go for black accessories 

H&M Home soap dispenser

(Image credit: H&M Home)

Doing up your bathroom on a budget? Accessories are a cheap and easy way to introduce on-trend colours to a room. We love H&M Home for gorgeous, affordable homeware, and this marble soap dish and the matching dispenser could be all your bathroom needs for a chic update. 

15. Pick out black bathroom storage

Monochrome bathroom with ladder for storage

(Image credit: Dulux)

For another budget-friendly black bathroom update, opt for some black bathroom storage. We love ladder towel storage and Tikamoon makes a really similar design to the one below for just £29. Black storage baskets are also a great call – practical and pretty. 

16. Add greenery to a black bathroom 

Black bathroom with houseplant by Ikea

(Image credit: Ikea)

Houseplants are a really easy way to break up all the black and bring a bit of softness and texture into your room. If your bathroom lack natural light, we would say go with  fake plants – Amazon have loads of great options at really affordable prices. 

17. Add larger mirrors to black bathrooms

Black bathroom by The Curious Department

(Image credit: The Curious Department )

To keep your black bathroom from becoming too dark,  make sure you incorporate plenty of mirrors and reflective surfaces too. A large mirror above the sink will work but add in metallic lighting too and bathroom accessories to bounce even more light around.  

More ways to add oomph to your bathroom: