Expert tips for creating a maximalist bathroom

Say goodbye to bland bathrooms – the latest schemes are all about embracing bold style

After years of sleek, ultra-modern bathrooms, designers are turning away from a more minimalist style and braving a bolder look and palette. Barrie Cutchie, design director of Bayswater Bathrooms, reveals why we should embrace this renewed love of colour and pattern.

Why are we seeing more of a shift towards maximalism in the bathroom?

Bathrooms have always been a functional place, and although we should never trade style for substance, we are now seeing a trend for bolder themes in modern cloakrooms and bathrooms, continuing the style of living areas elsewhere in the house.

Bayswater Bathrooms bathroom with blue wallpaper and white vanity unit

(Image credit: Bayswater Bathrooms)

How can i pull off a bold bathroom look?

As people’s personal style tends to be reflected in the products and finishes that they use, there are no longer set rules when it comes to bathroom design. Of course, it’s always best to set the foundations of a good room scheme with quality ceramics, good brassware and functional storage, but there are more options than ever on the market to make a statement. 

Farrow & Ball’s Stiffkey Blue is our most popular furniture colour, which is a huge contrast from the ‘safe’ white option. Customers are even choosing to paint their own furniture to tie in with their paint or wallpaper choices.

Bayswater Bathroom black wallpaper with Divine Savages

Bayswater Bathrooms has teamed up with Divine Savages to show how wallpaper can be used to great effect in a bathroom scheme

(Image credit: Bayswater Bathrooms)

Is it a good idea to use wallpaper in the bathroom?

Always check if the wallpaper you like is heavy duty – there are even waterproof versions that you can use in a shower. We recently teamed up with Divine Savages to create four room schemes using its bold and beautiful wallpaper (pictured). If you’re not brave enough to give this a go in your main bathroom, the cloakroom is a great place to test out an impactful look first.

blue bathroom wallpaper in a bathroom with blue vanity unit

(Image credit: Bayswater Bathrooms)

We’re seeing a lot of greenery in the bathroom, so botanical prints are a strong look for this type of scheme.

What colour accents would you recommend using in a bathroom?

Although our brassware is traditional in style, we have introduced a black finish on our indices and levers to give it an interesting twist. Black accents really lend themselves to a

bold scheme and look far more dramatic than traditional white. There is also the option of choosing a black finish on our heating range, which helps to bring the bold look together. For more information and to find your nearest stockist, visit Bayswater Bathrooms.

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