4 white Christmas decor ideas and how to style them to perfection this holiday season

No, white Christmas decor ideas aren't bland and boring — let interior designers prove it to you

white living room with a white christmas tree and red accents
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Even if there's no snow in sight, white Christmas decor ideas will provide all the cozy vibes you're searching for this winter. Even better? There's no shoveling required. 

Some might fear channeling the seasonal shade for a variety of reasons: too stark, too bland, too sterile. But with the proper steps, we assure you that it's none of the above. In fact, white is very in demand this year, and this inspo will make you think twice before committing to the universal red and green color scheme. 

As you begin to set up your Christmas decorations and bring some cheer into your home, here's how to avoid common white decor pitfalls.

White Christmas decor ideas to try in 2023

If your small living room ideas include a white couch and white walls, you can play to the shade's strengths with a few fun tricks. Little by little, with each addition to your space, you might not even see the "color" after all. 

1. Add rustic touches

a green and white living room with christmas decor including rustic wreaths and gold decor

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Why not bring a little bit of the outdoors inside? (Well, except for the cold.) Now is your opportunity to embrace the best of the season. 

"Natural elements like pinecones and evergreen branches enhance the winter atmosphere," designer Elizabeth Vergara previously told Real Homes

Take things up a notch and combine these accents with wooden elements and you'll fall for the comforting log cabin feel. By the time all is said and done and your faux greenery is in place, you'll probably see those white cushions in a new light. (Speaking of greenery, we'll help you figure out how to hang a wreath (without damaging the door) and how to fluff a Christmas tree.) 

Elizabeth Vergara/Qwoted
Elizabeth Vergara

Elizabeth Vergara is the owner, principal designer, and lead project manager at the Latina owned luxury design and build agency Vergara Homes. Over the past 13+ years, Elizabeth has been helping homeowners design and renovate their upscale homes as a Design Build Specialist.

2. Combine warm colors

a scandinavian bedroom with a christmas garland and lights above the wooden headboard

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To complement the white, bring in earthy tones through textiles, decor, and even wall art. Some sage and beige will up the hygge factor of your formerly all-white winter wonderland. 

"Using a cohesive color palette such as warm earthy tones throughout the space can instantly bring an extra layer of coziness," says Stacey Clarke, general manager at B2C Furniture. "A cohesive palette promotes balance and harmony, while warm tones pair well with softer textures, making it a great combination to capture that homey and relaxing atmosphere — especially during the colder months."

Stacey Clarke

Stacey Clarke is the general manager at B2C Furniture, a brand with a goal to "make substance and style affordable to the environmentally conscious."

3. Accent with silver or gold

a white and silver elegant christmas display in a small living room with a white fireplace

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According to Pinterest Predicts 2024, cool silver tones and bold metals will have a moment next year, so why not get an early start on the trend? Before you incorporate the look into your decor and wardrobe, test it out with your Christmas decor. And when it comes to gold, it's the perfect elegant touch, particularly if you're aiming for neutral Christmas decor or minimalist Christmas decor.  

"Don’t be afraid to add some subtle silver and gold sparkle with ornaments and other accents to introduce a touch of holiday glimmer," designer Jamie Young, the founder of Jamie Young Co., previously told us. 

Jamie Young

For over two decades, the husband and wife team of Jamie Young Jeter and David Jeter have worked together as Jamie Young Co., using their love of art, architecture, and adventure to craft approachable, design-driven pieces to bring together a wide range of handcrafted designs inspired by near and far.

4. Add novelty items

white christmas wreath and mini trees with colorful baubles on a white wall and white fireplace

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A little nostalgia goes a long way, not just in terms of likes, but in terms of color. Sure, you might be starting out with a neutral-toned living room, but once you starting adding pink ceramic Christmas trees and vintage-inspired ornaments, you'll probably end up with more pastel than you realized.


How to decorate with white for Christmas — how should you do it?

From white Christmas trees to one of the latest trends, white and beige paper trees, there are plenty of ways to incorporate the shade into your display in 2023. Use white textiles, get a warm glow from white fairy lights, and use white wrapping paper and bows to drive the theme home. But make sure to shake up the white with some of the ideas above, including adding rustic elements (wreaths, garlands) and incorporating warm earth tones where appropriate.

What are popular ways to decorate for Christmas this year?

There are several holiday decorating themes that are outshining others in 2023. The first is Coastal holiday decor, which will put a nautical spin on your display and replace the star on the top of your tree with a starfish. Whereas most people opt for red and green, coastal Christmas decor asks for light blues and pinks — anything that reminds you of the beach. 

Minimalist Christmas decor is all about simplicity and elegance, be it with velvet throw pillows, subtle trinkets, and outdoor elements. You'll want to take advantage of muted colors, rustic accents, and a clutter-free display to achieve this look.

Neutral Christmas decor is similar, however, it asks you to mix textures and emphasize the off-white colors that you're working with, likely by adding cozy elements and various textiles.

Once you settle on a theme and start collecting decor pieces for your display, there's one thing you need to keep in mind: your landlord. You don't want to incorporate anything that could potentially damage the space. Luckily, we have the best renter-friendly Christmas decorating ideas that are perfect, but not permanent. Phew!

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