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Bring on the cozy vibes

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If you’re all about incorporating cozy vibes throughout your home, then hygge is for you. Many people are probably unaware of the term, however, it’s been the talk of the town, especially during the winter months for the past couple of years.

First and foremost, let’s get to pronouncing the term appropriately. According to Google, hygge is pronounced as “hue-gah” and originates from a sixteenth-century Norwegian term, hugga, which means “to comfort, console, or soothe.” It's also connected to the English word “hug.” 

There’s so much more to hygge, as it also refers to the quality of comfort creating a state-of-the-art level of happiness within your life, especially in the simplest parts. Adding comforting touches to your home, like in feng shui, can help your overall mindset.

With this in mind, I spoke with Mandy, a hygge home enthusiast from @littlehomehygge, about all things hygge and how we could all apply it to your homes. 

 How to Practice Hygge 

Mandy explains that getting that hygee feeling at home has to do with the people in your home, the interior, your diet, and the overall atmosphere.

It's about capturing that happy feeling at home where you are at peace and simply being yourself. 

 Spending Quality Time with Family & Friends 

Mandy lives in a small house but finds it very important that people feel welcome and at ease while visiting. 

One of her favorite ways to practice Hygge is by baking or cooking a meal for her family or friends. She always tries to cater to her guests' cravings and is considerate of their allergies. 

For example, if one of her friends is known for loving a cold glass of white wine, she'll always have a bottle waiting in the fridge, ready to serve.

 Eating Appropriately 

The overall hygge lifestyle is depicted as “healthy hedonism" and you can't achieve that without the best food and drink options available! Indulging in delectable, comforting foods such as a hearty soup or a basic-yet-savory roast chicken meets the hygge dining standard. 

Hygge is about keeping your dining options simple, gratifying your taste buds, and allowing yourself to savor the things that make you happy and content. If you have a major sweet tooth, cookies, cakes, and other pastries are also hygge approved. 

Lastly, make sure to serve yourself a hot drink, such as a creamy and rich hot chocolate, a latte, or tea. 

 Dress Comfortably 

Hygge is all about comfort but that doesn't have to mean wearing sweats the majority of the time. 

You can also get that hygge-chic look while wearing knits from head to toe, a faux fur coat, oversized crochet sweaters or dresses, shearling, fuzzy socks, and more. 

 Dim Your Lights 

Mandy suggests dimming any bright lighting in your home to create a softer and more relaxing feel — ideal for practicing hygge. 

One way to incorporate hygge-friendly lighting in your home is to use soft-white LED bulbs. Bright, cool-toned lighting can look too harsh and can clash with the relaxing atmosphere. 

Try adding candles or lighting a fire to bring in some natural flames and warm lighting.

 Invest in Decor 

Think simple and soft decor when it comes to practicing hygge at home. When you soften your living space, always go for curtains, rugs, tapestries, and throw blankets made from soft fabrics. 

Try keeping a bunch of throw blankets rolled up in a basket near the couch for your guests or yourself to have on hand. 

When it comes to simplifying, it all goes back to making tasks such as cleaning and redecorating your space easier for yourself. 

 Incorporate Flowers 

Flowers bring life into your space in such a beautiful way and fill your home with nothing but positive energy. 

The aura flowers give off is refreshing and vibrant, boosting your endorphins which play a major role in your mood and well-being.  

 Practice “you” Time 

Lastly, practicing hygge on your own by just reading a book or watching some movies while cuddling under a big throw blanket is the real deal. 

You could also go on long walks at the park or by the waterfront if you live in a big city, as connecting to nature is part of living the hygge life. 

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