Pinterest Predicts 2024 reveals four swoon-worthy interior trends you'll love

Fancy a few upgrades in the new year? Pinterest Predicts 2024 will definitely give you great ideas to work with

kitchen interior design in modern style with pink, green, marble and vintage hints
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We interrupt your holiday festivities to look ahead: Pinterest Predicts 2024 has just been unveiled, and we're already obsessed with the interior styles that will abound over the next 12 months. 

Every year, the social media platform does a bit of technological digging to uncover what users are searching for and what will be popular in the 12 months ahead, from home decor and travel, to fashion and beauty, among other areas. Needless to say, we've honed in on all things abode. 

If you're thinking about making a few adjustments to your digs, or if you just so happen to be curious about small space interior design trends for 2024, we highly recommend you peruse Pinterest's findings. 

From adorable apartment kitchen ideas to darker twists on popular aesthetics (think dark cottagecore), Pinterest has revealed super cute and edgy trends that are bound to spark some creativity at your place. We'll tell you a bit about each style and how to get a jumpstart on them.

1. 'Kitschen'

retro pink and green kitchen

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In need of small kitchen ideas? Culinary spaces across the country — even the world — are about to take a page from the cookbooks of yesteryear with retro-styled appliances, fun pops of color, and quirky accents to give countertops a playful boost.  Since the kitschen trend is so generously serving up style, we're ready to fill our plates. 

2. Western Gothic

Western Gothic living room chair, mirror and rug

(Image credit: Pinterest)

Cowgirl meets Goth Girl in this moody, fringe-filled aesthetic that's part vintage Americana, part Western Gothic. If you've dabbled with dark academia decor in the past, perhaps this is the next style to add to your "to try" list.

3. Cafécore

chalkboard with coffee mug on a white subway tile background above a wooden floating shelf

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We take our cups of Joe quite seriously, and now we'll soon be transforming parts of our kitchen space to mimic our favorite java spots — small coffee makers, barstools, large mugs, and all. 

4. Hot Metals

hot metals trend with metal mirrors, three, on off-white wall

(Image credit: Pinterest)

Cool silver tones and bold metals are making their way into the limelight with this glamorous new trend. It's perfect for those who are looking to spice things up with an unexpected accent. 

Curious about what other trends will emerge over the next year? Pinterest Predicts 2024 breaks them all down, and we have a feeling some of the other popular styles will transcend into the home space. We can't wait to see what's next.

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