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OK peeps, hands up if you scroll through TikTok when you should be catching some Zzs? Don’t worry I’m super guilty of this too. I’ll get properly ready for bed, put on my fave PJs, wrap myself up in my best bedding… and then spend forever scrolling through my FYP.

But one night, during one of my infinite scrolling seshes, I wondered if I could be using TikTok a little bit more productively. Y’know, to figure out some great ways to actually go to sleep. And low and behold, the app that seems to have all the answers delivered.

If you don’t have hours and hours to go through TT, I’ve got you. I’ve rounded up a variety of different ideas to help you get your beauty sleep. Some of these you can action RN, and some of them you may have to seek out buys for either way, there are plenty of ideas to try.

Ready to have your best night’s sleep ever? Scroll on down for all the sleep inspo…

10 totally genius TikTok hacks for sleep

From clever lighting to sensory sensations, these are the best TikTok hacks for sleep IMO. Oh and BTW, I’ve also shopped products for the ones that need something special.

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1. Spritz sleep spray


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I'm such a fan of spritzing sleep spray around my room and my bed. As well as being relaxing, scents can be a clever way to get your brain into the sleep zone. By consistently spraying the same spray around your room and sheets before you sleep, you’ll eventually automatically associate that scent with the idea of going to sleep. So clever! Dr. Teal’s viral sleep spray is a popular option, but I also recommend looking for ones with lavender scents and cotton scents.

2. Wear cozy pajamas 


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As Barbie says, you’ve always gotta dress for the occasion. That goes for sleep as well, people. Sure, not everyone will see your cute fit, but that doesn’t matter. Having a quality pair of PJs to put on before you sleep will help you fully relax and feel super comfortable. I recommend looking for ones with silk or cotton, as they’re both soft and breathable. Just make sure not to lounge around the apartment in them though yes this can be tempting, but you’ve got to save them for slumber to get the full effect. 

3. Turn on a white noise machine


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I’m one of those people who has to have background noise. Creaky sounds when it’s silent? NTY! That being said, when I discovered white noise machines, I was a li’l skeptical about how beneficial they actually are. How can noises make sleep better? How?! Well, they do. I love my Homedics one, which is so easy to set up and has a variety of sounds. Or, if you like the look of the DreamEgg in the TT above, our head ecommerce editor Annie Collyer says it's a game-changer.

4. Put on an sleep mask


♬ original sound - anna ♠️

Turn yourself into a 90s rom-com main character by bagging a sleep mask that you can go to sleep in and dramatically take off in the morning. I struggle to sleep in rooms with any light, so I have found good ol’ sleep masks to be the best way to block out rays. I have both a cooling one and one with lavender, which I find so soothing, but I’ve also got my eye on one that is made to fit around the eyes. Hey, there’s no such thing as too many masks. 

5. Keep your room cool


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Let’s face it, there’s nothing cute about a stuffy, hot room. So sweaty, so uncomfortable. Instead, make sure that your room is super cool. This is because your body drops temperature when you’re falling asleep, so by making sure your room is cold already, you can speed up that process. TikToker Lorafied says 68 degrees Fahrenheit works best, but I’m not expecting you to get a thermometer out. If you don’t have AC in your room, try using a fan instead. BTW, you can get it to blow cold air, with a few handy tricks. 

6. And keep your bed cool too


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Want to go all-out on the cold vibes? You can get your bed feeling super chill too with the help of one handy buy: A cooling mattress topper. As well as making your bed breathable, cooling mattress pads also help with aches and pains. I’m personally a bit of a night sweater (sorry for the TMI, but it’s true!), so I’m absolutely going to be copying this hack ASAP. 

7. Throw on a weighted blanket


♬ ceilings - Lizzy McAlpine

I don’t know about you guys, but I like to know that I’m in bed. I’m talking fully covered, fully snuggled up, and fully ready to sleep. That’s why I’m loving the idea of weighted blankets, which provide comfort and security thanks to the added pressure. Either use them by themselves in hot weather or stack them on top of a duvet insert in cooler weather.

8. Go for two duvet comforters


♬ never have i ever - Casey Baer

FYI: This hack has divided SleepTok. Some say it makes sleeping too hot, while others say it makes their bed 10x fluffier. I’m personally on team double duvet, but I do only recommend it in cooler months. This is such a great trick for making the bed feel so much cozier, as well as saving serious cash on heating. If you don’t want two comforters on top of each other, you could also always try having one underneath you and one covering you.

9. Light a candle or two


♬ original sound - Sir Candle Man

Did I mention that I’m a big scent lover? Not only do candles look aesthetic AF, but they also give out gorgeous scents that make drifting off super dreamy just make sure to blow them out before you snooze. Sir Candle Man (what a name) recommends going for ones that are refreshing such as citrus scents, relaxing like lavender, and romantic like amber and rose. Before purchasing (especially if you’re planning on buying online), head down to your local home store and sniff out the scents to see which one is your personal fave. 

10. Switch it up with red lights


♬ original sound - Iman Gadzhi

Some studies have proven that red light therapy produces more melatonin, so I can totally see why TikToker Iman Gadzhi swears by this hack. An easy way to create this is by using LED strips, which have basically all the colors of the rainbow to choose from. Be sure to choose one with a wireless remote, so you can turn the lights off from the comfort of your bed once you’re ready.

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