Best weighted blankets for adults: 6 blankets that replicate a calming hug

We've tried and tested the best weighted blankets to find the top option for you — from cooling to cozy — to help relieve anxiety, stress and sleep problems

Brooklyn Bedding Dual Therapy best weighted blanket on white bed
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Looking for the best weighted blankets for adults? Designed to help you relax and sleep more deeply as well as ease stress and anxiety, it's no wonder weighted or gravity blankets have become one of the hottest products on the market for those looking to improve their overall wellbeing and get better rest. 

If you're looking for a more satisfying sleep then it makes sense that once you've found the best mattress for your sleeping preferences and invested in some of the best bedding to keep you comfortable throughout the night, then adding a weighted blanket to your nighttime routine could be the last piece of the puzzle to get you drifting off to the slumber quicker and more peacefully.

 What are the benefits of a weighted blanket? 

Firstly, some science and psychology help explain the hoped-for benefits of a weighted blanket.  

A weighted blanket falls under the principles of Deep Pressure Therapy, or DPT for short, which is the application of sensory touch – like a hug, squeeze, massage, or swaddling sensation. It has been shown in various studies to help to soothe the nervous system and reduce anxiety. 

"Although their popularity appears to have exploded recently, weighted blankets have been around for decades in the medical community," explains Baloo Living (opens in new tab) founder Elizabeth Grojean. "Originally used to treat anxiety and autism spectrum disorders, it was noted that a heavier blanket often calmed users and helped them sleep more soundly. However these benefits aren't limited to those seeking help with a specific medical need; weighted blankets are now beloved by many for their help with general relaxation and comfort, as well as relief from stress, insomnia, restless leg syndrome, and even PTSD."

"A weighted blanket has many therapeutic benefits and resting under one helps improve sleep, ease anxiety, and relieve stress," adds Bearaby (opens in new tab) founder and CEO Kathrin Hamm. "Deep, restorative rest is the simplest form of self-care and in today’s busy, demanding, and increasingly complex world, we need more of it. A weighted blanket is an effective, natural, and drug-free way to fall into a deeper sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. Resting under weight is proven to stimulate the production of serotonin (the happy hormone), reduce cortisol (the stress hormone), and increase melatonin, which helps you fall (and stay) asleep."

 What’s the best weight for a weighted blanket? 

There's no exact science to finding the best weight for a weighted blanket, but the generally agreed principle is that you should opt for a blanket that weighs roughly 10% of your body weight to benefit from the right pressure without feeling too overwhelmed. Of course, you can always start with a lighter blanket, and move up from there if you're worried the weight will be too much.  For instance, a 150lb. person would benefit from a 15lb. blanket, while someone closer to 200lbs. should choose the 20lb. option. Depending on brands, blankets usually come in at 5, 8, and 10 pounds for kids, and 12, 15, 18, 20, and 25 pounds. for adults. 

"The ideal blanket is meant to be relaxing, lull you to sleep, and calm your nerves; it shouldn’t be so heavy as to be uncomfortable," advises Grojean. 

In addition to weight, Grojean also points out to consider your sleep position: back or stomach sleepers can likely handle a heavier blanket while side sleepers might prefer something lighter. She also highlights thinking about concerns such as any joint sensitivity, such as in the knees, hips, or back, in which case a better option would be something on the lighter side. "And no matter what, whether the blanket will be used for an adult or a child, you should always be sure that the overall weight is something that that person will be able to move easily," says Grojean.

And it makes sense to take sensible precautions; you don't want a blanket that is so heavy that you struggle to lift it off for example. If you are pregnant or suffer from respiratory or circulatory problems (such as asthma or type 2 diabetes) or sleep apnea you should seek your doctor's approval first. 

There are also quite a few weighted blanket retailers that allow you to trial a weighted blanket before you commit, so if you aren't sure about the weight that you'd prefer, this is a good way to test out a blanket's heaviness and make sure a weighted blanket works for you before you invest. After all, it can take a few nights to get acquainted with the newfound weight. 

The best weighted blankets

Bearaby Velvet Napper in SapphireReal Homes Rated Gold badge

(Image credit: Bearaby)
Best weighted blanket overall: a stylish and versatile weighted blanket that looks good on the sofa or bed


10 lb. : 40”x64”
15 lb: 40”x72”
20 lb.: 45”x72"
25 lb.: 48”x72”
Material: 100% cotton
Cover included: n/a
Colors available: Cloudy grey, deep blue, mustard yellow & forest green
Washable: Machine-Washable, Tumble Dry Low
OEKO-TEX Standard 100: Yes
RRP: $199-$299

Reasons to buy

Stylish, chunky knit design and gorgeous color options
Improves sleep and facilitates relaxation
Constructed of eco-friendly materials and no artificial fillers
Available in velvet, cotton, and Tencel

Reasons to avoid

Handle with care: toes poke through holes, and it's easy to stretch out the weave

When you're shopping for weighted blankets, the designs can soon begin to become much of the same with most options offering similar-looking quilted designs packed with glass beads to distribute even weight. 

Bearaby's signature weighted blanket, the Napper, instead delivers a statement loop knit design that makes a super stylish addition to the bed, and we think works especially well on the sofa to get a dose of wind-down relaxation before you hit the hay. "Bearaby is committed to innovating the sleep sensory space to bring relief to people of all ages – for a calmer, more comforted world," explained CEO and founder Kathrin Hamm.

The striking knit design is also free of any glass fillers, simply the weight from layers and layers of the fabric molded together. This guarantees that weight will always stay distributed, you don't have to be disturbed by any sounds when shifting under the blanket, or worry about the blanket ripping and creating a massive mess of beads. The chunky open-knit also helps promote airflow. Our only note of caution: the chunky knit can space out if pulled on too much, and you may notice the ability to poke your toes through. 

It's available in three configurations, the original cotton made with organic cotton; the Tree napper, made of TENCEL and the most breathable of the lineup; and the indulgent Velvet Napper uses Eco-velvet, which is manufactured from recycled marine plastic, aka 900 plastic bottles that are upcycled into 100 percent recycled polyester. Did we mention that each blanket is also hand-knit?

The Bearaby is surely an investment, and the sizes are a little smaller than some other designs (although perfect for the couch), but if, like me, you just don't love the look of classic weighted blankets, then we think this is a great alternative; delivering all the performance of a regular weighted blanket, but with much more versatile good looks and an emphasis on sustainability. 

Luna weighted blanketReal Homes Rated Silver Badge

(Image credit: Luna)

2. Luna Weighted Blanket

Best budget weighted blanket


12 lb.: varies
15 lb. : varies
20 lb.: varies
25 lb.: varies
Material: Cotton, glass microbeads, polyester fiberfill
Cover included: No
Washable: Yes
RRP: $44.99-$169.99

Reasons to buy

Available in tons of weights, colors, sizes
Machine washable
Lifetime warranty

Reasons to avoid

Beads may leak
Not particularly soft

Luna weighted blankets are a testament to the fact that you don't have to spend a fortune to find a great product. Luna offers tons of colors, in fabrications like cotton or bamboo (if you're seeking a blanket that sleeps exceedingly cooler), across a great number of weights, ranging from 5lbs to 30lbs. Many models are available in different sizes that are sized as a throw or designed to cover the whole bed. 

There's a lot to love here, and at an incredible value. The organic cotton is breathable, though it could definitely be softer. Choose from a variety of stylish prints and colors, or note the perimeter loops should you decide to add your own duvet cover. Meanwhile, the design feels durable with seven layers of glass beads to ensure even weight distribution. A lifetime warranty on the purchase is a nice added extra in the confidence of Luna's product. Plus, it's insanely easy to care for, with its machine-washable design. 

A common concern of most bead-filled weighted blankets is that after a while, the beads may start to leak, and unfortunately, that was the case for some reviewers that beads shifted through the baffle-box design or were spilling out of the blanket. While this was not our direct experience, it is something to be mindful of, and a moment to call out that lifetime warranty, again. 

Brooklyn Bedding Dual Therapy BlanketReal Homes Rated Gold badge

(Image credit: Brooklyn Bedding)

3. Brooklyn Bedding Dual Therapy Blanket

Best weighted blanket to use all year round: a bamboo and a fleece reverse


15 lb.: 60” x 80”
20 lb. : 60” x 80”
Material: Polyester, bamboo, glass beads
Cover included: Yes
Colors available: Gray
Washable: Washable cover, spot clean blanket
RRP: $159-$169

Reasons to buy

Two sides for a soft or a cooling experience
Amply sized
30 day return period

Reasons to avoid

Only one color option
Need to attach the duvet cover yourself before use

Consider the Brooklyn Bedding Dual Therapy Blanket to be all-season, whether you're looking to be cool and comfortable or cozy and snug, with a dual duvet cover design made of bamboo and plush microfiber. 

Being of two different materials, I initially thought I would have to rotate the duvet cover each time (or season) to choose between the cooling bamboo side or the cozy plush side, but you simply need to flip the blanket over. Trying this blanket in the humid late spring, the slick bamboo fabric was cooling, perhaps even refreshing against my skin, even though the plush side showed outward. 

The machine-washable duvet cover has 12 ties to stay snug to the weighted blanket. The weighted blanket itself is a blue-gray color that could look good on its own as well, but can only be spot cleaned. The blanket is amply sized at 60” x 80”, about the surface level of queen size, but it shouldn't hang over or slide off the edge of the bed.

Normally when I wrap myself in a weighted blanket, the pressure on my feet is too great, and they feel like they're being pushed down, and I end up kicking off the blanket near my feet. That's not the case I experienced with the Brooklyn Bedding blanket, staying snug around my body without smothering my feet.  

Baloo Living weighted comforterReal Homes Rated Gold badge

(Image credit: Baloo Living)

4. Baloo Weighted Blanket

Best weighted comforter


15 lb.: Full/Queen 90x90in
20 lb.: Full/Queen 90x90in
25 lb.: King 92x108 in
Material: Cotton outer, cotton batting padding, glass beads
Cover included: No – but available separately
Washable: Machine washable on cold in large drum machine
OEKO-TEX Standard 100: No

Reasons to buy

Plastic-free cotton outer with cotton batting inner padding
Great range of weights and sizes
Drapes well to give good all-over pressure
Baloo offsets its carbon
Stylish range of linen covers
Available in Full/Queen and King, and throw blankets

Reasons to avoid

The linen covers are fairly expensive

Baloo offer's one of the greatest ranges of weighted comforters we've seen with an offering of a variety of weights across various bed sizes. The insert is designed to drape down on either side of the bed to offer a more visually appealing look, but the weighted glass beads are located in the center so they will not slip off the bed. 

For instance, the 20lb Full/Queen Size Weighted Comforter actually weighs 20lbs in the center area, but in totality weighs 24lbs. 

This is one of the few weighted blankets to also use cotton batting rather than polyester for its inner padding, which combined with the glass beads that deliver the pressure and drape, make this highly breathable, cool, and comfortable blanket to sleep under. 

It uses a baffle-box design that keeps the weighted beads in place, but also a smaller latticework that is firmly filled with glass beads that ensure even weight distribution and no clumping. The organic cotton outer is deliciously soft, but as you'll likely add a duvet cover, it has 10 tie loops (at the sides and corners) to securely connect to a duvet. Baloo offers its own linen covers or you can choose your own. 

Also of note, the comforter arrives in beautiful plastic-free packaging, as well as a card with details of how to connect to Baloo's playlist of soothing Tibetan and crystal singing bowl sounds, so you can start your deep relaxation experience from the minute the package lands on your doorstep. 

Baloo's plastic-free ethos is further enhanced by a carbon-neutral commitment achieved via its partnership with Sea Trees by Sustainable Surf.

The cotton weighted blanket also comes in a great range of sizes and weights, with a number of colors and sizes also available, if you're after a throw-size blanket, as opposed to a full comforter. 

Gravity cooling weighted blanket in blue

(Image credit: Gravity)

5. Gravity Cooling Weighted Blanket

Best cooling weighted blanket


15 lb.: 72” x 48”
20 lb. : 72” x 48”
35 lb.: Queen/King 90" x 90"
Material: Cooling material, glass beads
Colors available: Grey, Navy, White
Washable: outer cover is washable, inner blanket should be handwashed

Reasons to buy

Can be monogrammed
Moisture-wicking duvet cover sleeps cool
Available in multiple weights

Reasons to avoid

Not super forward about materials in product description 

Gravity Blankets are often credited with starting the craze for weighted blankets, so it would be remiss to NOT include them. They have varied designs, but their best buy is their special cooling technology. 

The blanket is available in three weights, a single 15 lb. or 20 lb. blanket, or a 35 lb. bedspread that is suitable for sharing. The is a moisture-wicking duvet cover with a smooth feel similar to athletic wear and is said to have the texture of a sleeping bag. According to Gravity, the duvet cover is made of a polyester microfiber fabric that sleeps cool, but details are sparse around what makes it breathable. 

Inside, the inner blanket is made of high-quality cotton, with fine-grade glass beads precisely filled in a gridded pattern, as Gravity refers to its design, to keep the fill in place. In the most updated versions, the weighted inner is secured to the cover via an updated zipper & button fastening system for extra security, that won't slip.

They also retail the duvet covers separately so you can swap your cover for other designs throughout the year such as flannel, faux fur, or the original plush. 

The outer cover is machine washable, but the inner weighted blanket can be hand washed and air-dried. 

Sunday Citizen snug crystal weighted blanket

(Image credit: Sunday Citizen)

6. Sunday Citizen Snug Crystal Weighted Blanket

Best weighted blanket that doesn't look like a weighted blanket


10 lb.: 52" x 77"
15 lb.: 52" x 77"
20 lb.: 52" x 77"
35 lb.: Queen/King 90" x90"
Material: Microfiber/Polyester
Cover included: Yes
Colors available: Cloud gray and Offwhite
Washable: Cover yes, spot clean insert
RRP: $269-$450

Reasons to buy

Snug fabric is insanely soft
Filled with thousands of pieces of Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz and Amethyst that harness the natural healing energy
Drapes well to give good all-over pressure

Reasons to avoid

Snug fabric could snag if you have sharp nails
An investment

Sunday Citizens has basically declared the weekends are for weighted blankets, but you'll be reaching for this majestic treat every day. Uniquely filled with thousands of pieces of Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, and Amethyst that harness natural healing energy and offer soothing and calming events, this weighted blanket is like nothing we've ever seen before. Combined with weight therapy, crystals are used in holistic healing to absorb and direct energies (so crystal fans will say).

Because naturally, I wanted to 'find the gems' I thought I was feeling large pieces of gemstones, only to realize that they were buttons to secure the cover to the insert. The crystals are in a powdered form, that you can sort of notice if you're trying to feel around the weighted blanket. A baffle box design makes sure all the weight stays evenly distributed. 

The inner cover, is a combination of glass beads and crystals, while the outer blanket is made of the softest, snuggliest microfiber blend called 'Snug Fabric.' It's like wrapping yourself in a cloud. 

Now, if you're not the type that feels spiritually connected with crystals, such as myself, the blanket itself could feel a little gimmicky, but combined with the super soft fabric, I'm hooked. The packaging also leaves you with a sample of gems to see what is inside the blanket, or simply pass along the good vibes. 

The blanket is available in several weights in a throw size that comfortably covers one person, or as a large bedspread that can cover your entire bed. The snug cover and easily be machine washed, but the weighted blanket insert should be spot cleaned. 

How we tested the best weighted blankets and what to look for

When choosing a weighted blanket, firstly you'll want to get the right weight for you. Most manufacturers recommend opting for a blanket that weighs 10% of your overall body weight. We typically tested 20 lb. blankets since it aligns closest to our weight.

We evaluate characteristics like material, construction, quality, availability of differing weights, washability, and trial or return period.

For instance, when seeking cooling weighted blankets, we prioritized natural fabrics, like cotton or bamboo, over wholly-polyester models, while for those looking to cozy up to their blanket, we looked deeply into touch and feel, where cozy microfiber and polyester were the best choices.

Beyond the exterior cover, what's inside matters too. Glass microbead pellets are today's standard, considered hypoallergenic and more sustainable, while plastic pellets can be noisy, trap heat, and are more likely to be noticed, though typically significantly cheaper than glass counterparts. Another growing design is using no fill at all, as seen in Bearaby's iconic knit weave design, where the weight is achieved by stacking layers of fabric. 

Because we love to emphasize variety, we were also most drawn to designs that were available in a number of weights to suit a large group of people and had a range of color options, or invited the use of a cover, if desired. 

Some weighted blankets are machine-washable themselves, but as a bulky item, a large drum washing machine or commercial-sized machine is likely to be necessary for larger sizes and heavier weights. Plus, most take a while to dry, so having a cover you can untie and pop in the wash is far quicker and more convenient. (When it does come time for a wash, need to wash, have a read of our advice on how to wash a weighted blanket to answer all your questions, or refer to your blanket's care tag.)

What is the best weighted blanket?

The best-weighted blanket for you will ultimately come down to your individual preferences... and budget. 

If you're willing to spend a little more money, or can hold out for a sale, (keep an eye on our bedding sales page for each month's best bedding deals) then the Bearaby Napper Blanket is the best-weighted blanket you can buy. It's stylish, sustainably made, and delightfully soothing. 

Meanwhile, Luna is a great option for those on a budget, and if you want to be perfectly in between, we've found no fault in Baloo's all-cotton comforters and throws.

Jaclyn is an eCommerce editor at Future Home Interest, where she oversees sleep content including mattresses and bedding – in fact, she has passed our five-step certification process to become a verified customer advisor on mattresses. She regularly scouts out the best of the best for buying guides to help you fill your home with only the best. She joined the team in January 2021. She has previously worked with sites like Apartment Therapy, The Kitchn, The Spruce, The Spruce Eats, and MyDomaine, but got her start at the trade mag Home Furnishings News, which fueled her excitement for innovation in the home category and seeing the newest launches.  When Jaclyn's not working, she loves long strolls through HomeGoods, unwinding with a chilled glass of Rosé, and entertaining her Cavapoo  Reese. 

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