7 things people with an organized bathroom never do

Experts weigh in on what not to do to keep an organized bathroom

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Avoid common mistakes like these things people with an organized bathroom never do. There may be some simple mistakes you are making that are messing with the flow and organization of the room.

Here, experts and influencers in the know share their advice on what not to do if you want your bathroom to be a gleaming sanctuary of calm and zen — with as little mess as possible.

We know having a small bathroom can make keeping on top of clutter a little harder, but these tips should help you maximize that space, instead of crowding it. Making it all the more simpler to become one of those people with a well-kept bathroom. 

Things people with an organized bathroom never do 

We’ve all got that friend with an immaculate apartment — and their bathroom is its crowning glory. What’s their secret?

Keeping on top of cleaning, tidying, and organizing a small bathroom can be tricky. Moist environments tend to get grimy more easily, and with different products being used every day, it’s easy for bottle leakages, spilled cleansers, and knotty hair brushes to make the place look less than chic. 

We found some top-notch expert advice for avoiding these common pitfalls.

1. Forgetting to put toiletries away

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Guilty of letting toiletries gather dust on the side of your sink or cabinet? This is a one-way ticket to grime town. Sat in residual water collecting dust and fluff is not the way to go. 

Instead, ensure each set of products has a specific home based on how often you use them. Installing one of our top bathroom organizers is a great way to keep things out of the way. I love this super cute vanity shelf from Dormify in the best lime and Barbie pink color combo.

2. Keeping products past their sell-by date

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Those who are serious about keeping their bathroom in check keep an on their beauty products' sell-by dates and don’t hold onto anything too long. Toss anything that's expired while you're decluttering a small bathroom.

As a general rule, most skincare products should be used within six months of opening, before their ingredients start to disintegrate. Be sure to find out if any products would benefit from being kept in the fridge (like our best mini-fridges), for bonus points!

3. Leaving a sink wipe-down for deep-clean day

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There are certain cleaning tasks that shouldn’t be left until you deep clean a small bathroom. Wiping around the sink and faucet is ideally done every day to keep them looking shiny and smudge-free.

Keep a pack of antibacterial wipes, like these Clorox wipes available on Amazon close by. That way, you can easily keep the most-used surfaces spick and span. Give the mirror a quick wipe with one of these microfiber cloths from Amazon to avoid streaks.

4. Let towels get damp

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Do you have a small bathroom? Me too, and more often than not that means ventilation issues. If you hang your best towels on the back of a door, you’ll soon find they'll get soggy, create bad odors, and can even develop mold. 

That’s why it’s important to use a proper towel stand like this swivel rack from Amazon, or for super small spaces, try a fold-out rail like this one from Pottery Barn. Another top tip when it comes to towels is skip the fabric softener when washing as it actually clumps the fibers together, making the towel less soft and absorbent. 

You can also use a dehumidifier to keep dampness away. Try running it after you take a shower or bath to get rid of any excess moisture. This highly-rated dehumidifier available on Amazon should do the trick.

5. Throw their make-up remover pads in a drawer

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Milly Summer, interiors influencer shares her top tip for creating a more organized feel in your bathroom: “Give yourself the luxury of a hotel-like experience in your bathroom." 

"Instead of keeping your Q-tips and cotton pads at the bottom of a make-up bag or thrown in a drawer, use jam jars or cute glassware to divide them up into an aesthetically pleasing, and easy-to-use system," says Summer. 

We're loving these glass storage jars available from Amazon for storing items on bathroom countertops. It's a simple upgrade that is sure to make your bathroom feel like a spa in no time.

Milly Summer

Milly Summer shares her interiors journey over on her Instagram, The House on Forest Hill. 

6. Let the toilet paper run out

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It’s a no-brainer, but those with really organized bathrooms to be proud of always make sure they have the essentials stocked up and ready to go. You can even bulk order toilet paper from Amazon to stock up so you won't run out.

Keep a stack of toilet paper rolls decoratively placed in a bathroom wicker basket so you and your your guests are never without! Adding some cute toilet paper storage to your small bathroom is a great visual reminder to stay stocked up and looking organized.

7. Store make-up in the bathroom

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Jessica Lyn, facialist and skincare expert, says storing makeup in a bathroom long term isn’t a good idea. “Everyday makeup you use regularly, which won’t be hanging around for too long is fine in the bathroom," says Lyn.

"But don’t make this the place for your whole make-up bag. Party makeup you only wear when going out, or special colors and glitters can be affected by the moisture in the air if sitting statically for weeks or months on end. Instead, find a cool, dry place  away from sunlight to store them.”

Find some makeup storage ideas to show off your collection in your room, or use a simple organizer, like this set of drawers from Amazon.

Jessica Lyn

Jessica Lyn is a Clinical Facialist with years of experience working for brands such as Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent.

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How can I get my roommate to stop making bathroom organization mistakes?

Sharing a bathroom with a roommate who didn't get the memo? That can be really tricky but the best thing to do is speak to them from a 'we' perspective. 

Don't make accusations, instead explain that 'we' could do a better job with the bathroom and use a rota to mark out who cleans up, and when. 

Where can I buy bathroom organization products to avoid these mistakes?

Amazon is your best friend in times like these! Baskets, toilet roll holders, perspex make-up dividers, clear jars — you can find them all on Amazon in a heartbeat. We love this 25-piece container set from Amazon and this Simple Houseware pull-out organizer is sure to be a safe bet.

Just be sure to use keywords and keep searching, don't always choose the first option.

So, what's next? Now your bathroom is super organized, you should try adding some luxury touches to make your apartment feel like a hotel. The best way to start this journey is with a great scented candle — fresh, botanical scents like lavender, rosemary, and citrus are best for a bathroom.