These 12 spring cleaning tips and hacks will seriously transform your home

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It’s officially that time of year when we’re all thinking about spring cleaning. I’m talking about making your home super clean. Cleaning the dust off every corner and crevice and finally decluttering that one closet you keep avoiding. You probs have all your cleaning products and tools ready to go, but chances are you need a li'l inspo.

Of course, we can all wipe down a kitchen countertop and sweep our floors with a dustpan and brush, but there are definitely places that need some extra TLC. I’ve put together my fave spring cleaning ideas, from personal faves to TikTok hacks, to help you clean up quicker and more efficiently. These are split across each room, so you can get every spot looking squeaky clean.

I’ve also made extra sure that these are renter-friendly — aka nothing that will damage your home and nothing your landlord won’t be happy with. We’re here to make your life easier not harder, people.

So, say goodbye to grub, and say hello to sparkles...

12 spring cleaning hacks and tips that will make your life 10x easier

Your apartment will be so much fresher after giving these ideas a whirl. Scroll by room or simply make a mental note of all of them, so you're always prepared.

Living room spring cleaning hacks and tips

Coffee table cleaning hack

Over time, coffee tables can get seriously stained from hot drink marks, pen stains, and greasy snacks. Pour one teaspoon of white vinegar (we love Heinz's vinegar that you can buy from Amazon) onto the stain, then leave for two minutes — don’t leave it too long (you don't wanna damage the table). Once the stain has dissolved, wipe it down with a damp cloth and cleaning spray, then dry it with a paper towel. 

Lampshade cleaning hack

Hands up if you think about cleaning these. No? Same here. Luckily, they’re actually very simple to refresh with products you already have. Carefully remove your lampshade from the bulb, then go over it with a good lint roller (like this highly rated and super sticky one on Amazon) to remove dust. Then, soak a sponge in a bowl of water and dish soap, and wash the lampshade with this. Leave it to dry before hanging it back up.

Couch cleaning hack

Don’t have the dollar for an upholstery cleaner? This has got to be one of my fave cleaning hacks, which I learned from TikTok. Wrap a saucepan lid with a dishcloth, dip it in a solution of warm water and laundry detergent, then scrub it all over the sofa. It works like an absolute dream, promise. 

P.S. You'll need a large-ish cloth to do this, and it needs to be microfiber ideally. This set from Amazon comes with eight included and they're all decently sized.

Kitchen spring cleaning hacks and tips

Wooden spoon cleaning hack

Who knew that wooden spoons could get so gross? I didn’t, until this TikTok spoon cleaning hack got the whole internet getting all the gunge out of their utensils. To try it, dunk your spoons in a jug of boiling water and a tablespoon of baking soda for 20 minutes, then leave it to dry. It ain’t pretty, but it’s so worth it.

Our fave baking soda is from Arm & Hammer, BTW. You can buy it from Amazon.

Microwave cleaning hack

Tea isn’t just a lovely drink, you know. This is going to sound weird, but tea is a legit eco-friendly cleaner that works wonders on glass — especially microwave doors. Make a cup of plain black tea, let it get cold, dip your kitchen towel in it, then wipe the door with it. Shiny and sustainable? Yes, please. 

Washing machine cleaning hack

You would think washing machines should be naturally clean — but no, they need some cleaning love, too. Pop a couple of dishwasher tablets (they’re amaze for cleaning pretty much anything) into the drum, and put it on a hot wash for a short cycle — 30 minutes is about right. Leave the machine to do its magic and you’re all done. 

Bathroom spring cleaning hacks and tips

Shower door cleaning hack

When I’m hopping in and out the shower, I’m thinking more about getting myself clean than the shower itself, TBH. But those water marks sure do add up. I love using The Pink Stuff to clean them — rub it on with a sponge, wipe it down, then wash it off with a damp cloth. It also has so many different uses all over the house, so you get a major bang for your buck from one small tub.

You can buy a tub of The Pink Stuff from Amazon for around five or six dollars.

Toilet cleaning hack

I’m a big fan of making my toilet as clean as it can be — after all, no one wants to sit down on a nasty seat. I like hooking two rim hanger toilet cleaners (like this set, deemed Amazon's Choice) onto either side of the bowl, as well as putting a toilet block into the tank of water. This way, it always looks and feels fresh AF.  


Our good friend vinegar (yes, still Heinz's vinegar from Amazon) is a great grout cleaner. Fill a bottle with half vinegar and half warm water, then spritz onto the grout. Leave it for five minutes — not too long because you don’t want the grout to peel away — and then wipe it down with just warm water and an all-purpose cleaner. 

Bedroom spring cleaning hacks and tips

Dresser cleaning hack

This is one of the places I always forget to clean in the bedroom, but boy does it gather a lot of dirt. By using a handheld vacuum cleaner (our top-rated one is less than $100 at Amazon), you can get into all the corners and small spaces, whether you’re pulling out the table or can only reach under it. If you are able to pull out the table, be sure to clean the sides with a cloth, too. 

Blinds cleaning hack

Sometimes, the world just presents you with the perfect solution. The TikTok-famous blind cleaner from Amazon, which our staff writer Beth raves about, is one of them. Instead of spending ages wiping each slat, this blind cleaning tool wipes down multiple slats at the same time. It also makes getting those hard-to-reach areas so simple. Easy breezy, baby.

Mattress cleaning hack

Think of how much dirt and sweat your mattress must soak up. Okay, actually don’t do that — instead, spend your time cleaning it. The hack I always use involves a sieve full of baking soda (ahem, Arm & Hammer from Amazon is the best). Sprinkle it directly onto your mattress, and then leave it for an hour. The baking soda will soak up all the dirt and odors. All you have to do is suck it up with a handheld vacuum cleaner. No more nightmares here.

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