Take it from me, this viral $8 TikTok blind-cleaning tool will change your life

#CleanTok made me buy it

A three-tiered duster being used to clean blinds.
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If there’s one chore I detest, it’s cleaning my blinds. Simply because it’s just SO time-consuming. Uhg. Yes, this might be a place that a lot of people forget to clean, but not me. Before you ask: I live on a busy street, and having blinds is non-negotiable. So, as you can imagine, I’ve tried plenty of blind cleaning hacks and none have really wowed me or made this job less of a chore. So, when I stumbled across this game-changing buy on TikTok I added it to my basket immediately and pressed pay.

Gone are the days I feel forced to spend hours wiping every individual slat. I treated myself to a gadget that literally cuts blind cleaning time in half. Best of all? The Hiware Window Blind Duster from Amazon is currently less than $8.

Admittedly, before I tried it out for myself, I was slightly dubious. I wasn't sure just how easy or effective it would be. But, I can officially confirm that it works like a dream. I'll never go back to cleaning each individual blind again. I definitely recommend using it wet and dry. For tougher dirt, you'll want to use one of your favorite cleaning solutions and spray it generously onto this duster, then use it as normal. Plus, you can also use it on air conditioning units, car vents, and window shutters. Just be sure to keep it away from your pets as my dog mistook this for a chew toy, and it now looks slightly different.

The TikTok blind cleaning hack


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How does this blind duster work?

Thanks to a well-thought-out design, this nifty duster slides seamlessly between each blind slat, effortlessly removing hard-to-reach dust, dirt, and grime. And, thanks to its three-tiered design, it can be used to clean the tops and bottoms of blind slats simultaneously, speeding up the cleaning process.

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