5 ways to use The Pink Stuff ⁠— England's fave cleaning brand is finally in the US

Copy and "paste" these cleaning cheat codes

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This just in: England's favorite cleaning brand has officially arrived on our shelves, and all of its products are *chef's kiss.* Meet The Pink Stuff: a non-toxic cleaning brand that uses the power of baking soda to cut through all things greasy, grimy, and gross. Rest assured the three cleaning supplies it sells can help you clean your entire home from top to bottom. And if you're wondering how to use The Pink Stuff, I've found five hacks to make these products work harder for you at home.

Its products have been flooding my FYP, so I was set on buying a tub of its famous cleaning paste to try it out for myself. The results of the paste's scrubbing power are mind-blowing. Plus, it's less than $6, and your tub will last for months. If you haven't seen The Pink Stuff yet, let me formally introduce you to the (possibly) magical goop the brand sells and a whole bunch of kitchen cleaning hacks to test.

As well as the cleaning paste, there's also an Oxi Powder Stain Remover for your laundry, plus an all-purpose cleaning paste. You can shop my cabinet staples below before I show you my favorite uses for The Pink Stuff.

How to use The Pink Stuff ⁠— 5 cleaning hacks to try

1. Banish stubborn stains from mugs and ceramics


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My personal favorite (and seriously underrated) way to use The Pink Stuff cleaning paste in my home is in my dishwashing routine. I drink a lot of herbal teas like green, peppermint, and fennel, and find that my mugs end up looking super stained and scummy after a nice warm drink. 

Tea stains can be beyond stubborn, and scrubbing my mugs and dirty baking sheets or dishes down with a wet cloth and The Pink Stuff has been life-changing. My tub of paste lives next to my kitchen sink, and comes to other rooms in the house as needed.

2. Get your sink sparkling


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The Pink Stuff isn't just a paste. There are a bunch of other cleaning products available that use the same signature scent and formula, including this cream cleaner that can be applied to sinks and bathtubs to get rid of buildup. 

Get your kitchen and bathroom sinks extra-sparkly with the help of the cream cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, and the paste if needed. Personally, I also like to fill my sink up with hot water, dish soap, and dissolved Pink Stuff laundry powder to get an easy head start on the cleaning process (weird, but it works so well!). 

Yes, we've got a whole guide on how to clean a stainless steel sink.

3. Scrub your sneakers


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If you adore white sneakers but struggle with how easily they scuff and get dirty, the Pink Stuff is about to save you some serious money and extend the life of your cutest pair of shoes. 

Grab a cloth or old toothbrush, dip into the paste, and prepare yourself for your sneakers to look brand-new. Leaving your shoes in a sunny area to dry will also boost the natural bleaching properties of the baking soda in the paste for an even brighter white look.

4. Clean your oven


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Confession time: I didn't actually know I was supposed to be cleaning my oven until seeing these wild before and after videos using the Pink Stuff paste (yikes). 

I've seen the paste, cream cleaner, and all-purpose spray both being used by creators to clean their oven doors and interiors, but results with the paste always seem the most dramatic. I'll be grabbing my tub this weekend and tackling my oven for the first time, and I suggest you do the same ASAP.

5. Clean your shower glass


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After a bathroom deep clean, do you ever still feel like your space isn't ~really~ clean, thanks to shower glass scum that just won't go away? Don't worry, it's not dirt or germs, but those droplet-shaped stains are actually the result of limescale buildup caused by hard water. And, you guessed it, you can use The Pink Stuff to clean your shower, too.

Grab your tub of paste and a sponge or cloth and scrub away for your clearest shower screens ever. You can also pre-treat the area with a limescale removing spray and finish with your favorite glass cleaner for an even glossier look.

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