These are the 6 places in your bedroom that you’re forgetting to clean

Dusty, dusty nightmares

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We all spend so much time in the bedroom, that of course we want it to be super fresh when we’re catching our Zs. If you're on top of cleaning yours, congrats and please share your tips. If you've fallen behind, you're not alone. Your bedroom deserves a deep clean every now and then, but regardless of how much you clean, there are particular places in the bedroom we all forget to clean.

As a team, we had a li'l confess sesh, and came up with all the places that completely slip our minds. It was amazing how many we all agreed on: some are places we genuinely never think about, and some are places that just plain get neglected.

You'll likely relate as these are all spots in the bedroom that most renters and small space dwellers have. The solutions are all rental-friendly too, so you won’t be at risk of damaging anything. Get your cleaning supplies ready — it’s time to get your bedroom legit squeaky clean.

6 places that you're probably forgetting to clean in the bedroom

1. Behind the headboard

When making the bed in the morning, do you ever think to take a peep behind your headboard? I don’t. But man, the amount of dust bunnies that live there is alarming. Instead of going over it with just a duster — you don’t want dust particles all over your bedsheets — try a dusting cloth before tackling this area again with a cleaning spray and damp cloth. After that, do one last wipe-down with a dry cloth to stop any stray dust from sticking.

2. Windows

I tend to throw open the curtains, imagining I’m a Disney princess, but don’t ever stop and look at the windows themselves. On further inspection, I can confirm that they do get seriously gross. Spritz on a glass cleaning spray (we love the Method glass cleaner), then use a window cleaner tool to wipe downwards. Work your way across until the whole window has been cleaned. By using a window cleaner tool rather than a cloth, your glass will be streak free and oh-so-shiny.

3. Around and under the nightstand

Because it’s literally next to where you sleep, the nightstand gathers loads of dust and dirt both around it and under it. Pull it out and give it a full dust and wipe — yes, I’m talking front, back, and sides. If you’re not able to pull it out, just go for the front and sides. Under it, use a handheld vacuum cleaner (such as this one) in order to get into the small space and into those tricky corners. 

4. On top of the wardrobe

Breathing in dust when you’re going to sleep absolutely can’t be good for you, and one big space in the bedroom where it lurks is on top of the wardrobe. Unless you’re super tall, I bet you just don’t look over it. Thankfully, extendable duster kits exist, so you can reach up top to give the area a clean. Start by dusting with the dusting head, then clean it with the cloth head sprayed with cleaning solution. Finish off with the microfiber head to dry it all off. There — no more top-of-the-wardrobe nightmares.  

5. Bedside drawer

I’ll admit it: I’m a bed snacker. I don’t go for anything with crumbs (I’m not a complete monster), but I do it. I store all of them in my bedside drawer, along with loads of miscellaneous pieces. Add all that together, and there’s a major mess that just never gets tackled. If you’re like me and have a drawer that needs tidying, take everything out and sort it all into three piles: trash, useful items, and things that should be housed elsewhere. Once it’s empty, wipe out the inside of the drawer. Before adding everything back in, put everything into boxes (e.g. medicine, stationery, snacks) or use a drawer divider to create sections. 

6. Mattress

Depending on how often you clean your sheets, you probably don’t get that much face time with the whole mattress — especially if it has a mattress protector on top of it. Regardless, you still sleep on it every night, and the sheets and protector don’t stop dirt from getting in it completely. Using an upholstery cleaner (the TikTok-famous Bissell is a super cute option), wipe over the whole mattress, and then flip it around and do the other side. If you don’t have an upholstery cleaner, I recommend the TikTok couch cleaning hack as a fast way to remove dirt. 

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