How to make a calming small office space at home

Make a calming small office space to increase productivity and feel relaxed

 When planning how to make a calming small office space one like this with easy access storage, no clutter and neutral colour scheme is great inspiration
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Make a calming small office space to boost your productivity and prevent distractions keeping you from achieving your goals while working from home.

Whether you're trying to make a calming small office space in a designated room, or you're repurposing a decent-sized closet — you can employ these clever designer-approved tips and tricks to pull together a serene work space.

We asked design experts for their best small office ideas on how to make a calming small space at home and they've delighted us with brilliant lighting, furniture and decor ideas.

How to make a calming small office space at home

Your office aesthetic is about more than creating an Instagram-worthy space. It's about curating a room that promotes inspiration and productivity — and one of the best ways to do so is through calming decor choices. 

Whether you have a room you're using as a satellite office, or you're switching up a small living room office, we have you covered with these tips for how to make a calming workspace at home. 

1. Add a chic desk lamp

Wooden desk with white chair and desk lamp

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When decorating your office space for calming vibes, Alex Bass, an interior designer and founder of Salon 21, advises adding a chic desk lamp. One of our favorite Target lamps could be the perfect addition to your space, helping set the mood and make you feel a little more grounded. 

“You can also get a speaker bulb to put in it and play some relaxing tunes while you work,” she notes. 

In addition to adding a decorative touch, lighting can impact our overall mood — especially in the winter when we don’t get as much natural sunlight — so being intentional about office lighting can make a major difference. 

If you have the extra desk space, consider also including a HappyLight, which is designed to help enhance focus, improve mood, and give you a dose of sunshine, even if you’re in a dark office space. 

Alex Bass
Alex Bass

Alex Bass is an interior designer, art curator, and founder of Salon 21, a NYC-based fine art and design studio curating cultural experiences for the contemporary consumer. 

2. Get a comfy yet practical chair

Knowing where to buy office chairs can be a make or break factor when designing a relaxing small office. 

“While the ergonomic desk chairs are not super stylish, there are many in-between options where you can find both form, function, comfort, and style,” says Alex. 

A comfy yet practical desk chair, like this leather office chair from Amazon, can not only improve your working environment, but also help create a designated area for work. If you have an uncomfortable desk chair, Alex says you’ll most likely end up working from the couch. 

3. Declutter your desk

Wooden desk with wooden desk chair

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After fitting a desk into a small office, you need to keep it tidy. Desks are prone to clutter and in many instances, keeping a desk clutter-free can get tricky. 

However, it’s worth the extra effort as a clean and organized workspace can boost the calming vibes and make you more productive, too. 

“Get a desk with enough hidden storage or add shelving above to make sure that the actual surface area of your desk only has the necessities on it,” Bass notes. 

This five-drawer desk available on Amazon has tons of storage so you can keep your odds and ends out of sight.

4. Incorporate an essential oil diffuser

To make your office space feel luxurious and calming, Bass recommends incorporating an essential oil diffuser into your decor. 

You can find more sculptural and design-forward diffusers — such as the Vitruvi stone diffuser or the gorgeous Saje aroma wave diffuser — or go for something that can cover your entire space with soothing aromas, like the GuruNanda humidifier & diffuser.

More decorative options, including the Seasons praline diffuser, also look nice on a floating shelf or bookcase. 

5. Add a small rug under your desk

Home office with rug, wooden desk, and white chair

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Bass also recommends anchoring your desk with a small rug, like one of our favorite Target rugs, to up the comfort and calming vibes. 

“I like a plush rug under my feet in my home office, which also makes the space feel more relaxing,” she notes. 

If you don’t have space for an entire rug, you can incorporate rug textures in other ways, including placing a small throw, like this IKEA sheepskin rug, over the back of your office chair. 

Relaxing small office buys

While you may think you have to replace your major furniture, you can actually makeover your small office on a budget with some thrifty buys. Something as simple as a new light bulb can make a big difference.

Prices were correct at the time of publishing.


How can I make my home office more relaxing?

When decorating a home office, you can create a more relaxed atmosphere by opting for a minimalistic aesthetic and keeping your tabletop and shelving clutter-free. Interior designer Alex Bass also recommends incorporating small design elements like an essential oil diffuser aiding the calming vibe you're going for.

How do I make my small home office cozy?

Textures are a great way to add cozy vibes to any space, including a small home office. As Alex suggested, a plush rug under your desk can do the trick. You can also add a cozy — yet minimalistic — wall hanging or a few throw pillows to your desk chair or an accent chair. 

Calming office environments are ideal for making you feel motivated and creating a stress-free workspace. 

To transform your small office space at home into a calming sanctuary, consider adding a few key elements, including a plush rug for cozy vibes, an essential oil diffuser for invigorating aromas, and a desktop lamp to boost your mood. 

It’s also worth keeping to minimalist small office decor and utilizing desk and shelving storage to keep things clutter-free.  

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