Where to buy office chairs for the most aesthetic WFH set-up ever

Because you can't keep working from your bed

Amazon office chairs in modern desk room
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Whether you're new to the world of WFH or have been sitting behind a screen in your abode for years now, having a super comfy office chair is so important. Trust me: I work Monday and Friday from my dining table and the other days in the office. Thanks to an ergonomic desk chair, I'm totally productive (and much more motivated) three out of five days. Less so, when I'm working from home (sigh). 

Aside from the usual laundry pile or delivery person, a hard chair that doesn't support my spine simply distracts from my workload. And there's only so much work-from-bed my back and booty can take. If you're working or typing away for eight hours like me, then investing in a great desk chair is a must. 

This is why the desk chair you choose matters. Grabbing a cheap seat that doesn't suit you or your home style can put a strain on more than just your work day. But that's not to say you have to spend your life savings on somewhere to sit. If you're wondering where to start your search for a fancy new office chair, then I'm right behind you. From Amazon office chairs that feel (and look) luxe to stylish yet affordable Wayfair options, here are my favorite five destinations to shop for a fresh WFH seat. With a few of my fave picks, obvs.

1. Amazon

Amazon office chairs in modern desk room

(Image credit: Amazon)

From the cream-padded Amazon office chair that's going viral on TikTok to stylish ergonomic options that'll support your spine, Amazon is *arguably* the best place to buy an office chair. There are so many (perhaps too many) office chairs to choose from, all of which have amazing reviews and ratings from home office gals, just like you. Better still, you won't have to wait to sit comfortably thanks to Prime.

2. AllModern

AllModern office chair pink in modern office area with wooden floor

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Meet your coolest coworker. AllModern has a range of gorg office chairs that will really look the part in your stylish apartment. Design-led without a luxury price tag, I really can't get enough of its mid-century styles in colors chicer than the standard black, white, or gray. Some are more expensive than the average Amazon find, but it pays to be pretty, right? On-trend but also supportive enough to get you through your work day, who knew an office chair could be this Instagrammable.

3. Branch

Branch office chairs at desk in neutral office room

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Branch is known for having the most stylish work-from-home essentials. Sure, its office chairs might be a little pricey, but are they worth it? Totally. Branch desk chairs are comfortable, supportive, and above all else, stylish. The classic ergonomic chair is loved by so many workplaces and office spaces, so why not get the same seat satisfaction, at home? Working from your apartment never looked or felt so good — even when you're makeup-free and wearing sweats.

4. Target

Target office chair cream with check floor at black desk

(Image credit: Target)

Yup, everyone's favorite store for pretty much everything for your home from organization buys to new coffee mugs, Target is a one-stop-shop for getting your WFH space in shape. There are simple black leather chairs perfect for taking to college and other options in on-trend materials like leather and bouclé to go with your interior aesthetic. These are three of its best-selling swivel chairs you can pick up in your next #TargetHaul. 

5. Wayfair

Wayfair office chair white leather in pink room with black and white floor

(Image credit: Wayfair)

What can't you find on Wayfair? From TikTok-approved home decor to fancy furniture at an equally impressive price, you could upgrade your whole home with Wayfair picks alone. The site has plenty of office chairs, too. They're sleek, stylish, and more importantly affordable. (There will be lots of Presidents' Day deals happening soon, so it's worth checking those out). If you can't get the office chair of your dreams by using the filters on Wayfair, then honestly, I can't help you. 

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