How to store Christmas decorations in a small space

Clever ways to store Christmas decorations when you lack space

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Store Christmas decorations in a small space without damaging them this year. After all, broken or damaged decorations are the last thing you want to be faced with when you get them out to decorate your tree. Plus, they can get expensive!

To come up with some solutions for storing Christmas decor, from baubles to Christmas lights, and everything in between, in a small space, we chatted to a selection of interior design and organization experts. Here’s what they told us. 

While there are plenty of hacks for how to store Christmas decorations, knowing how to store them efficiently in a small space can be a little trickier. Simply because, when you’re living in a compact space, there are fewer places to safely stash your decorations because space is, obviously, limited. 

The best ways to store Christmas decorations in a small space

When it comes to storing Christmas decorations in a small space it can, admittedly, be difficult to know how to approach the task. You’ve probably spent a lot of time thinking about where to buy Christmas decorations from and spent a lot of money on the perfect one, so you want to ensure that they’re not damaged while being stored. Unsure how to safely store your Christmas decorations? Here’s what the experts have to say.  

1. Use egg cartons to store small decorations

Ornaments in egg carton

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If you're someone who has lots of traditional ornaments for decorating their tree, then this hack is one you're going to love. Save up your old egg boxes and use them to store all of those small (no larger than an egg) curved tree decorations. 

For larger decorations, coffee cup holders work in much the same way. So, the next time you grab your favorite coffee, make sure to grab a couple of extra coffee cup holders. Or, opt to stock up and add one of these coffee cup holder bundles from Amazon to your cart. 

2. Use an ornament storage box

Ornaments in box

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For all those delicate decorations that you need to fulfill your Christmas decoration ideas, using an ornament storage box is a really great solution. 

Nicole Cullum, interior design specialist, explains: “There’s nothing more devastating than pulling out your favorite Christmas ornaments, only to find them in pieces from being crushed in the post-holiday rush. Do your future self a favor and invest in some simple, affordable ornament storage containers to keep your most treasured festive decor safe.”

“Christmas ornament storage boxes (like this set of two ornament storage boxes from Amazon) must have two critical components to keep your valuables secure. The box frame and top must be sturdy enough to withstand other items being set on top without collapsing or drooping in the center.”

Prefer an ornament storage bag? There are lots to choose from, but just make sure that you select a bag that comes with dividers (like this zippable ornament storage bag from Wayfair) so that nothing gets broken. 

Nicole Cullum
Nicole Cullum

Nicole Cullum is an interior designer, fine artist, and pattern designer. 

3. Opt for stackable containers

Christmas ornaments in plastic box

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Not enough space for an ornament storage box? A great alternative is to opt for easy-to-stack storage boxes. 

"Ditch cardboard boxes (that are prone to wear and tear) for sturdy boxes, ideally made from BPA-free plastic," says Christina Chrysostomou, acting head of ecommerce.

For storing all of your favorite Christmas decorations, this set of stackable storage boxes from Target should do the trick. 

"You can also look out for Christmas tree storage solutions (like these zippable Christmas storage bags from Amazon) that have separate compartments for decor", says Chrysostomou.

Christina Chrysostomou
Christina Chrysostomou

Christina Chrysostomou is the acting head of ecommerce editor at Real Homes. 

3. Label your boxes

Woman labeling cardboard box

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It might sound like an unnecessary step but taking the time to label your Christmas decoration storage boxes will make knowing where all of your favorite decorations are, ahead of putting up the Christmas tree, far easier.

"If you rent a small space, organization and labeling are everything to boss festive season. I find a good label maker (like this easy-to-use label maker from Amazon that has over 12,000 five-star reviews) will take away the stress of opening a miscellaneous box of odds and ends and manages the expectations of what you're going to find," says Chrysostomou.

4. Use vacuum storage bags

Compression bags under bed

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For keeping all of your favorite Christmas bedding, pillows, throws, and clothing organized and out of the way, vacuum storage bags are a total godsend. 

"Oh, and don't forget about those vacuum bags (like these easy-to-use vacuum storage bags from Target) used for packing off-season clothing. They are lifesavers for when you're really tight on space. All you need to do is fill it with stuff and then use the nozzle on your vac (I always like to recommend this Miele Boost bagless vacuum from Amazon that features various suction settings) to remove the air from the product," says Chrysostomou.

5. Take advantage of that under-furniture storage space

Plastic box under bed

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When it comes to storing your Christmas decorations in a compact space, you have to get creative. 

Emily Lambe, deputy editor, says: “I love using under-bed storage for seasonal items because I know I can tuck it away and won’t have to get them out for a while year. It’s a space that’s out of sight and doesn’t get used often so it’s perfect for storing garlands, ornaments, and anything else you need to put away.”

For easier under-bed storage, this slimline under-bed crate on wheels from Target is ideal. Alternatively, these handy fold-down storage bags from Amazon are another great option. 

Don't have a bed that you can stash your decorations under? I personally like to store mine under my sofa, which is super similar to this L-shaped sofa with built-in storage from Target, but you can opt to store yours in any piece of storage furniture that you have to hand. 

Emily Lambe
Emily Lambe

Emily Lambe is the deputy digital editor at Real Homes. She graduated with a degree in journalism from Rochester Institute of Technology and has been writing ever since. Emily writes about all things decor, fragrance, organization, and other home essentials. 

6. Buy a wreath bag or box

Wreath inside red bag

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Whether you've spent hours learning how to make a Christmas wreath from scratch or you've chosen to buy a Christmas wreath, knowing how to store it is important. 

Obviously, for a single-use wreath, you can simply recycle it after use, but if it's a reusable wreath then you'll need somewhere to safely store it, where it won't get damaged.

 A great option for storing a Christmas wreath is to buy a wreath box, like these Christmas wreath boxes from Amazon, or a wreath bag, like this Christmas wreath bag from Target

7. Shrink wrap your Christmas tree

Christmas tree in neutral living room

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If there's one item that it can be a little more tricky to store it's your Christmas tree. The chances are that you took a lot of time choosing your Christmas tree and thinking about how to decorate your Christmas tree like a pro, so the last thing you want is your lovely tree getting damaged in storage. 

One solution is to shrink-wrap your tree. Admittedly, this might sound like a really odd idea, but if you have a fake Christmas tree and don't want to bother with having to take it down, you can shrink wrap (using a shrink wrap like this shrink wrap from Amazon) it to reduce its size and make it easier to store. I've tried it and, honestly, it works incredibly well. 

And, once you've shrink-wrapped your tree, it should fit easily under your bed or, alternatively, you could store it upright in a closet. 

8. Wrap Christmas lights around cans

Multi--colored tangled Christmas lights

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When it comes to knowing how to store Christmas lights, it can be a rather tricky task. Let's face it, Christmas lights (like these 20-foot Christmas lights from Amazon) always seem to get tangled up no matter how you store them. But, there's an easy hack to help prevent tangles from occurring and ruining your Christmas lighting ideas

All you need is an old can that you can wrap each string of lights around, and you can ensure that they'll remain tangle-free. Alternatively, you could opt to treat yourself to one of these Christmas light storage reels from Amazon

Once you've wrapped your lights up, you can then stack each can on top of each other and store them anywhere that you have space — whether that's under the bed or in a cupboard, it doesn't matter. 

Just make sure that you're aware of all of the ins and outs of Christmas light safety, including how to safely store them. 

9. Use over-door storage

Over the door shoe holder in neutral room

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Another useful hack for storing Christmas decorations in a small space is to utilize over-door storage

Opt to use one of those over-door organizers, like this caddy from Target, to stash your decorations in. Whether you stick it on the back of your bedroom door or inside your wardrobe, it doesn't matter, just as long as you ensure that any delicate decorations aren't at risk of getting crushed. 

For preventing your decorations from getting damaged, wrapping them in tissue paper, like this Christmas-themed tissue paper from Amazon, is a good idea. 


How can I choose a good ornament storage box?

Cullum says: “Look for specially designed ornament storage boxes that come with sturdy, cardboard dividers to keep fragile items from knocking against each other between seasons."

Knowing how to approach storing Christmas decorations in a small space can be more challenging than you might think. 

For best results, it’s important to get creative with how and where you store your decorations, making use of every inch of space available to you. If you have cupboards or storage furniture with space, these can be great options for storing Christmas decorations. Just make sure to invest in some secure storage boxes or bags, to prevent your decorations from getting damaged. 

Once you’ve worked out how best to store your Christmas decorations, you might want to think about updating your collection and where you can buy new decorations from. 

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